My love affair with the American Southwest began with my first trip to Arizona in 1993. Although we toured many areas of the desert, the Grand Canyon was by far my favorite stop. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and attains a depth of over a mile. The sheer size of the canyon is impressive. However, the vibrant colors, intricate rock formations, and abundant wildlife is what truly impressed me. I have embarked on many desert trips since (to Nevada,  Death Valley, and Utah), but my first trip to the Grand Canyon was by far the most memorable.
Although white dresses are often popular for desert treks, my abundance of black dresses and love for Stevie Nicks won. And the weather in San Francisco is also quite chilly, even during the summer months, so I would look quite silly in a white sheer dress. This long black midi dress was the perfect base for my most treasured desert accessories. The tote bag was purchased at a Native American trading post in Northeastern California and is a favorite of mine. The belt  features buffalo, jackalopes, and turtles all secured on a leather band. I layered my geode necklace with a simple gold chain for the finishing touch.
Where are your favorite places to travel?

Dress: Thrifted
Hat: Thrifted
Belt: Vintage
Bag: Trading Post
Cowboy Boots: Vintage
Geode Necklace: Vintage
Gold Chain: Vintage
Listening to: Road to Nowhere/ Talking Heads


Karoline Kalvø :

You're so gorgeous. I love the outfit. Amazing.

Come visit me
Karoline Kalvo

Kirstin Marie :

I love your dress. It's so simple, but beautiful in all the same. Your bag is fantastic!


Cassie Nafziger :

I am in love with this dress and can I please have that bag?! Lol. Great outfit!

Miss Kayla :

Love the boots! :)

Lydia :

I love the little creatures on your belt! I love going anywhere that isn't home. Beautiful places are always good, but I've been known to wind up in the shittiest cities and have a great time.

So Yeah So :

When I got married in Vegas, my mom and brother decided to drive out and bring my daughter instead of flying. I wish that we'd been able to do that, but we didn't have the time. I definitely want to do a great Southwest road trip some day.

Rachel :

Awesome, simple outfit; the hat is my favorite part. :D

JennaStevie :

That is a great dress, great length and fit. I love your tote bag and that belt is realllly cool. I love travelling through British Colombia, it's not too far to drive all over and it's gorgeous.
ps. Stevie nicks is awesome, my middle name is Stevie, so I have some serious love for her

Lucy, Dear Fish :

That bag is incroyable, ma cherie! I love the desert, although I've never been to the Grand Canyon. I've tried to get there on so many trips and always failed (car breaking down in the middle of death valley was the most exciting reason for not making it...that was crazo!) but one of these days I'll make it and it will be incredible I'm sure!

fritha louise :

I love your hat. I really want one like it for summer. That belt is really cool too, I've never seen anything like it.
I'd love to visit the Grand Canyon. One day...

Meanz :

Honestly, traveling anywhere is pretty great to me! I love your floppy hat, and that bag is so adorable. I am fascinated by the style of the American Southwest, such as pretty patterns and such! :)

Meanz (Koi Story)

SoFashionistica :

That tote is awesome! I like the dress too and with that belt, even better!

KristiMcMurry :

That bag is INCREDIBLE! I would love to go to the grand canyon someday. We took a road trip to visit family in CA once, and when we drove by signs pointing to the grand canyon, I begged my mom for us to go there. Of course we didn't :(

Someday though! My favorite summer trip so far has been driving from Boston (where we flew to from TN) up to Limestone, ME where my aunt and uncle lived. The coast of Maine is absolutely breathtaking.

Hallie :

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, lady. :)

Love the American Southwest look on you! Turquoise jewelry is my favorite trend to fall into this bucket.

Following you! xo

Hallie :)

Marisa Noelle :

I love how your hat picks up the color in your bag (which is gorgeous). Everything about the outfit is perfect:)

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic :

i love the southwest too! i just went this year and it was amazing. that bag is killer! i'd kill for it. literally. okay just kidding. but you look amazing.

zoë, lion heart vintage :

oh wow girl, you are TOTALLY channeling stevie nicks here! you've even got the s.nicks stare-right-into-your-heart thing happening. i love how she always does that when she sings.

by the way, thank you for your lovely comment on my recent post! i love your style as well, and you're totally inspiring me to do a southwest/desert style post soon... :)


gee :

jenny, it is official. i am coming and stealing/borrowing all your purses. your collection makes me drool with happiness. as allllllways, you look gorgeous..i love the simple dress. you always look so chic.
have a wonderful day love.

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul :

I lovvvve this outfit, especially the hat! Such a perfect color


Jamie Rose :

Your hat and bag are both so cute! I want a summery bag like that!

Little Erica :

Love your outfit! The bag is my favorite :D

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

I adore this dress! So cute!

helenlouise :

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog..although the pressure's on now to create two more decent outfits haha!
This outfit is gorgeous, that hat's such a nice colour and I really want a bag like that!

Pink Rock and Fashion :

You look beautiful! Great dress!
I would like to visit many places, but India is a very the special one.

islabell :

I love everything about this! That hat! We both scored that day. Can't wait to come visit...maybe it could be a "tax write off" ha. Istanbul is amazing. Trying to upload my flicker if u Wanamaker see pics.

islabell :

WannaMaker? Ahhh predictive txt. Got a love it

Amber Blue Bird :

looking good. I really do like your bag. The pattern is very unique. I hope to one day lay my eyes upon The Grand Canyon. I am sure it is a sight not to be missed.

Jacqueline :

lovely! great hat.. <3 i love traveling pretty much anywhere. i loved visiting san francisco this january, and would love to go back some day to explore more. Xx

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I'm envious of all your Southwestern/desert travels-- sadly I've never been to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or any of the major national parks! The first & last time I went to Arizona/New Mexico was when I was 12 but we got the chance to go to several trading posts and buy goodies.

I adore your printed bag and the all-black outfit. The belt was an amazing find too.

Sasha :

Love the black maxi and the bright bag with it!

Aly :

Much love for the dress and the bag, you look really stylish and sophisticated! I've been looking through a lot of your previous posts and there hasnt been one I havent loved:) if you could spare a bit of time to have a look at my blog that would be lovely, but if not don't worry :) Aly xx

Ice Pandora :

Bohemian style!
I think people wear white dresses more often because black dresses 'obsorbe' more heat than lighter color~

Anywayss xx

29 Skirts :

Yay, more Southwest-ness! I love the dress, and it makes an awesome backdrop for the accessories that you do so well. The Grand Canyon is amazing...I went there as a teenager and would love to go back. Tomorrow my brothers and I are driving to Santa Fe, which I've been dying to visit. I can't wait!

NodToStyle :

gorgeous. i love the southwest. style. climate. everything. i heard somewhere that wearing dark (light fabric) clothes is actually better for the heat. maybe just an old wives tale, though?

Monique :

You are quite lovely. I love this outfit. The color of your hat is just perfect and so is that purse. I have never been to the Grand Canyon, my fiance raves about it. I've been to the four corners area and Lake Powell and quite liked that. Sweet outfit lady. Happy Weekend

Dorothy Souhuwat :

i wanna have hat like that..

Irina Lori :

your bag is so pretty, and the whole outfit as well :)

Mrs Vintage :