Leopard Cape

Back in San Francisco and feeling a little more classy. This calls for red lips, lacy dresses, leopard print and patent accessories. The dress, and slip peeking out underneath, aren't new. In fact I'm not wearing any of my new North Carolina vintage finds. The leopard print cape is from the huge Alameda Flea market a few months ago. I missed it for the month of June, but I'm hoping to go when it happens in July. There are always treasures to be found there.

Matt and I are trying to save a little money by not eating out so much. We went to the grocery store today and spent quite a bit, but we're hoping it will last us for a whole week. We have a few dinners planned, but my main issue is lunch time. I mostly end up buying lunch which can quickly add up over the weeks and months. Do you have any ideas for good things to bring to work for lunch? I am a vegetarian, so that rules a few things out. I would love some suggestions though! If Matt and I can stick to our plan, we'll save some money and then go out to a nice restaurant to treat ourselves.

Cape: Vintage from the Flea Market
Dress: Forever21
Slip: Vintage Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Listening to: Mouthful of Diamonds/ Phantogram


Leah :

i love your cape! :)

The Daily Fashionista :

Oh my gosh!!! Super gorgeous!! I love that cape! That must be the best flea market find of all time.

The Daily Fashionista :

Oh and I'm vegetarian and bring my lunch to work. I buy Gardein Chicken strips and make wraps with soy mayo, lettuce and tomato for a quick lunch. And veggie corn dogs with carrot sticks and berries. Usually I just take a few small portions of random veggies/fruits and then crackers and cheese too. And home made salads with the chicken strips are good too!

Meghan :

aye I LOVE this! So perfect, classy and fun <3

As for bag lunches, perhaps hummus and raw veggies? Peanut butter for bread/fruit?

Dial V for Vintage :

Oh I love this outfit, very classy and elegant indeed :).

caramellitsa :

awesome!!!love your cape :DDD gorgeous!!

kisses <3

Jo :

The cape is absolutely breathtaking! What a wonderful find!


Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Woa! That cape is the coolest thing I've seen in a while!

Em :

Wow! What a beautiful outfit and makeup--it looks amazing with your skin and hair color. For veggie lunches (my husband & I do the same thing to save money), I love packing med. style food like greek salads, sandwiches made with hummus & tabouleh, pita wraps (sometimes I don't assemble until I am at work so it doesn't get too waterlogged), etc. I also like to do casseroles and put individual servings into small glass containers as casseroles seem to reheat well. We always use glass containers because I'm scared of plastic especially when reheating. Sometimes, if I've made an Asian-style stir fry for dinner, I'll pack the leftovers and some washed lettuce leaves and we eat lettuce wraps. Chilies seem to pack/reheat well too. Just made a really good one using beer instead of water and adding soy sauce for tang and salt.

by Angel :

you have amazing cheekbones! and that cape... die. so luv. xo

JennaStevie :

Oh my, I looove this look. It's so perfect all together. I am seriously loving this leopard print cape and the wonderful lace dress. So gorgeous.
Hmm, veggie wraps for lunch? Greek salad, some tasty soup?

Steffys Pros and Cons :

that cape is AMAZING and i love your black shoes!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

BaronessVonVintage :

A-mazing cape. WOW!

Gal Meets Glam :

that cape is so amazing! I love it

xo galmeetsglam.com

SoFashionistica :

That leopard cape is awesome! I like how you let it shine on it's own by pairing it with a solid lace dress.

Beti :

beautiful cape!

laura :

I love this whole look, and that cape is just lovely!
♥ laura
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you are such a fox! i keep hearing about this alameda flea market. you'll have to take me one of these days!

islabell :

Ohhhh lala! Whose that lady! Hot damn! Loving it. These pics look much better than the failed attempt on the construction machinery, dude, I am so down for flea markets in July... Good luck saving dollars!

Christina :

Making a big pot of grains and vegetables is a good way to make yourself filling lunches for the week for CHEAP. In the warmer months I make quinoa with diced cucumber and onion and tomtato. It doesn't get sticky gross like rice and you can eat it cold. When it's cold out I make lentils. You can throw EVERYTHING in them and it's super good for you. I make them with onions, garlic, corn, diced tomato, kale, carrots and bell pepper. It actually tastes better throughout the week as the flavors set...though you'd need a microwave at work to heat it up.

In a hurry, peanut butter and fruit, or veggie sticks and hummus plus crackers are my jam!

Rachel :

Those shoes are so pretty!

