Fashion Illustration



Louise, Raspberries In Winter :

These are beautiful, I like the second one best.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love the 3rd one!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Florence :


Wyetha :

So fantastic + and i love the colors + makes me which I could have learned the art.


Meghan :

sooo beautiful and cool, I want the first one!!


ChiccaStyle :

WOW,they are amazing!!!Love them,my favourite is the second one!

gee :

i love the last one.
the colors are so beautiful.
have a wonderful day..!

Jenni Wells :

I love the navajo inspired illustration!

Amber Blue Bird :

that first illustration is simply amazing

SoFashionistica :

Wow! Those are awesome paintings! I really like the first and second one!

Shayla :

These are gorgeous...I especially LOVE the last one...I was very into the runway photo with girls sporting some grey/silver hair. Very different and beautiful on them. Love your blog too!!!

Isabel :

I LOVE the last one :)

Rachel :

They're all so fantastic!

rebecca :

these are so gorgeous! but i think the third is my favourite

Jo :

They are beautiful! <3 They completely make me want to buy more pretty pictures for my flat!


dear mina :

Thanks for sharing these, there so pretty:)

Lea :

So gorgeous. Love how surreal these all are.

Urban Couture 53 :

This illustrations are beyond modern stuff its so creative!! nice blog, love the way you combine fashion & art!
visit us & follow if you like!♥♥