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Finding "work appropriate" clothes is a bit of a challenge, especially for a vintage lover such as myself. I would gladly wear floral 1950s party dresses everyday, but some occasions call for a different look. In a few short months, I will begin what I like to call my "adult job" search (no more restaurant jobs for me please). My clothing as well as my lifestyle will need to adapt, perhaps shifting to a more professional look. I will definitely not stop wearing my most beloved vintage and thrifted treasures, but I may reserve these for after work hours. Who says you can't wear two outfits a day?
This ensemble is something that I would wear to office, albeit the white dress. I would prefer a longer hemline or perhaps some tights for office-appropriate wear. I thrifted the blazer last year and immediately  fell in love with the simplistic floral pattern. And Miss Annalise thrifted those amazing Prada wedges for only $5.00! Best thrift store score of the year.

What are your favorite things to wear to work?

Dress: Thrifted
Clutch: Vintage
Blazer: Thrifted
Necklace: Vintage
Belt: Thrifted
Hairbow: Handmade by Me
Shoes: Prada
Listening to: Expectations/ Belle and Sebastian


KaNini's :

Hun, this is perfection!!!
Love every piece!
xx, K.

Milda :

Beautiful colours in the outfit. I adore your tan

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Adore your jacket and the bow just makes the whole outfit perfect!

Cat :

Gorgeous, your jacket is just fabulous! I start my legal training soon, which means hideous and uncomfortable suits and shirts every day :( At least you can compromise!

Cat xxx

So Yeah So :

I worked in an office environment for 4 years, and it's definitely possible to work in your vintage looks. Just think more "vintage inspired" instead of full on vintage. And yes, tights are a life saver in an office environment.

Wyetha :

This ensemble is gorgeous + wyetha

Anieblu :

OMG!!!! Love the dress with the flower jacket, is so so perft, and the wonderfoul touch of colour of the clutch....simple perfect!!!
Follow you babe!!


stuph :

i haven't gotten dressed for the office in so long, i'm not sure what i would wear! you look very pretty though. :) i love the green bag.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

you look so pretty! the bow and clutch are the perfect outfit completers!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

GretchTM :

wow! this look is wonderful! :)

I love your blazer!

Lyosha :

I love the colours of your outfit! stunning mix of floral blazer and green bag - your bag looks like a leaf!

Inside and Outside Blog

sofi moukidou :

super outfit! love your blazer!

blakejacobsen :

My goodness, I love that blazer! It's unique, in the best way possible.


Rachel :

Wow, that'd be a beautiful outfit for the office! :D

islabell :

the prada wedges!!!!!!!

i feel like thats all this comment should say.
see you in a few hours

Andrea :

love this blazer! so unique and beautiful!

Kuleigh :

This is a great look! Definitely office appropriate but the pattern on the blazer keeps it fun. I never have any clue what to wear to work for internships. I work in an office but I don't want to dress like a mom!

Clio :

waaw, score on the wedges! I really love love love that blazer!
I know, when I'll start working as an osteopath I'll be wearing nothing but pants, comfy shoes and a white vest :( I'll miss my dresses and skirts sooooo much

Ashlee :

i know what you mean about the work clothes thing...i will soon have to adapt my wardrobe to "teacher attire"...and i also have to make sure i keep my tattoos covered. phew!

gee :

YEAP. love this outfit a whole bunch!
i love the green clutch against the white!
lets talk about those shoes..$5!!! shut the front door!!
you two girls are like vintage clothing metal detectors..hahaha..(does that even make sense??)
ALWAYS finding the most amazing things. :)
have a great day beautiful.

Michal :

Man that blazer is soooo awesome. Also those Prada shoes are amazing! What a find.

I normally wear my usual for work (a dress & cool shoes), but I always add a blazer or sweater if it's something sleeveless, and tights if it's a shorter length. I commute into town so I like being able to quickly adjust my work outfit into clothes to wear out w/friends.

Meghan :

ooooh that blazer is amazing, I love the look!

Lydia :

$5 Prada wedges!! OMG. This jacket you're wearing reminds me that I need to work a recently thrifted kimono into an outfit soon. And not at work.

April, Everyday Forgotten :

Love the combo! The jacket is so cute!

Katie :

this is a really cute work outfit!

i don't feel like i ever mastered the "business casual" look. too much vintage. too much color. too much personal style! i am sure people talked about my outfits behind my back! luckily, now i work from home, so now i just have to work on actually getting dressed!! :)

Amber Blue Bird :

Prada wedges for only $5.00?!?! Holy crap thats a steal

Nicole, Coco Maria :

Oh goodness, I'm such a failure at "professional clothes." I'm hoping that with some luck I'll end up with a job that let's me dress the way I usually do!
Anyway, that jacket is adorable! I love the bright red flowers :)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Even working an office job I've been able to wear vintage & thrifted clothing every day. I'm not sure what field you're going into but it's likely you can find a way to work in your beloved pieces.

My advice is to wear streamlined clothing like pencil skirts, blouses and fitted 1940s jackets. I also wear more solid colours rather than prints to work. I've also found quite a few vintage suits that I wear by breaking up the pieces and wear as separates.

Maria Ramona :

$5.00 Prada, that has to be the score of the century!

that blazer is so cute-- the print reminds me of the classic Marimekko pattern, love it!

NodToStyle :

i really really like this for a work look. i work in social services and my outfits are typically pretty dull. it just got too exhausting fending off comments from my clients.

TrophyBoutique :

I love this! I love white-background prints lately, and this is really nice because the flowers are so far apart. Lovely. As for work, you might be able to get away with the short skirt/bare leg thing if you did some closed-toe flats or brown pumps. Maybe?

dusanabotswana :

yay Belle & Sebastian will always be one of my favs! I feel like most of my fav pieces just don't cut it for a professional look either, one of the reasons I started a "work week wednesday" on my site, although today I found all of my work attire just too boring!
I guess my favorite piece would be pencil skirts and high trousers for a professional look but still my style.

mari b. :

oh my, such a perfect summerish look.
the blazer is such a rad find!


Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage :

Perfect outfit for work! Love the clutch especially! unfortunately my day job involves 30+ more screaming children under the age of 10 - fashion goes out the window and is replaced by everything black to hide all the momentous moments during a regular school day. *sigh* :)
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Blog

Erika :

That blazer is such an amazing find! Such a gorgeous pattern. I love the clutch as well!

Megan Hattie :

Wow I love the red and green against the white! I well like I'd have a hard time wearing more work environment appropriate clothes, but luckily I don't have to think about that right now, since work is taking care of kids, haha.

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Lea :

I'm a graphic design major and am happy that that means that even when I do get out into the professional world, it's a little less of a big deal to dress "professionally"--especially in Portland, where I live.

But--I want to say that I am completely in love with this outfit. All of the white is so pretty! And paired with those darling red flowers breaks everything up perfectly



back in my office job days, i still rocked the vintage - mostly blouse and skirt combinations over dresses. you should never have to sacrifice personal style for the sake of a job. especially a fashion forward, fancy lady such as yourself!

JennaStevie :

This is so great, the colours together are beauitful. I really love that jacket, so amazing

JennaStevie :

This is so great, the colours together are beauitful. I really love that jacket, so amazing.
Luckily where I wear I have pretty free range, except no denim, no small straps etc. I love university for the feeling of freedom to dress however I want

wardrobeexperience :

adorable outfit. i'd love to wear it at the office as well.
i would wear a little different outfits, if there wasn't my job. but i'm a lucky girl. i don't need to wear professional suits at work every day.


Alicia :

Another stunning blazer! LOVE IT!

Alicia Mi Mundo