A certain "honey badger" (please tell me that you've seen that youtube video) that I work with told me that I should wear something nice and bright on what was a rather overcast and blustery day. So I did! I've had this pretty blue beaded cardigan for over a year and this is the first time I can remember having worn it out. Crazy, I know but I'm planning to spend my day off work cleaning out my closet. It reminds me of a sweet embellished cardigan from the 1950s. Feeling a little bit secretarial in my cardi and skirt, I just had to add on my calculator necklace.  My plaid blue skirt kept poofing out because of the wind on this rooftop. That's also why in most of the pictures we took I'm fiddling with my hair and laughing at the absurdity of the situation. I also wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions for good vegetarian lunches. I can't wait to try some out on Monday. I sure hope everyone's weekend is going fabulously.

Skirt: Thrifted
Cardigan: Forever21
Bag: Vintage
Necklace: Thrifted
Shoes: Forever21


Georgia Rose :

Oh I love this outfit so much! It's definitely something I'd wear. The colours go so beautifully together.

I'm trying to clean out my wardrobe too. I have far too many things I like but I've never worn and am just waiting for the right occasion. How silly!

feH :

Amazing cardigan :D

Rachel :

Your cardigan is really cute! It looks great with the necklace. :D

Amelia :

cayuuuute you are too adorable. :)

Marisa Noelle :

My goodness..I am absolutely in love with your skirt! Could it be any more perfect? Probably the most lovely thrift find I've ever seen.

I've been in the process of cleaning out my closet too. It's in dire need of an overhaul.

Have a gorgeous weekend!

Amy :

What a gorgeous cardie,definitely a good way to counteract the weather, and a lovely blog! Thanks for the comment on my recipe btw, definitely try it out (plus making these with mincemeat and more spice means the kitchen smells like Christmas which is always a good thing) xXx

Clio :

such a pretty cardigan!

Lauren :

Such a cute outfit! I really like those shoes you have there. I like the rooftop pictures too! Really fits the blustery day.

Last picture is adorable. :)

<3 L

Vanilla - notes from my closet :

I adore your necklace! it's SO fun and cute :) Love the blue too it really suits you :)

Love, Vanilla

Two Happy Hearts :

beautiful outfit! i love your shoes so much :)

and the last photo is darrrrling. i love the little lace slip underneath.


oooh, this is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the blue tones, oxfords, and that gorgeous lace slip... what a charming outfit! Hope you ladies are having a wonderful weekend & happy closet cleaning. xx veronika

JennaStevie :

This outfit is soo cute, I definitely try to wear bright colours on gloomy days too. This skirt is really pretty. And your calculator necklace is awesome.
I recently cleaned my room so instead of on the floor or in a mess my clothes are actually in my closet and it was ridiculous how much stuff I own!


aww, you look darling! and i'm seething with jealousy that you get to wear tights and sweaters in june while i'm sweltering in the south with 90+ temps and humidity to match it. ready to be in san francisco, like NOW!

Kathleen :

Perfection! This is such a great color on you! Love the location too. I need to find me some rooftop access for a photo shoot one of these days.... :)

29 Skirts :

These photos are gorgeous! I love the combination of a beaded cardigan with a plaid skirt. The color is also stunning on you. Maybe someone suggested something like this already, but my favorite easy veggie lunch lately has been a piece of naan or some other flat bread spread with hummus and wrapped around cucumber and tomato slices.

Jenni :

You look 100% adorable. I love everything here--especially that great skirt!

Karin :

I adore this, the colours work a dream and how amazing is your necklace xx so cute and quaint

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Lovely :)

zoƫ, lion heart vintage :

ahhh that last picture! you are too cute. and that calculator necklace? fantastic!

Sophi :

Oooh, I just love the blue on blue on blue on blue on blue! The cardigan is great, too. I always struggle with incorporating items into my wardrobe rotation, too. I feel like I kind of have to get the hang of wearing certain things, if that makes sense...

Anyway, you look divine!

Short Sister Style :

You look great! I love the colors in this outfit. On a random note, I also love your hair :)

Jo :

Wow, what a view! <3 And your cardigan is simply divine!


Rebeccak :

yay for bright blue and sparkles on a miserable day!

Jamie Rose :

What a pretty cardigan! I love all the detailing on it. That plaid skirt is perfect with it.

Courtney :

very cute outfit, but i especially love that little calculator necklace. what a great find!

SoFashionistica :

Such a cute outfit! That sweater from forever 21 is so pretty! I like the different color blues you combined.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

I've been wanting a 1950s cardigan for ages, but the ones I see are always so expensive! Hmmm, sometimes it's good to check the regular shops and see what can be done! Love the colours of this outfit. : )

Stef / Diversions :

Love the double helping of blue and that cardi is gorgeous! Not to forget: Calculator necklace, that's pure genius :)

islabell :

oh lady. you are making me miss san francisco so much. it looks all chilly though so i hope that all the bad weather will be gone by the time i return...but that your bright cheery outfits stay. what a pretty dress! ah!

gee :

ahh..i love the last picture.
such a wonderful shot. the plaid looks beautiful on you.
it is such a lovely pattern to wear in the summer time.
you look beautiful always.

Mohamed Akram Mohamed Anfas :

Last pic is very nice. Specially i like your slips, Nice design. Suitable underskirt for you. I love it