Mad Dogs of Summer

The river is a short walk from my front porch and wild rabbits run down my street. In other words, I am in heaven. I couldn't be more happy with lazy summer weekends that involve a good book in the park. Yesterday, Matty and I explored the Huron river which runs through Ann Arbor. We are planning a two-day canoe/camping trip in July to celebrate the 4th. The extent of my canoeing experiences involve a small lake at summer camp when I was twelve. This should be an interesting adventure to say the least.
This dress was meant for the little shop, but I couldn't resist! I am such a sucker for paisley print, pockets and buttons, all of which are found on this lovely number. I've been wearing this dress quite a lot this week since the weather has been so warm.
And yes, wild rabbits really do run down my street. I have grand dreams of capturing one and brining it back to San Francisco as a little friend for Howard Rabbit. Matty calls me a poacher, I call it love.

What are your plans for the summer? And if you are in the States, any exciting plans for the 4th? I am hoping for some magical Midwest Fourth of July Parade (I can dream!)

Dress: Vintage
Belt: Thrifted
Purse: Thrifted
Necklace: Vintage
Listening to: Tango 'Til They're Sore/ Tom Waits
Picnik collage


The Daily Fashionista :

Fun pictures! It must've been fun wading in the water to get to that stump;) And good luck with catching that hare!

Rebeccak :

Such great shots! I can't wait to follow your summer adventures. It all sounds so completely blissful as I huddle by the heat given off by my laptop!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love the glasses and the dress. seems like you do live in heaven, i wish little bunnies were near my house :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

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Jenni Wells :

Little bunnies are all over my yard too! Their welcome unti they start eating from my garden. Sadly, a few of them have met their end by my cats claws. I'd feel better if it was just part of the circle of life but no.... these are chubby house cats just being mean.

The photos turned out beautifully. Your dress is gorgeous- i love the length.

Vanilla - notes from my closet :

Love this look! I would love to live somewhere with wild rabbits running around :)

Love, Vanilla

Rachel :

Such a beautiful spot for pictures! Absolutely dreamy!

HazelandMare :

I love your dress :) And it looks like you live in such a pretty and peaceful place! I am so excited about warm weather and 4th of July celebrations too!


What a cute dress! I'm a sucker for most anything with good pockets and the print is lovely, to boot.

Canoeing is easy peasy! Just make sure whoever you want to be in charge of steering is in the front. Oh, and drink beer. I think that's an important part of instruction. ;)

Lauren :

Love the location of these shots! So cool. And no plans for the 4th as of yet, but I'm hoping to witness some magic as well :)

islabell :

I adore these photos! The first one is Bomb!
I wana come visit so bad. AH.
It looks like you chopped some of you hair off, I've not been online for a while so i'm away to check past posts and see if i missed anything. Maybe i'm crazy. Your hair looks awesome.
As does the rest of you. Sweet dress!

JennaStevie :

Wow, getting to this stump must have been interesting! These photos are so wonderful, love that paisley dress a lot, it's very pretty.
Theres a wild jack rabbit that comes to visit my bunnies when they're in their outside home. I want to grab him and have them make friends

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Lovely dress! You really shouldn't put it in the shop, it suits you perfectly! And such a lovely location!

Amelia :

so gorgeous! you guys always find the best locations. love that little bag :) but sad you won't be around when i'm in san fran.

Andrea :

lovely bag :))

natasha {schue love} :

What fun and beautiful photos!!

Closet Fashionista :

Oooh I love your dress! so pretty :D

Temporary:Secretary :

These are awesome style photos - really different and pretty to look at. Love the bag - right up my street!

gee :

the husband is a manager of a retail store so he will be working which means i prob. will be watching tv marathons..hahaha. (lame.)
but i am jealous of the canoeing you will be doing..i haven't done it in forever. good luck! ;P
well of course you look just always have the perfect backdrop for your outfit shoots!
have a wonderful week love.


whoa whoa whoa, this place is pretty awesome. At first I was wondering how you got onto the stump and then I saw that you waded across, hopefully the water wasn't too cold!

For the fourth I think my bf and I are headed to the central coast near Cayucos, I think they do a little parade so I'm super excited to see :)

Jo :

Oh mine is a boring weekend, sadly! I am catching up on uni assignments, boo! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


Frannie Pantz :

What beautiful pictures! And I love your dress. So far, summer has been really hectic for me, but I hope to have a lazy Saturday next month (here's hoping!).

Nicole, Coco Maria :

This is going to sound silly, but I give you credit for wading through the water to get to this awesome photo location :)
Anyway, this is such a lovely outfit. That dress looks adorable on you!
I'll actually be heading to San Francisco in July and am so looking forward to it!

SoFashionistica :

These pictures are very pretty! I like how you are standing in the middle of the water reminds me of a painting.

29 Skirts :

Awesome location for this photo shoot! I wouldn't be able to resist keeping that dress's really cute and also looks like it would be comfortable for hot weather. Maybe you can gradually befriend one of the rabbits and get him/her to trust you with the right treats ;-)

Eva Silviana :

Love the dress so much :) So beautiful!!

Chrissy :

Cute dress. Looks like a beautiful location. :)

Meagan :

What a fabulous dress! And I'm crazy about your haircut!

cheryl :

lovely outfit & great photos!

Mary ♥ Mur :

oh.. so nice post.)
Love your blog.))

Sorry, i wanna be your reader but I din't see a button in your blog...)

bloo. :

your outfit is amazing !!


Meghan :

oh so darling! I love your photos too so beautiful! I can' almost hear little bunny hops ;)


Michal :

These photos are SO cool!! That second one especially. Michigan looks like New Hampshire! That canoeing trip is going to be so much fun. We used to take canoing trips all the time when I was younger, and I remember having a canoe race down the Saco river with all my aunts, uncles and cousins. :)

sarah :

Love these photos! That location is amazing and looks like a dreamy place to spend a summer day.
The dress is darling! I too have a weakness for a good dress with pockets. Pockets can make a dress - and the bigger, the better. The wicker bag is fabulous, as well!

Danielle Celeste Couture :

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Aqeelah :

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ps: lovely pics!

Jamie Rose :

These pictures are awesome! I just love the setting. Such a cute little summer dress too. You picked the perfect pair of shoes to match with it.