The Dunes

Since a desert trek is absent from my summer plans, I wanted to explore a Michigan site that had similar topography to the rolling sand dunes of the Southwest. We spent two lovely days at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore near Traverse City. The splendor of the dunes was breathtakingly beautiful. Each hill ranged in color from a pale champagne to burnt sienna, with some reaching as high as 400 feet! Wanting to climb the dunes before the midday summer heat, we woke up at 6 AM and embarked on our hiking adventures. We discovered it was much easier to hike barefoot through the sand, thereby making our trek quite relaxing as we slowly meandered through the rolling hills.
I wore this Southwest-inspired outfit to a lunch outing in Glen Arbor township after our hike. I am an avid weekend garage sale attendee and discovered this summer-perfect dress buried deep in a basement closet. I love its pastel 1980s-esque pattern as well as its length. It reminds me of something Don Johnson would approve of in Miami Vice.

Dress: Vintage
Cropped Top: Thrifted, Sonoma County
Necklace: Vintage
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Gift
Listening to: Never Going Back/ Fleetwood Mac
The Dunes 4
The Dunes 3
the dunes 8
the dunes 15
the dunes 10
the dunes 14


the sparkling dust :

Beautiful place, and look at the sky so blue and clear! I love that your pair the dress with crop top, so lovely!!

Jo :

Goodness, what a beautiful location! The sand is such an amazing colour! <3

Lost in the Haze

This Charming Style :

Wow, these photos are stunning! I love the dress too, you look awesome. :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Your photoshoots these days are just impeccable, Jenny! And this dress is absolutely perfect for the location, which is certainly desert enough to fool me!

Shybiker :

Pretty pictures of an arid place. I went to Arizona once and it looked like this.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

that dress is SUCH a pretty color and i love the vest over top! your locations shots are always amazing!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Sharmaine Ruth :

your pictures are amazing, as always! and I love the outfit!

<3 Sharmaine

Kelly :

Love these photos! and yes, Don Johnson would approve ... As do I!

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Lydia :

These are incredible!!! I love!

gee :

i am going to keep this short and simple:
THIS whole post is absolulty positively to the max AMAZING!

TrophyBoutique :

What a perfect outfit for the setting. I wish every outfit was like that--just like an album cover or something. Most of my outfits would only work on an album for jungle children.

Heather Davis :

The colors of these photos are amazing! The dress is really were lucky to find an '80s dress in that nice knee length. I love the pastels and unique pattern!

Sue Lyn :

jolly me!! what an amazing place to shoot at!? i love this post so much(: good job on the styling too! the colours are perfect x

Meghan :

awesome photos, I totally would not expect that in Michigan!


HazelandMare :

Wow, that place is in Michigan?! I never would have imagined that! It really does look like the Southwest :) Hiking barefoot through sand dunes sounds fun! And I love the pattern on your post-hike dress :) The original owner of that dress must have been one cool lady back in the 80s!

Kirstin Marie :

What a beautiful location. I love sand dunes. That third photo is my favorite, though all of your photos are lovely. :)

SoFashionistica :

These desert pictures are awesome! The pictures remind me of the Doors movie, that one scene where they are dancing in the desert!

Rebecca :

This is such a perfectly put together outfit, love how the necklace tones in with the dress. Hiking barefoot sound really great too!

vanda :

Great background for your photos!! lovely dress!!!!

Maria Ramona :

wow, spectacular shots! you almost look like you are photoshopped into that amazing backdrop, i just love these!

Teresa :

omg! this shooting is so amazing, unique and of course, vintage! you look adorable<3

i just added your blog to my list of favorites at the right side of my page :)


Penny :

this place looks unreal!so beautiful!Michigan seems to have so many different places to visit!
ps)cute shoes

Catita :

love the background here! pretty cool and sunny and that dress is so cute!

Katie :

wow! what a stunning landscape! such a beautiful location for your outfit photo! i love it!

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

These are such great pictures! What an amazing location!

Tonya :

I love your dress! The pattern is wonderful. And the location for these photos is so awesome! Great post :)

Amber Blue Bird :

wicked cool shots and your dress is rad, very miami vice

Megan Hattie :

Awesome outfit, it's perfect for this setting! And the dunes are lovely. Love the print of your dress!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Melissa Blake :

I'm adding the dunes to my list of vacation must-sees! These pics are incredible!

dani :

your photos are always amazing, i'm so jealous of all these beautiful locations!

Amelia :

stunning photos as always love! :)


so trippy, I can't believe this is in Michigan--it totally looks like the southwest!

rebecca :

what a cool place for pics. love the vintage bag.

elanor, :

wow! intense dunes! :) cool setting though. i adore your dress and crop top!


islabell :

my heart skipped a beat when I first saw this dress on your facebook. I adore it!!! seriously dude. I'll trade you what ever you want for it. haha.
I cant believe how pretty those dunes look. And of course the two lovely on the dunes.

Veronica :

love the dress!! and the pictures are amazing!

sittie rainie limba :

Love the place OMG! your outfit really suites you! Such a nice blog.. am a new follower here, follow me if you like hihihi =))

Tribal Fox Vintage :

First time coming across your blog, and my initial thought is, "Wow."
Great this set of pictures. Absolutely adore the colors of the desert, moreso during sunset.


xx, TFV

LC :

Amazing images!!

Monique :

These photos are amazing! What a great find. You are quite the treasure finder. I love the bursts of pastel against the color of the sand.

Lyndall :

These are amazing! What a great location for a photoshoot.

Marisa Noelle :

My goodness, I just love the vast openness of the bright blue sky and dunes. You always manage to find the loveliest places to shoot. Your dress is matches the background quite perfectly:) Stunning!

Bre :

Such cool pics. That scenery is beautiful. Cute dress with your crop top.

Amie :

wow the scenery is absolutely gorgeous! almost looks like a photograph it itself. I love that you added 'listening to.' cute!!

Dresses for Dinner :

I can't believe this is in Michigan. Holy crap. Beautiful and your outfit is perfect!


what a very special looking place! i can't believe that something like this exists in michigan. and, of course, you look as lovely as can be.

Chaucee :

what an amazing place to take pictures!

Hannah :

Wow!! What an awesome backdrop! I was about to be super impressed that you climbed the dunes in heels, haha.

Caitlin :

BEAUTIFUL pictures.

Jamie Rose :

These pictures are so awesome! The setting is wonderful. I really love how your dress looks against the desert background.