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Picnik collage2 10-53-24
Picnik collage
ice cream4
Shoes- 1970s Vintage:: Skirt: Vintage, altered by me:: Belt- Anne Klein:: Purse- Vintage:: Tights-American Apparel:: Sunglasses- Thrifted
Matthew and I share a mutual love for fashion, vintage, and sewing. We met at Buffalo Exchange four years ago- he was a buyer and I was selling back some thrifted finds to purchase a vintage dress. I must admit, he encourages me to rummage through charity shops and flea markets. I often find fancy bowties, wingtip shoes, and leather bags to add to his growing collection. Although he dresses quite dapper everyday, he is also a sucker for vintage Pendleton shirts and Southwestern paraphernalia. It's been fun to see his style progress- from a t-shirt and slim slacks to 1960s ties and blazers.
After a day of exploring Ann Arbor and eating homemade ice cream in Kerrytown, I snapped a few photos of Matty's weekend outfit. He is quite good at mixing patterns, something that I am quite envious of.  We both tailored parts of our outfit (I altered my skirt , he altered his pants). And he wanted me to tell you all that he is quite proud of his newly-thrifted 1940's vintage bowtie.


Rebeccak :

What a pair! You guys are adorable!! And what a pattern mixing master - is this a new blog feature in the making?

Chaucee :

You two look adorable together : ) It's fun to see well dressed couples together. And I really like the looking you are wearing! It's a classic look in terms of the colors and patterns, but with a different twist on it. Looks great!

Nikki :

Cuties ^^ and i LOVE your skirt! x

bestie :

Aw shucks, now I just want to dress up my beau in vintage things and bowties! You guys both look AMAZING. I adore the polka dots and your paperbag skirt, ahh! <3

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

I love it when guys like to dress up! He certainly looks great! So do you, of course :)

Estefanía ☮ :

wow, vintage total haha amazing blog! follow you :)

gretting from spain :)

caravinvonvan.blogspot.com ♥

stuph :

how cute are you two?! i love your skirt and i love his bow tie! :)

Michal :

Most stylish couple ever? I think so. Tell Matty he has every reason to be proud of that bowtie. Also, I think it is probably the cutest thing in the whole world that you met at a thrift store.

Love your polka dotted blouse. I love how big and bold the dots are, it makes it so much more fun then a normal polka dot pattern! xoxo

Christy :

You two make such a stylish couple! I love that you met at a thrift store; what could be more adorable? I'm especially digging Matty's shoes and bowtie (1940's! wow).

You look gorgeous as always! The skirt was definitely worth altering; I love the paperbag waist on you!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i just died over your shirt.. i want it :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lowri :

what a fashionable pair :) Love your red skirt!



Lydia :

It's stupid how cute you guys are. I love that red skirt, the top of it is amazing.

Frannie Pantz :

Wow! You guys look so cute! What a great top you have and Mr. Matt has phenom shoes! Yay for perfect matches!

chantilly :

awww... you two are so cute! i love the story of how you met :)


HazelandMare :

You are the sweetest and most fashionable couple ever! It sounds like you have a ton of fun together!

Now the question is... how do I talk my fiance into wearing bow ties... :)

Absolutely Mrs. K :

oh wow i want a blouse like that, so perfect that it is white! love the shape, the fabric and the gorgeous bow. so much in love with the smashing bag girl

islabell :

Ahh Matty looks so darn cute. i love the way he wore plad and the bow tie. Good job dude. I told my dad about young ecologist Matt...indeed they would get along.

Oh yeah, and you! You look as sweet as ice cream in your polka dots and red..BAM! this is a good look for you, kinda different...but i like it i like it alot.

I'll be back on Monday, half of me can't wait, the other half never wants to leave. I ended up leaving half my clothes in Berlin I was sick to death of wearing and replacing them with new thrifted finds. haha.


p.s. can't wait to visit...for reals. It's going to be hella fun. we should go hiking too.

Mizdragonfly :

Quite the fab fashion duo!


