Something Called Love

Proof that I'm not always dressed up in skirts and dresses. I work in visual merchandising and actually  wear jeans to work quite often, but those are not the most inspiring outfits of my life. haha. I just don't want to get paint on any of my vintage dresses, or rip holes in my tights when up on a ladder. Walking around the neighborhood we found this messy construction site. It reminded me of the store I had been working in last year that was going through a remodel. I worked a lot of crazy overnight shifts then and it was a major workout every morning! 

 I thought the bright yellow wall here was a great pop of color and so totally different than my other settings of lush green parks and nature. I find it hard sometimes to completely pin point "my style" because I like and am attracted to so many different things. At times I like to dress sweet and ladylike. Some days I feel drawn to edgier looks with lots of black. Then there's also my boho hippie side.   Does anyone else feel like they are constantly changing styles? How do you keep your outfits looking cohesive and unique?  

Cardigan: Thrifted
Blouse: Nordstrom
Jeans: F21
Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Hat: Vintage
Listening to: Lust For Life/ Iggy Pop


Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love the hat! sa

Lowri :

Love your outfit! The hat is so cute!


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Your personality and style definitely shines through regardless of the type of outfit you wear (judging from the blog photos at least). What unifies your looks are your attention to pattern, hats and a '70s vibe to your jewelry.

I've struggled with a split personality when it goes to dressing too-- I swing back and forth between wearing big, chunky jewelry and delicate baubles, from full-skirted '50s dresses to form fitting '60s Mod. To 'unify' looks I try to mix more contemporary thrifted pieces with vintage to avoid a 'costumey' look and I pretty much wear my hair the same everyday. I pretty much always wear a belt too, whether I wear a skirt or a dress I emphasize my waist in all my outfits.

Roshi :

So love that cardigan of yours..its delightful!!!

Em :

Both Hummingbird Girls always have such amazing bags--LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one. I tend to vary from look to look and I think what unifies my look to non-vintage/retro people is the unique jewelry. I like having the freedom of one day doing beloved 40s, another day being 80s punk, a different day being very clean/minimalist, and still other days mixing it all up all through accessories.

Sandy Joe :

Great location for a shoot! Do I spot a can of beer on that pile of dirt? I'm loving the shape of your hat.

x The Pretty Secrets

Jazzy E (hivenn) :

Cute bag. x hivenn

The Daily Fashionista :

I think this is a fantastic look!! That cardigan is probably my favorite part of your outfit too! The colors are great against that yellow background.

And I'm definitely a schizo when it comes to how I dress. One day it's 50s, the next seven jeans and a tee, the next day 60s inspired, ect. Change is the spice of life

Wyetha :

That's a great outfit for errands or shopping..really casual I love it.

amanda :

oh i love that sweater and hat! and my style changes all the time. a lot of times depending on the season. in the winter i tend towards more preppy looks and when it's warmer, i have more of a boho/safari style. i don't know why! but they do all have a bit of a 70s flair that kinda keeps them together. but really, i don't think you have to have a signature style. it's all about reflecting who you are at the moment. that's what's fun about fashion, you can kinda play dress up and be whoever you want to be!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love your sweater!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Andrea :

love the bag :)

Rachel :

Really cool shots! The backdrop works really well with the feel of your outfit. :D

JennaStevie :

Ohh I like you in jeans, very cute. That sweater is ammazing, what great colours and fits so lovely. I love seeing how people style their jeans

Cassidy :

I LOVE that outfit! I want to steal it from you ;)

SoFashionistica :

I love your woven oxfords! I have been looking for some of those for awhile now and haven't been able to find any. I gotta keep searching!

Lauren :

I love the pattern on your cardigan :) The blues and oranges are beautiful.

I don't tend to change up my style a lot, but I would actually like to more. Sometimes I just find myself falling into a repetitive pattern in my clothes.

herecomesthesun :

I know what you mean about it being hard to pinpoint your "style" because I feel the same. Mine changes everyday depending on what I'm doing, the weather, my mood etc etc. But variety is fun!

KaNini's :

Oh this is so cute! Love your bag! Great look!

Jo :

I'm so envious of your beautiful shoes!


Amelia :

you girls always come up with the coolest photo locations & gorgeous outfits to boot! too much :)

Kirstin Marie :

I like this a lot. Your style is so versatile and all over the place, it's wonderful. Your bag is AWESOME, and your location is great!

Margaret :

So thanks for leading me to this lovely blog! Great thrifted cardigan and awesome photos.
Oh, and I'm seriously into anyone into Iggy Pop.

Kirby :

Adorable blog ladies! So glad you stopped by our little blog! :)

la petite coquine :

I love this look, and I'm totally smitten with your blog! Please excuse me while I go read through your archives and get to know both you and the blog better!

xo, Lena

islabell :

ahhH! i love these photos. They are awesome i'm glad you posted this one.

Bummed you couldnt make the other night. boo! work. You were missed

Meghan :

aaaaaah-dorable photos and outfit, I love your sweater and hat!

I don't feel like I can pinpoint my own "style" either, I guess we're still young and giddy enough that our personalities flicker and gets reflected in what we wanna wear.


Emma :

in love with that cardigan, the print and colour are so cute

caycelayne :

this outfit is perfection!'s perfect! :) and i am the same way about my varying styles. i tend to dress with my mood or however i am feeling for the day. i think it's a good thing to show versatility in your style. as long as you stay true to yourself it can never be a bad thing! :)

gee :

you look amazing in jeans.
i always love when other wear them but i hate how i look in them. they make me kind of claustrophobic.
i am so behind on your blog posts..ahh.
can not wait to look at all of them..! <3
have a wonderful weekend love.

Michal :

You look awesome in jeans! Your sweater is really cool. I have a hard time pinpointing my style too. I normally try to wear at least one vintage piece (whether it's a garment or accessory), but besides that, i'm really all over the place.

Stef / Diversions :

Visual merchandising sounds like interesting work. You look great! Love your cardi & bangles especially

wardrobeexperience :

gorgeous cardi! it's colours are so gorgoeus.


My personal style is always evolving. I think it's important to dress for your mood. Besides, versatility is much more interesting anyway! Even when not gussied up, you're still pretty as a peach!