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Ann Arbor

I had something entirely different planned for today's post. But the lovely Emily asked a question that made me laugh and perhaps could use some clarification. Annalise and I often mention "Matthew" or "Matty" on this blog. And although we often jokingly refer to ourselves as sister wives, both of our partners happen to be named Matthew (and also go by the nickname of Matty). This can be referred to as Matty "squared" if you will. 

And then this little question got me thinking. Annalise and I never explained where we met or how we became friends. Let me take you back to October 2004, when we were just beginning college. I  accompanied my roomate to to a slumber party hosted by a crafty lady who wore platform Mary Janes, handmade buttons, had a long list of international pen pals, and was a frequent thrifter. And I am sure you can guess that this welcoming host was none other than Annalise.  After eating vegetarian Chinese food and drinking a rather large bottle of cheap liquor, we bonded over our mutual love for vintage clothes, DIY, and crafting. It's been a rather funny and wonderful experience "growing up" with someone through your 20's. We often look back at old photographs and giggle at our very questionable fashion decisions. And I am sure we will look back at some of the things we have worn on this blog and do the same. I feel so lucky to have such a dear friend in my life (and I miss her quite a lot, being in Ann Arbor and all).

Isn't this mustard wrap skirt amazing? I recently thrifted the skirt and shirt during an adventure to Detroit with my new friend Ali. Whenever I find a solid color skirt, I pay close attention to the detailing. The pockets and tie belt make this skirt a special addition to my closet. I can't wait to style it up for the Fall because I already have some wonderful ideas for this beauty.

Skirt: Vintage, thrifted
Shirt: Thrifted
Hat: Vintage
Deer Brooch: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage
Listening to: Hong Kong Garden/Siouxsie and The Banshees
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Picnik collage


Kelly :

Oh my! That mustard skirt is amazing. I'm slightly obsessed with mustard right now.

PS I am sure you won't look back & think your outfits are questionable. Hopefully they will be timelessly chic :)

Kelly xo
Elegantly Academic

Rebeccak :

Haha - thanks for clearing that up! I saw that comment too and it got me wondering!

Love the skirt! It is a great length too :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Haha, both your reply comments made me laugh actually. I kind of liked the polyamorous relationship theory with Matthew jetting between SF and Ann Arbor all summer. ; )

I'm pretty sure that all my outfits that get the most comments and love now will be the ones I shake my head over in future years. I think bloggers are often more trend focused than they admit to! But laughing at yourself is all part of growing up anyway, right. ; D

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love the colors of this outfit, especially that skirt! it looks like pumpkin pie :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lauren :

I love the color of this skirt. Very summery!

Victoria / Justice Pirate :

wow i love all the individual pieces used for this outfit, but put together it is amazing!! You girls always pull everything off so beautifully!!! That is really funny about you each having a Matthew/Matty in your lives!! aw.

Christy :

What a coincidence that both of your partners are named Matthew! Definitely appropriate for two gals as close as you are (but I can see why it would be confusing for your readers)!

I just bought a mustard-colored corduroy skirt, and I'm amazed by how versatile it is. I tend to gravitate toward novelty prints, so a lot of the pieces in my closet aren't quite as versatile as I'd like. But the mustard skirt goes with practically anything!

This is such a great summer outfit. I love the color palette, and I need to find some T-strap heels like yours!

Berta :

Los zapatos son fantasticos! un besoo

Meghan :

you look darling, and I loved learning about how you and anna bonded :)


Frannie Pantz :

Darling story,darling pictures and a darling outfit! I love the colors!

Monique :

It is so great you've spent your 20's together. I hope Ann Arbor is being good to you. This outfit is lovely. That mustard skirt would look perfect for a fall outfit, looking forward to how you restyle it.