SoFashionistica :

I love these pictures! You two definitely look like you had a fun time together! I like how he is willing to pose for pics, such a sport!

Dresses for Dinner :

You two are beautiful and perfect. Love it!

caycelayne :

this is awesome! he does look quite dapper in his plaid and bow tie! and you are stunning in those polka dots and bold red skirt! that's a great look for you! i love it when the guys get into thrifting and such. my boyfriend enjoys it too and it's a fun thing we can do together.

Jenni :

You two make a very stylish couple. I LOVE your top. Polka dots AND a bow? That's almost too much greatness.

Eloise :

You look so cute together! I love the brightness of your skirt and your boyfriends shirt. Ah I wish me and my boy could looks as well matched


oooof i need your vintage bag in my life! SF is THE BEST for shopping i am so jealous that you live there.

hellodenj.com :

i love the polka dots paired with the bright red - i might need to re create this look!

xoxo danni


dusanabotswana :

Wow, your man has great style AND can sew! I was already impressed with the style but finding a man who can alter his own pants sure is impressive! (Well ok actually, it’s almost a rarity for everyone nowadays, but I think style blogs make me forget.) You both look great! I love your bright red skirt & polka dot blouse.

also, i just came through bloglovin & it wasnt working to commetn but going here normall did, just wanted to let you know.

helenlouise :

Both lovely outfits, what a stylish couple!

gee :

i need that blouse in my life.
you two are a very cute and stylish couple.
i enjoy seeing his outfit..i WISH the husband enjoyed vintage..he never dresses up on a day off so i will just gawk at your lovely man.

twoteensadventurers :
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twoteensadventurers :

I love that bright red skirt and polka-dotted top. Matt looks like someone out of Mumford and Sons. (total compliment by the way) Thanks for brighting my day.

jess :

Your outfit is adorable! He looks great too.

SomeoneLikeYou :

Oh, you two are probably the best dressed couple I've ever seen! If I only could get my boyfriend to dress as dapper and handsome as yours does.. Sigh, and girl can dream, right?

I just absolutely adore your outfit to pieces. Everything just works perfectly!

I can't believe I haven't started following your blog yet. It's quickly being added to my blog roll list!

Sarah :

I adore this look with the polka dots! Super cute.


Mackenzie :

You're both so stylish. I'm getting really inspired by your outfit. I always love red, white, and black together so this outfit is magical!

Reasons to Celebrate

SC :


DAMN, gorgeous pair.

And honey. You're outfit R.O.C.K.S.

Great items, love the red combined with the black/white

BISOUS (following, for sure)

Jamie Rose :

You both look so awesome! His plaid shirt and cool vintage bow tie are both amazing. I love the Minnie Mouse vibe of your outfit too! The polka dots and red skirt are perfect together.

Helen :

I love this outfit, red, black & white polka dots is my favourite combo I think.

Maria Ramona :

love that color combo of black white and red. you and your man are both lookin' good-- quite the dapper couple indeed!

Lea :

Aaah. The red is so bright and amazing. I hardly ever wear red but have been looking to try to incorporate it and more vibrant colors into my wardrobe. Love how you've sort of neutralized it with the b&w top--which is adorable, by the way :D

AND, you guys are so very sweet. Any guy who can confidently wear a bowtie is pretty awesome. Oh, and tassled loafers :) This whole post makes me smile a lot.

Alicia :

I am completely in love with your polka dot top and paper-bag-waist skirt! I can never get enough polka dots. And what an impressively dapper gentleman!

I would very much like to steal a lick of your ice cream, but that would involve both jet and time travel - too complicated.

Ruby Girl :

great work with the polka dots!! love love love it! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

annah. :

what a fine couple!! i love his style, and your skirt is GORGEOUS!

Annah xx


Marisa Noelle :

You two are quite a dapper couple!! I love to see men wear bow ties ...even more so with plaid. Your large polka dot top is the best and quite perfect with the red skirt.