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Over the weekend, Matty and I ventured to Ann Arbor's historic State Theater to see A Midnight in Paris. Written and directed by Woody Allen, the film details the day-today interactions of a family traveling to Paris for business. Gil (Owen Wilson) and his bride-to-be (Rachel McAdams) navigate the emotional pitfalls of their relationship with Allen's classic tongue and cheek humor.  I must admit, the film was my favorite since Annie Hall. Wilson as the hopeless dreamer was reminiscent of Allen in the 1977 romantic comedy. Like Annie Hall, I hope A Midnight in Paris will become both culturally and aesthetically significant in American film.

I recently thrifted this 1970s skirt at a local store in Ann Arbor. The cactus and sun detailing reminds me of Southwest road trips during the summer months. Since the weather has been particularly warm, I paired it with yellow and red accessories. And the oversized straw bag is a newly purchased find from the Treasure Mart. It is my new favorite go-to bag for summer outings and weekend travels.

Skirt: 1970s Vintage, thrifted at PTO Thrift Shop
Belt: Vintage
Crop Top: 1950s Vintage, via Alameda Flea Market
Heels: Vintage
Pin: Vintage
Straw Bag: Vintage, via Treasure Mart
Listening to: Equas/Blonde Redhead
Picnik collage


angela's eyes. :

I love that bag! Hope you're enjoying MI ☺

Lucy Nation :

I just love this. The detail on the skirt is fabulous and the whole outfit is so complete. Beautiful

Nikki :

Stunning photos! I love railroadtracks :) wish we had some nearby too! x

Jenna Lee :

Love that purse! And the shoes are so adorable!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for the sweet blog visit

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Seriously Jenny, you always have the best bags! And I love gingham. Very jealous of this whole look. : )

Maria Ramona :

i just saw that movie too last weekend-- it is totally his best film in a long time, I loved it!

JennaStevie :

I love this, that skirt is so perfect, such gorgeous detailing. I really want to see midnight in paris, I've heard nothing but good things about it.

Frannie Pantz :

These photos are fantastic! I love the skirt and top. The bag is the perfect accessory!

melissa :

You look amazing! Love both your styles! x

Dea :

Thanks for stopping by my blog so it could lead me to yours and your fabulous outfit! I love everything, but the shoes are the best!

The Odd and Chic :

I really love this bag!!!

FOLLOWING YOU! Love your blog.

Stop back and follow soon :-)


Michal :

I am so so happy to hear you loved A Midnight In Paris. I haven't gotten a chance to see it yet, but I was hoping it would be good because it seemed to have so much potential... to hear it's your favorite since Annie Hall makes me want to book it to a theater right now!

In other news, you look wonderful as usual. ^_^ That top is the most summery happy crop top I've ever seen! Je l'aime! xo

TrophyBoutique :

Tres cute!

Love the embroidery and the colors you've got going on. Gotta see that movie too...

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage :

Such pretty pics, love that blouse and skirt together!

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
June giveaway

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

So lovely! I actually just got a similar blouse.
The skirt and bag are super nice as well :)

chantilly :

what a wonderful outfit! i especially enjoy the skirt!!


Wyetha :

I love + love that hand bag + it's so vintage + nice outfit.

HazelandMare :

I can't wait to see that movie, I have heard such good things about it!

You look lovely, by the way! Yellow and blue and red together are so pretty and cheerful :)

SoFashionistica :

The skirt is awesome! I like the print on it and it's even better that it is a midi maxi skirt!

katie :

super cute! loving the railroad track location shots!

wardrobeexperience :

this straw bag is a real treasure. straw bags are the best for summer...

KaNini's :

Oh dear, you look stunning! This look is so amazing!

jess :

Great photos. I've been meaning to see Midnight in Paris,glad to know it was good.

Amber Blue Bird :

gosh you have the best luck thrifting. you always mange to find some amazing pieces. I need some of your thrifting magic sent my way :)

Annebeth :

that movie sounds so good! I'm a huge fan of Owen Wilson's melancholic sense of humor, and Allen ofcourse. Your primary colored outfit is beautiful as always, and I just saw A Serious Man is one of your fave movies (in your blogger profile), I LOVE that movie! :D

Lauren :

I just saw "Midnight in Paris" today! And I thought it was wonderful. Such a whimsical, charming movie.

Love the skirt :)

Beckerman Girls :

I LOVE the lil' embroidery and checked shirt!!! You look so summery and cute babe!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Marisa Noelle :

Eek!!! I just totally love your skirt! The whole outfit is loverly actually and I'm adoring how you added in pops of yellow and red. Stunning, stunning, stunning!
xx Marisa

Kirstin Marie :

Sounds like a really great movie, with a wonderful story. I will have to see it. I love your bag, its awesome. xo

gee :

you have the best clothing jenny! i want to raid your closet...every time you have a new post... AND that bag..oh my!! <3

Courtney :

Cute skirt! xx

Roshi :

I wish there were rail road tracks near me so I could pose on them. I am in love with that bag and your cute shoes. Your hair always is amazing and woody allen <3 I am a fan. Ever since I saw radio days in my senior year of high school. So I must see this somehow! x

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

1970s novelty skirts are the best, love the cactus detail on yours. I've been envious of all your thrifted finds lately, sadly I've never been to Anne Arbor! Maybe I can come visit while you're there this summer.

Can't wait until you come to Chicago, feel free to email me when you solidify your plans.

Sarah :

The cactus detail is so fun and I really like that bag of yours. I have been scouring the landscape around here for some train tracks, but haven't had any luck.

Jamie Rose :

This is adorable and screams summer! I love your blue skirt paired with the yellow top. Great location for pictures too!

Jenni :

I couldn't agree more with you about "Midnight in Paris." It might be my second favorite Woody Allen movie ever. Your bag is incredible! Your entire outfit is--love the gingham top!

Perdita :

I adore the detailing on the skirt. Patches and embroidery are two major 70s-loves of mine, cute, folksy and yet also a demonstration of skill and design. Love it.

triskelos :

I've seen one of these pictures at Penny Dreadful Vintage and came to read your blog) I'm your newest followers)
Love this pictures so much - it's like looking at a vintage photos <3 And the bag is simply amazing)