Travel Technicolor: Set I

Since Annalise and I are both preparing for our summer adventures, I was reminded of my grandparents global travels during the late 1960s and early 1970s. After my grandparents retired, they embarked on many trips to such places as Greece, Egypt, The Panama Canal, Hawaii, and Sweden. They carefully captured their experiences with many pictures, all of which are neatly arranged in family photo albums. This set details their 1976 trip to Athens, Greece. As an artist, my grandmother was inspired by Greek mythology, particularly Athena, the goddess of wisdom, strength, and justice. The Parthenon is dedicated to Athena, whom the people of Athens consider their protector. I can only imagine my grandmother's excitement as she explored the temple with her camera in hand. I am happy that I can look back at these photographs and imagine all of the wonderful things my grandmother experienced during this trip.

Look for more travel photographs in the weeks to come. And happy summer travels!


Maria E. :

These photos are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! :)

Maria Elyse
First Impressions
Flying Ships Vintage

Stef / Diversions :

Lovely :)

Andrea :

cute pics :)

Carys :

These photos are so lovely, they make me even more excited about travelling next year!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Steffys Pros and Cons :

theyre so cute!!! i have ur gmas skirt in white haha! <3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

JennaStevie :

These photos are soo wonderful! I love them, I've been to these exact places. Greece has been my favorite place to visit thus far.

Two Happy Hearts :

beautiful! it's so special to have photos like these of your family. and what a fun and adventurous thing to do after retiring!

Lucy, Dear Fish :

Your grandparents are so stylin!
I went to greece 5 years ago and of course it looks exactly the same, funny how ancient cities like Athens never change. I'm excited to see more of these!

Lucy, Dear Fish :
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Wyetha :

that's so fabulous + these exact ruins are in my art history book + i know it would be so fantastic to go there + wyetha

Lady Cherry :

What wonderful photos. So often they end up in a book and never looked at again. I feel like donning a hat and going off in search of adventure now!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I adore old travel photos/slides! I'm especially loving the '70s outfits in these shots, I've been looking for a denim skirt like your grandma's for ages.

Chelsea Talks Smack :

I. LOVE. these!

SoFashionistica :

I love these pictures! Your grandma was a very lucky woman to have gone to Greece and see the Parthenon! I am so dying to go to Greece and Spain! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

dani :

these are so lovely! i love looking through retro family photos and wishing i was in them

Aryn :

Wow, that's so wonderful! I hope to always keep traveling, just like them!

A plus,
Driftwood and Daydreams

Liz :

These are amazing pictures, it's always so exciting to peek into the past. I love your grandmother's skirt as well, and an artist too - she must have been a fascinating woman :)

Jo :

I love old photographs! Your grandmother is such a babe - I love her outfit!


lydia :

oh wow these are so amazing!

thanks for stopping by =)

KaNini's :

Such beautiful photos! They look really cute and I love your grandmas skirt! ;)
xx, K.

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage :

Oh wow such a lovely post! Not only a step back in time but look at your grandparents holding hands! Sooo sweet! Thank you for a look into something more personal than most blogs!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Blog

gee :

oh i love the last picture. so romantic. <3
what a wonderful adventure..thanks for sharing these.
i always enjoy these posts. :)

Maria Ramona :

such precious photos-- I love the last picture the best-- holding hands and looking so content!

Jamie Rose :

Great pictures! I love seeing other people's old family pictures.