Campfire Songs

Alex Paradis
Summer camp dreaming.
(And Annalise will be back soon).


Stef / Diversions :

Such a pretty selection of photos :)
I could do with another round of camping now!

All About Eve :

Thanks for your comment.
Lovely pictures.

Wyetha :

I love the photography.


HazelandMare :

I really miss summer camp. If they had a summer camp for adults, where we could canoe and swim and make crafts all day, I would sign up in a heartbeat!

Lydia :

This post makes me really mad I never went to summer camp and especially made I never went to summer camp in the 50's/60's.

Two Happy Hearts :

i love summer camp. i only went a couple times growing up, but there's really nothing like it! these images are so beautiful. thanks for sharing!

JennaStevie :

Great photos, I wish I was camping right now!!

SoFashionistica :

These pics are awesome! I have never been camping myself, but I would totally like to go someday. It must be nice to breathe in that cool fresh outdoor air and make a campfire and make smores!

La Fille D'or :

Ah - nostalgia for my younger days going to camp in Maine and New Hampshire. This past 4th I spent the weekend in Carmel and in Big Sur - these photos make me wish we'd gone camping there instead of renting a place.

There is still plenty of summer left right?

Amber Blue Bird :

fun photos. I never went to summer camp....i wonder if they have summer camp for adults

dahhlayne :

Aww summer camp. My church youth group is actually on a camp this week, and I was disappointed that I could not go because of summer school. How I miss those late night cabin talks and those yummy camp food (sometimes hehe).

Tieka, Selective Potential :

Oh gosh, these photos are so lovely. I want to go camping right now!

Catherine :

Great photo's, thank you!

Melissa :

fabulous photos!

Becky :

beautiful selection