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I embarked on the most important adventure of the week: thrifting and vintage hunting. During the weeks leading up to the trip, I carefully researched promising spots via the internet. And I have not been disappointed with the treasures I have found thus far! One of my favorite places to visit is The Treasure Mart, located in the Kerrytown District of Ann Arbor. It is full of kitschy knick-knacks, fancy hats, and 1950s purses. Matty found a lovely Pendleton wool blanket for our summer camping trips and I purchased a 1970s straw travel bag (for only $6.00). I have no idea how I am going to get any of these beautiful things back to San Francisco, but I am enjoying all of the antique marts in the area. 

When I saw this 1960s lace cropped top at The Getup, I thought of Ashley. I promised some lovely ladies back in San Francisco that I would keep them in mind while shopping. But then I tried on the dreamy top and knew that I couldn't part with it. The cut, the buttons in the back, and its neckline is so versatile for the summer. I paired it with a newly thrifted polka dot skirt and my vintage elephant necklace. I am sure this little lace number will be making a frequent appearance in my summer wardrobe!


Jo :

Oh my goodness! That truly is the most beautiful house! (Don't forget to visit my £100 ASOS Voucher giveaway!)


Kirstin Marie :

Oh my gosh, your new home is absolutely beautiful!!! I've always wanted to live in a house like that. You look really beautiful. I really love your necklace. xo

jessie :

i lovee treasure mart, it's my favorite. welcome to ann arbor girl!

Liz :

You should ship all of your extra things back - I do that if I buy heavy things like fabric when I'm on a trip, it's much cheaper than paying for an extra bag on the plane. If you use something like "Parcel Post" with USPS it is very affordable, and it will take a while to arrive (9-10 days) but if you send it early it may be there when you get home! I hope you're having a blast!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

what a gorgeous house, and so glad you kept the top because it looks perf on you!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Bre :

That top is pretty great and hard to resist. That house is pretty fantastic as well. Glad you had fun finding old treasures.

Rachel :

That house is so beautiful! :o

SoapyMermaid :

your photos are always so beautiful... you seem to have found vintage treasures.. this house is wonderful.

Frannie Pantz :

I am absolutely IN LOVE with your elephant necklace!!!!! The house is gorgeous and the outfit is cute, but the necklace steals my heart! ;-)

Vanilla - notes from my closet :

Gorgeous house! and a gorgeous outfit :)

Love, vanilla

laura :

I love this outfit. The lace, the dots, and that NECKLACE! I love it all. and how gorgeous is your new home?!?
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Julie :

That lace top is adorable! Happy thrifting!

jess :

I love your necklace.

ediot :

you look so beautiful! and the outfit is very nice as well, btw the house is enchanting.
thanks for sharing these photos

JennaStevie :

That top is soo gorgeous, I don't blame you for not wanting to part with it. It's quite lovely with the polka dot skirt. And your house is gorgeous, that's definitely a great place to call home

SoFashionistica :

That house is amazing! I want to live there!I really like the balcony, I like how it's kind of wrapped.
You are going to have alot of fun taking pictures in that house....I will be forward to seeing more!

Amber Blue Bird :

sounds like you are scoring some awesome pieces. Loving that polka dot skirt. You look so dainty and cute in it.

Ashley Ording :

Too cute! I don't blame you for keeping that blouse, it's perfect. But you must send me photos of those lace dresses you found!!

Nicole, Coco Maria :

Happy to hear you've found some great vintage/thrifting spots! That lace blouse really is fantastic, and I love your polka dot skirt as well :)

gee :

polkadots! my favorite!!! you look beautiful Jenny!
of course, these pictures are never disappoint.
def. let me know if you make it to Dollywood..i would LOVE to meet-up with you.
(warning though..i am a huge dork. just a fyi :) )

Rebecca :

Ann Arbor sounds rather lovely. Can't believe you found the lovely lace blouse and the check dress in the same town! Looking forward to seeing more posts from there.

Rebeccak :

Sounds like thirfting paradise! I love this lace top!

HazelandMare :

What a beautiful place! I love big porches like that- lovely!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I love your's and I'm a definitely a follower now! If you ever want any haikus written about your pretty vintage looks just let me know! ;)

Maria Ramona :

what a cool house to spend the summer in-- so glad you're enjoying the trip-- the thrifting sounds amazing and good call on not giving that top away! :)

Meghan :

gorgeous! I adore the photos and the top, I'm glad you're finding some Michigan treasure :)


Georgia Rose :

I do that far too often- pick up a vintage or thrifted garment thinking I could give it to a friend, accidentally try it on, and then... it's all over! I adore this outfit, such a cute combination!

Thank you for your sweet comment about my deer skirt. I'm all for temporary clothing swaps, so if you'd like me to send it your way, just send me an email and we can sort something out! I'd be so interested to see how you'd style it :)

katie :

love that polka dot skirt! and that clutch is amazing. sounds like your finding some great treasures!

Meggstatus :

Gosh, An Arbor looks beautiful! One of my favorite things about going on vacations is discovering hidden thrifting spots and it looks like you are well on your way to overfilling your suitcase. Good for you girl!

Jamie Rose :

I really love the lace top paired with that adorable polka dot skirt! I wish I had a top like that; I'd be wearing it with everything this summer!

Emily :

I'm in love with your necklace! and your home is gorgeous. I am following :) please check my blog out if you have time



I think Treasure Mart has to be one of the best names for a shop I've ever heard. As for getting your lovely new treasures back to The Bay, invest in a flat folding suitcase (like the ones business men carry their suits in). I found mine for $10 at a thrift store. I was able to bring 30 pieces from California back to Nashville with me after my last visit. The cost of checking a bag is far less expensive then shipping it to yourself.

Temporary:Secretary :

Gorgeous house - so pretty. What a dream house!
You look beautiful and this outfit is lovely! xxx