A Girl and Her Rabbit

Summer is so close. And I am quite excited for warmer weather, the beach, and picnics. Unfortunately, Howard Rabbit will not be making the trip to Ann Arbor. He will have a summer filled with burrowing in the backyard and eating carrots (and I will miss him everyday). One of my favorite things is to carry Howard in a basket to the farmers market or a walk for morning coffee. Although he likes to chew on wicker purses, I quickly forgive him when he pokes his head out, mouth full of twine.
Dressing simply for the summer is something that I look forward to. I paired this lovely chambray dress with 1940s t-straps and a boater hat for a classic look. The picnic basket is the perfect size for a bottle of wine or even a rabbit! I particularly liked the clasp closure, a detail that Howard quickly chewed through. I suppose that is his payment for being such a handsome model.

Dress: Thrifted 
Shoes: 1940s Vintage
Hat: Vintage
Basket: Vintage
Listening to: Summer Mood/Best Coast


Sophie :

Awww what a cutie!

Kuleigh :

Love the shape and material of this dress! You an your bunny look like you're ready for a day by the lake.

Giedre :

I've seen people carrying around small dogs in their purses, but I have to admit that a bunny in a purse is a new (totally awesome) concept! LOVE IT! :)

KaNini's :

Saving this into my inspiration folder! Love this look from head to toe! :)

feH :

Oooh, so cute :3
I also like your look :)


Casie Jean :

awww I need a wicker basket for my bunny, too cute xxx

Melissa :

Aw, what a cute bunny! I bet you'll miss him when he leaves. Cute outfit as well!

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Wonderful outfit! And the bunny really makes it! I should get myself one...it just goes with everything! ;)

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love your hat... and howard rabbits the cutest thing ever!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Jenni Wells :

oh my! He is such a cutey. Your dress is lovely... picnic ready indeed!


Lisa, Suburban Heart :

Aww this outfit is lovely! And your rabbit compliments it well. Like a version of Alice in Wonderland :)

Clio :

Supercute pictures!

Christy :

He sure is a heartbreaker, that Howard, and he looks happy as can be hanging out in your purse! ;)

This outfit combines all the things I love about summer dressing--wicker, chambray, sweet little boater hats, and breezy dresses. <3

JennaStevie :

Awww howard!! Such a cutie. I love your dress and the wicker purse. I've been taking my guys for walks lately, either put them on their leash or put them(one at a time) in my purse to walk down to the park

Two Happy Hearts :

oh my, what a handsome fella! i love him :) my sister and i wanted a rabbit so badly, but never got around to finding the perfect one. maybe someday i'll have one of my own ;)

and you're looking SO darling, as usual. i love the hat....it's so perfect for summer.

29 Skirts :

Such a cute summery dress and your boater is perfect! Howard is adorable too =)

islabell :

ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! so darn cute! YOU! That dress is styled just how you said in goodwill. Looks awesome.
I think the photos are perfect...order and choice :)
Your guna miss him so much!

LikeSpinningPlates :

is this real life??? This is too cute for me to processsss awww!!! You look so pretty and your hat and bag are perfect. Bunny!!! <3333

Anja :

OMG. When I read the title I was trying to think of what you meant with it and then what a surprise you had there in your little basket. So cute!! And I adore that dress.
Just found your blog and am hooked already!!!


gee :

what on earth!?!
can you be anymore amazing and beautiful in these outfit pictures!?!?!
my heart melts for bunny rabbits. i always wanted one but my parents didn't think it was the best idea. haha.
you are beautiful jenny!!
have a wonderful week...

Maria Ramona :

this has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Love the simplicity of your outfit plus Howard in your purse! sounds like he's going to have the best summer. I used to have a rabbit as a child named Petunia-- she was so sweet but also loved to chew everything in sight!

Jo :

Aw, so adorable! And definitely travelling in style!


Michal :

Yahooo I love when Howard Rabbit makes it into the posts. He is such a handsome gentleman. I am sorry he won't be able to go to Michigan with you, but that does seem like a long trip for a bunny! Anyways, you look soooooo pretty in light blue. You should wear it more often! I love this dress. xoxo

Fashionistable :

Nice blog. You really did have your rabbit with you. Awww. Thank you for your lovely comment. Xxxx

Boheme.Fille :

You look beautiful and Howard is amazing!

Kerri @ OldLadyChic :

I love this chambray dress with the black bowed hat. I've been searching for the perfect one, with no luck!

Erika :

The hat and basket are so incredibly cute, and they both go so well with the chambray dress. And of course, you look adorable (as well as the bunny!)

caycelayne :

too cute! howard is a fantastic model! he's the perfect accessory to your awesome chambray dress. the shape of it is really stunning on you! that was quite a find and i adore the heels paired with it too :) xoxo

Lydia :

Howard!!! This post is too cute. I love the color of that dress.

Natalie Suarez :

this is soo adorable! what a cute rabbit!! <3


Vanessa Valdivia :

Aww the bunny is so cute. Lovely post, the dress looks fab on you.

Hugs from:

Monique :

Your amazing and so is Howard. Love this chambray wicker combo!

BirdFlyAway :

So cute! I love the whole outfit, stunning.

I wish rabbits were legal here!!! I am so jealous you get to have one. :)

Thank your for your comment.



Nicole, Coco Maria :

I love your chambray dress and boater hat! I've been on the look out for both of those things to add to my summer wardrobe. Also, I wish my bunny was as obedient as yours! He's far too stubborn to let me even pick him up!

Britt+Whit :

omg love love your hat and shoes! sooo cute!

love from San Francisco,

Irina Lori :

it's one of the cutest outfit I saw at your blog ever! Totally like it!

Helga! :

Howard is stunning!

Annebeth :

hahahaha that rabbit, wth? :D hilarious!! and that outfit is just absolutely positively perfect. I have no words for how perfect this is in all its simplicity

Absolutely Mrs. K :

love the little jeans dress! it looks so adorable and i love the color

Wyetha :

Pretty summer dress, but of course the bunny is the star. -- Wyetha

lifebywyetha + blogspot

VeRo! :

soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jacqueline :

the chambray and straw accessories got together so well - i LOVE your simple, summer style! (and the rabbit - he looks so cuddly!)

Alina S. :

You look adorable! I'm dying to wear something similar to a picnic! When will the rain in NY stop?


Punky :

yay Vintage girls with bunnies! Just found your blog today. While searching for other bloggers with bunnies...ooops.

NodToStyle :

the fact that you have a bunny is just too fantastic. maybe you should come to portland. the other day i ran into a guy out casually walking his goat around the 'hood.

wardrobeexperience :

such a cute bunny... and lovely dress.


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

This outfit (and your bunny!) reminds me of small town fairs, strawberry picking and lemonade stands. Love the shape and fabric of your dress and the little basket seems like it's meant as a bunny carrier! Again I'm surprised at how tame yours is, my childhood bunnies were definitely not as sweet.

lordknowsilovetodance :

LoveloveLOVE that dress!


oh my gosh! how cute are you with your bunny in a basket. this just makes me like you all the more. :)

Cat :

I love this outfit so much! So much so that I've featured you in my style inspiration of the week post: http://www.takecourageblog.com/2011/05/style-inspiration.html

Cat xxx

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic :

how cute are you!
1. that dress
2. bunny! i have a bunny too. they're my favorite animal ever.

C :

This whole post is absolutely adorable :D l love the bunny!

Stef / Diversions :

Looking lovely :) That's the first I've heard of a rabbit going for walks/bags :D