Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Let us be lovers we'll marry our fortunes together.


Natalie Leung :

great photos, the fashion back then was pretty cool!


whitemaskgirl :

I love this photos. It is something amazing about the clothes back in the days. I guess it was because they were made to last and be used year after year, and it is not todays fast clothing habits where a dress gets old in weeks.

Anieblu :

love love Anie hall, to her i Bingh mi name!

Jenni :

I love "Annie Hall"! One of my all-time favorite movies. I love Diane Keaton's entire wardrobe.

Monique :

I'm a Woody Allen these photos!

ArtAfterDark :

What was Woody's secret? Why would this gorgeous woman even entertain the thought of being his lover for so many years! The clothes are amazing and Diane Keaton is a fashion genius!

elanor, :

i still haven't seen any woody allen's films, but i've heard such great things! i definitely will have to soon.


Fashion Addict :

These photos make my heart melt. :) enjoyed this blog post.

gee :

loooooove Annie Hall.
Diane's whole wardrobe in this movie is perfect.
now i really want to watch it. argh.

Caitlin Rose :

Beuatiful!! have you seen the new Woodie Allen "Midnight in Paris." It's my favourite movie ever, I totally suggest that you watch it if you haven't.

herecomesthesun :

Such a great movie x

Lyndall :

I've never seen 'Annie Hall'! I think I need to do something to remedy this very soon~

blakejacobsen :

All of these photos are so beautiful. Great post!


Kathleen :

Ahhh I love this movie. Great photos!