Rory :

love your dress :) looks great with red lipstick, really elegant

Wyetha :

I love that cape + fabulous.


Miranda / Summertime Den :

Your cape is really pretty! I also loveee your lace dress

Maria Ramona :

so chic! I just sold a cape similar to this one not too long ago. now you're making me regret not hanging onto it for myself! :)

Olivia :

I wish I could visit the thrift stores where you're from - you manage to get such good stuff there! As boring as it sounds, I stick with sandwiches - a little boring yes, but dirt cheap to make and when you use different breads, relishes and unusual fillings it changes it up a bit! x

Jenni :

This cape in insanely awesome. Love! When I actually remember to pack my lunch, I usually bring some kind of salad and some snacks, like fruit or some carrots. Hummus is always a winner in my book. Leftovers usually make for good lunches too. :D

Megan Hattie :

You're lookin' fiiiine, I'm freaking out over that cape! I'm so in love with leopard at the moment, in fact I'm wearing a leopard shirt right now :). This is lovely!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

jess :

I'm so in love with your cape!

Katie :

this is such a great look! so sophisticated and classy. i love leopard! i love capes!

Kellie W. :

That is probably the best cape I've ever seen! What a great find!!

Rachael :

YES! Capes ROCK! Bring them BACK!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Your leopard cape is a beauty-- I bought 2 leopard coats this spring and wear them with all black like you did.

I have a hard time not eating lunch out too-- how about hummus & pita sandwiches? You could also just make double batches at dinner and bring leftovers the next day. Also a few vegan lunch tips here: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/veganism/10-vegan-lunch-ideas-114283

Imogen :

I love capes and leopard print so this is just perfect. I really want a cape, just need to find the right one.

patience :

damn capes need to make a comeback!! i love them so much and yay for you being so brave and wearing that great leopard print!!

KaNini's :

Oh dear, you got me with that cape! Love it and I got to have it!:D

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

You know, I'm not usually a leopard print person, but that cape, and you in it, are completely gorgeous!

How about just making extra food the night before and taking that for lunch? I also like hummous, sauteed red pepper and havarti sandwiches, but that might just be me. ; )

Re: the squats. I haven't actually been in one, but I used to know someone who lived in one. I think hers was a bit intense and they eventually got kicked out (and went to sleep in a cave!) but I have no idea if that's representative. In general the anarchist groups are not really my people, but I find squats politically interesting.

Sorry for mega-long comments. ; )

Julie :

I love your cape!!!! Wow! So dramatic!!

Lyosha :

lovely cape! it totally made the whole outfit!

Inside and Outside Blog

dusanabotswana :

wow what an amazing cape & can't believe I've never thought of using a slip to lengthen skirts/dresses. This will be so so helpful in Phoenix, thank you!!
I actually feel really fortunate with lunch right now; I have a complete meal at the cafeteria for less than $2.50 so I don't bother anymore but before I used to pack lots of salads, sandwiches, rice and beans, actually cooking extra and bringing leftovers was always my best bet.

Jamie Rose :

That dress is so gorgeous! I love your leopard print cape too. So pretty!

Honor :

Marinated peppers and goats cheese sandwhich. So nice and so easy :)
I love, love, LOVE your cape.

Kathleen :

Oh man, food is definitely where we drop the most money. Packing lunch is the hardest because we're both in such a hurry in the morning. We stick to the old standbys: sandwiches, yogurt and maybe a piece of fruit. I love Amy's organic burritos which take only 2 minutes to microwave. I'll usually eat two at lunch and be so stuffed the rest of the day. Lots of people from work bring microwave meals from Trader Joe's, which I haven't tried yet.

Good luck with the budgeting! It really is so much more practical to go the grocery shopping route. Then dinners out are so much more special!

You look gorgeous by the way!! :)

Electric Fantastic :

Annie that cape is beyond amazing!

We are having a similar issue recently with trying to save money VS eating out every night cause we're exhausted from work. I've been packing small lunches and "snacks" so that instead of one meal for lunch, I can have little bits when I feel hungry. I mostly bring grapes, cut up melon, carrot sticks & cucumber sticks. I'll pack a little bit of baked tofu for protein and I usually end up really full from small amounts and don't even finish what I do bring each day. When I get bored I make a salad or 1/2 of a veggie panini. The tough part for me is finding the time for preparation (cutting veggies & washing fruits etc. but once I work it into my schedule it's super rewarding the next day. Good luck on your lunches! xoxo