June Gloom

blue vintage dress 1

So sorry, but I just had to steal this dress out of our shop and wear it to keep me warm on the wintery feeling day we had. The longer sleeves, high collar and cozy material kept out the wind and foggy chill. I know a lot of you are battling the heat right now, my dear Jennifer in Ann Arbor for one, and I'm just a little bit jealous! I wish it felt more like summer here in San Francisco, instead of this gloomy weather. 
The embroidered handbag is one of my fantastic finds from North Carolina's "Dapper Dan's". The colors and pretty floral pattern totally stole my heart. I love to dream about my time sitting by the pool and walking on the beach in such lovely warm weather. I'm hoping that it will be a bit warmer today in Napa Valley when I'm there for my friend Corinne's bachelorette party. 

Bag: Dapper Dan's Vintage
Hat: Vintage Emporium 
Shoes: gift from Jen
Bracelet: My great grand-mother's
Ring: Crossroad's 
Listening to: I've Got a Woman/ Ray Charles       

purple flower


Rebeccak :

I so love that bag! Sorry you have such crappy weather. I totally feel your pain - we have a week of drizzle here last week and it just made me want to stay in bed!

Vanilla - notes from my closet :

it's rain, rain and more rain here as well... didn't stop you looking fabulous though! :) Love your hat! It is just darling :)

Love, Vanilla


feH :

Cute :)


Vanessa, Take only Memories :

The colors are so lovely! I adore your hat!
It's cold and rainy here as well today...no fun! And the weather forecast is saying that it's gonna be like this all week!

Alice, Pretty Confused :

It's all rain here as well, if that makes you feel any better. Although I haven't been dealing with it nearly as stylishly as you have! I adore that hat! Very dashing xo

Lucy Nation :

I love everything about this outfit. Great colour, great shoes and that bag is amazing. The blue totally works with the green hat too.

Maria E. :

There's been really nasty weather where I'm at too. It's been cloudy, cold, windy, and rainy for the past week, and will be so for another whole week. *sigh* But hey, then at least we can wear some of the clothes we'd otherwise be saving for autumn. ;)

I adore your hat like crazy...it's like the hat of my dreams! Haha. It goes really well with your dress and gorgeous bag. :)

Maria Elyse
First Impressions
Flying Ships Vintage

Rachel :

Beautiful dress, and the color is fantastic! It really looks like a great dress to wear when the weather gets a bit dreary.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

im in love with that hat :) dont worry about the weather... just be happy!

Steffy Pros and Cons

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Signe :

Such a cute outfit, and I love EVERYTHING about that dress :)

Lisa :

This look is so cute! I really love the mix of prints in the dress and handbag!
I'm sending warm weather your way!


Meghan :

this is so pretty! I loooove the blue of your dress and shoes :)

And I agree, I can't believe June is already ending and I still don't think it's "summer"


Sophie :

I woud have stolen the dress out of the shop too! Its simply gorgeous!
I know what you mean about the weather, its so gloomy here too! I thought June as summer haha!

Kathleen :

This dress was made for you! I love the length of the sleeves too.

Seriously though, we need some warmth over here. Just a little sun on my shoulders would be nice. That's all I'm asking. :)

Rory :

Beautiful dress! All the photos look great

The Daily Fashionista :

Sorry to hear that the weather is less than summery but at least this dress is tres chic with that fabulous hat! Lovely:)

Julia Topaz :

the color of that hat is fantastic!

SoapyMermaid :

so much cuteness. love this embroidered bag! :)

herecomesthesun :

Such a cute dress and I love how your shoes match perfectly!

Jo :

The dress is so pretty! And I hadn't realized you have a shop! I'm off to investigate it now!


Bethany Heron :

Gorgeous!! Love that dress & bag :) xx


Amanda :

I love this look!

sarah :

Ohh, I love that bag! What a lucky find! It's so beautiful. The dress is gorgeous as well. The blue is so pretty!

HazelandMare :

You look so adorable! I have to admit, I am jealous of your cool weather- I love tights and sweaters! But I will send you some warm weather vibes from Maryland! :)

gee :

oh i wish it was cool here. :P
you look beautiful..i can see why you took that dress out of the shop for a spin.
love your purse..anything floral is my cup of tea.
have a wonderful upcoming week love.

ps. i will be sending you a email with your GC this week..just a fyi. <3

SoL Sia :

you are very beautiful.. and very stylish! i love your blog.. :) i followed you here.

really hoping you could visit my blog too and follow back... would be a pleasure.. :)



JennaStevie :

This is a really wonderful look, that dress is perfect for a chilly day. And the embroidered purse is so stunning. It's been raining here all week so I understand the feeling

SoFashionistica :

Let me just say...this dress is gorgeous! I love love it! I even checked out your shop to see what you guys carried and I also love the other dress that you guys are selling that was in another picture with this same dress!It's too bad I will now have to watch my spending, with moving out and paying rent,it will be hard to buy just anything
I also really like this purse!I love purses!
Oh and I also wanted to let you know you were near me today...I live in Vallejo!

Carolyn :

omg i can relate, it's totally been june gloom in seattle too :(

wardrobeexperience :

i love blue and black... amazing dress.


Megan Mae :

Absolutely gorgeous green hat.