Jungle Cat

Sometimes I feel like this bat-winged blouse was made just for me. I literally let out a gasp when I saw it at the thrift store.  Since I wanted to let the top speak for itself, I decided to wear all black shorts, tights and boots. As you should well know by now, I have a deep affinity for all things leopard and animal print. How could I pass this beauty up?

I'll be saying goodbye to San Francisco soon for my fun filled week in North Carolina, so I just had to get some shots in with the wonderful succulents of Northern California. There will be many pictures taken of our trip for sure since, for one, I've heard that there will be wild mustang horses roaming the grounds! If anyone has visited, or lives in, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I would love to hear about great places for thrifting and antique stores. Or if you would like to meet up, let me know! xoxo

Blouse: Thrifted
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Vintage
Bracelets: Thrifted
Ring: Forever21
Listening to: Wild Thing/ The Troggs 


Erika :

That blouse is so pretty and modern, I really love the fit on you! So gorgeous.

Megan Hattie :

I don't see bat-winged blouses nearly enough! I bought a hoodie of this type from American Apparel in high school, but this is way cool. Looks great! Have fun on the east coast :)

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Sarah :

The blouse is gorgeous. Great pictures and beautiful blog by the way, this is such a lovely little find!



hattitude :
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hattitude :

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

hattitude :

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog
wow okay lets try this again! not working for some reason haha

those spiky plants are the perfect background for this shirt!

have so much fun on your trip

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Steffys Pros and Cons :

lovely top!!! i love how you love black :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lauren :

WOAH. That bat-wing span-age is incredible! You rock that look! I'd look like a frump washed in a cloth. I love the bold print. Definitely a great outfit! :)

<3 L

GretchTM :

Beautiful outfit! That blouse is gorgeous on you.

islabell :

you mean you didnt use the shot of you prowling through the jungle about to pounce? haha!
you know I love everything about this.
Have an amazing amazing amazing trip. You deserve this break lady. Thank you for stopping by last night so I could say bye to your pretty face.
I am so serious about visiting Jen, it will be awesome town,
p.s. your guest post is amazing...just put it all together now. thank you thank you thank you

islabell :

p.s. maybe next time I should write a book and mail it to you ...that comment was so long

laura :

This is a gorgeous blouse! I love the drape, the color, and the PRINT!

Beth Ramsay :

beaut top! the print is so unusual!

beth x

SoFashionistica :

I really like the bat-winged blouse on you....you almost channel a batmanesque look.Awesome!

Pansy Lane :

WHOA that thing is awesome, I love it!

Lauren :

GREAT top! I absolutely love the animal print. Hope you have an amazing trip!

Lauren :

GREAT top! I absolutely love the animal print. Hope you have an amazing trip!

Lydia :

That top is crazy awesome. And I feel like every time I read you guys posts, I go "I wanna go to the jungle! I wanna go to the beach! I wanna go wherever that is!"

gee :

have fun in NC..it is such a beautiful place. i am jealous. ;)
ok, your blouse.. is amazing! i would probably walk right past it and not even notice but you of course with your amazing eyes found this beauty!
you look fabulous..

Michal :

That blouse is aaamazing!! Coolest print ever. :D

Have fun in NC! I haven't been to the Outer Banks for a really long time but I had so much fun when I was there.

Rachel :

That blouse is beautiful! Love the print, the colors, everything!


MEOW! you look stunning, kitten. i love the all black look. i went to the outer banks a few times when i was a kid and it's true that there are wild mustangs. also, the sand dunes are really pretty. you're going to have such a nice time!

sarah :

That blouse is amazing! What an incredible find. I love the way you've styled it. The shorts are the perfect contrast to the big shape of the blouse. So cute!

Wyetha :

What a cool shirt + it's so vintage + I love it + great outfit + wyetha...

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

WOW the blouse is so dramatic and is perfect on you! Definitely made the right choice to pare down the rest of the accessories, it works so well with the black shorts.

Mama Wolf :

Gosh, isn't it such a wonderful feeling when you come across a piece that just speaks to your heart? You are totally rocking this blouse, and it looks fantastic.

xoxo mama wolf.

Olivia :

wow your blog is such a find! I love this shirt, the material looks dreamy x

Jo :

The top is incredible! I love tiger tops!


Louise :

What an awesome fabric! It's so pretty.

Bre :

Gasp is right, I let one out as soon as I the page opened! That blouse is absolutely brilliant. Have a great time in NC and please do take lots of photos.
I would be excited to see horses as long as there would be a barrier between them and me. I am afraid of them but shhh, no one else knows.

ouestladiscotheque :

Wow the print is Amazing!!! Love it!

- Charlotte

Karin :

beautiful stunning gorgeous....I adore this look so much...I am totally obsessed with bat wing everything...very Florence and the machine but I never seem to find any xxx

JennaStevie :

That blouse is really gorgeous, I love the shape of it, and the print. So unique and absolutley gorgeous.

Jamie Rose :

Such a pretty top! I love it paired with the black shorts. You look great!