SomeoneLikeYou :

Every detail in this outfit is marvelous... The beautiful mustard skirt, the darling little t-strap shoes, and of course that beautiful boater with the bow <3

gee :

that wrap skirt is have some wonderful thrifting karma on your side.
thanks for sharing how you and annalise met.
i love hearing friendship stories..
omg, i look back at my high school pictures and always think .."what on earth was i thinking.."
let's just say i wore zebra pants with a glitter top and hot pink leopard platforms.
i have always been a odd girl. :P
i still have the platforms and i do intend to rock them till i am 80.

Kitsune-kun :

ah! so cute! I love everything about that skirt!

Jazzy E (hivenn) :

That's so sweet! I'd love to have a boyfriend with the same name as my BFF's. Love your clutch. x hivenn

29 Skirts :

Aww, it was cool to hear how you and Annalise met! The colors of your top and skirt look so good together. And once again, what a great location for photos!

lady liquor vintage. :

Gorgeous outfit, I love the mustard skirt!


Raquel :

It was really nice to hear the story of how you two lovelies met! And also to know about the Sqaure Mathews ;)

I really like your wrap skirt, mostly the colour and how it goes so well with the striped top and your lovely hat!

Tea For Two :

I always love to hear how good friends met. Especially such stylish ones :)

Gorgeous outfit.

blakejacobsen :

Very summery! I love the mustard skirt, and your t-strap heels. :)


Santina :

I love the color combination - feels fresh and perfect for summer!

That story is adorable. Thanks for sharing!


Kathleen :

What a great story! You two are such a great team, and the fact that your men have the same name is so hilarious. Wonderful skirt too - mustard is one of my fav colors. :)

Jamie Rose :

I love your hat with the cute bow on it. And I also love that yellow skirt. It looks great on you and pairs really nicely with the striped top.

Amber Blue Bird :

I love the color combo going on in this outfit. That skirt is a real winner.

Lydia :

I love the story of your friendship. BFF's are the best.

Annebeth :

haha I saw that comment too! sister wives, you crack me up :D you look gorgeous, the colors you put together are so amazing. You're a style icon to me :)

SoFashionistica :

Your outfit is very pretty! I like the combination of the mustard with the turquoise striped top. Looks good together!

Loren :

I'm pretty sure I have this skirt. Except I can never get the bow to tie that neatly. Super cute, love the hat :)

anne :

So happy I stumbled apon your site tonight! Love vintage, but it's a bit of a struggle to decide what goes with what! I'll be back soon, anne x

Marisa Noelle :

What a sweet story about how you both met. Reminds me of something I would read out of a whimsical children's storybook..and of course you always look like you stepped off the pages of one:) I would love to see some of those photos from your earlier days:)

That mustard skirt is simply perfection and I love it paired with the turquoise striped top. Gorgeous color combo and inspiration.

Have a good week darling! xx Marisa

TheLovelyHunter :

that skirt is pretty awesome--works so well for both summer and fall. it really is cool that you have documentation of everything you have worn, embarrassing or not! and good friends to share it with:)


ellie :

Lovely outfit in a beautiful garden.


agreed the mustard and the turquoise look so good together! In other news, I hung out with Beatrice a week or so ago and she mentioned how she got to hang with you guys and it made me so jealous! If I'm ever up in the bay I demand a meetup!

dahhlayne :

This mustard is so gorgeous!! I took look at detailing at solid-colored pieces because just because something is one color doesn't mean it's boring!

SoapyMermaid :

what a lovely friendship story! I wish I had a close "thrifting friend" too but, alas, in france, very few people love to wear thrifted clothes. your mustard skirt is wonderful and I like it very much with your striped top!

Lyndall :

I love your whole outfit! That skirt, and that hat, are just perfect!

'Hong Kong Garden' is one of my favourite songs :)

Vanilla - notes from my closet :

I adore your skirt :) The outfit is just adorable and I really want your hat :)

Love, Vanilla

The chocolat :

God I really love everything!
The colors and your outfit are perfect !

islabell :

oh yes. this skirt is even prettier up close. i am so excited for the thrifting...and seeing you of course, I just can't wait.

islabell :

oh yes. this skirt is even prettier up close. i am so excited for the thrifting...and seeing you of course, I just can't wait.