Forest Hill

Skirt- Vintage, via Aubergine Vintage:: Shirt- Vintage, thrifted:: Hat- Thrifted:: Shoes- Vintage:: Belt- Vintage
Founded in 1857 as a community burial ground, Forest Hill Cemetery is an Ann Arbor historic site. The design of Forest Hill is in the romantic 'rural' cemetery tradition, popularized in the early 19th century. The belief was that commemorating the dead was best done in a tranquil and serene setting away from the center of the town. While many of you may consider a casual stroll through the cemetery as a rather morbid afternoon activity, the popularity of these rural settings led to the establishment of America's public parks. We were told by Ann Arbor locals that the architecture and natural wonders of Forest Hill were a must-see during our summer trip. We spent many hours wandering the grounds, stopping to admire the craftsmanship of the monuments.
Perhaps it is the summertime weather, but I have been wearing nothing but circle skirts and fancy dresses. This 1950's beauty is one of my favorites due to its brass button detailing and floral print. Wanting to keep my outfit simple, I paired it with a peach top (with the most intricate detailing) and my newfound summer sunhat. 


Kelly :

Oh gosh, love the peach top mixed with that floral skirt. And love that you are wearing all vintage/thrifted stuff ...

PS I also like cemetries, but I think it's the archaeologist in me that really likes them.

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Your top is so pretty! You look lovely (like always). I never know if I find cemeteries beautiful or creepy...I guess a bit of both. The most beautiful ones I have seen were in Ireland. So old overgrown!

Meghan :

oh so pretty, I love your hair and that cute hat! The background is pretty darn lush and nice, too ;)


Rebeccak :

I love those details on your blouse - such a pretty colour scheme with the green background!

Danielle V. :

Absolutely love the peach top! And that hat is just perfect :) I've always been a fan of walking through cemeteries... this one is pretty gorgeous!


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Really? So cemeteries led to our having parks? I like them just for that!

Sometimes I like exploring particularly ornate or scenic cemeteries, but in general I don't find them places to linger in. They're not morbid to me, but I do find them sad. I'll make an exception for the ridiculous cemetery in Havana however; full of monuments each more overblown than the last, as families feuded to have the best sculptures and crypts. ; )

SomeoneLikeYou :

This location is just breathtaking...along with you! This outfit is darling...everything from the t-strap shoes to the little straw hat...xx

Shybiker :

I love places like this: you can feel their history. And your outfit is terrific. You pull vintage clothes out of history and give them new life.

Casie Jean :

these are lovely, I have always wanted to do a shoot in a cemetery xxx

Jazzy E (hivenn) :

These are beautifully weird. x hivenn

Lydia :

I love cemetery pics! There's a big famous cemetery here that my friends and I have been hanging out at since high school.

29 Skirts :

I think cemeteries are pretty interesting and would like to explore more of them. I love how you found that "Witcher" headstone and the two worn ones side by side. And your skirt and blouse are gorgeous. I really like when one piece of an outfit picks up a similar tone from another piece without exactly matching.

HazelandMare :

You look lovely! I love circle skirts, and yours is especially adorable. The location does look so peaceful- I guess I never really thought about it like that! There aren't many cemeteries near me that are so beautiful, though I do live right by Edgar Allen Poe's cemetery. People say it is very haunted :)

SoFashionistica :

Such a pretty outfit! I like the old feel like of it. The skirt is what really makes the outfit. I really like florals so I tend to gravitate towards pieces that have this.

JennaStevie :

What a beautiful place to take photos. This peach top is so lovely with the floral skirt. Such a pretty combination

So Yeah So :

Cemeteries are the perfect place for a quiet walk. So peaceful. I used to visit one that was way back in the woods near a lake. It wasn't creepy at all, just really tranquil

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I'm in love with the dainty, delicate details of your peach top-- I have such a hard time finding vintage separates that fit me. The little floral top was also a perfect fit for the setting!

whitemaskgirl :

I so love cementaries, I actually find them peaceful instead morbide.

That hat is also adorable, I am in search of a sun hat but not found any I like yet.

Laura @ The World Looks Red :

So beautiful! The peach color looks great on you.

dahhlayne :

The location actually looks quite magical, despite the fact that it is in a cemetery. Loving that delicate peach top. Such a yummy shade.

wardrobeexperience :

eeek! this peachy top with the flowered skirt is so adorable. you look great as always.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes :

These photos are absolutely stunning. I love cemeteries and have always found such peace in them.

Maria Ramona :

i love poking around old cemeteries too. what a pretty & romantic outfit, -- just the perfect contrast!

Pink Penguin (Elyse) :

Your skirt is simply gorgeous, it is absolutely the perfect length with the perfect retro-but-not-too-nanna floral print! Such a darling outfit <3 x

Katie Elizabeth :

Beautiful photos! I love the composition in all of them and your outfit is so cute!

xo katie elizabeth

kathy :

Love the pics x

Hope Adela Pasztor :

Cute skirt and hat! =)

Marisa Noelle :

Your pictures are incredibly haunting and even somewhat mysterious and beautiful at the same time. I never knew that cemeteries are what inspired parks. Interesting indeed. Of course you look amazing as always. You are such a vintage beauty and that peach color is divine on you:)

gee :

love old graveyards.
in chattanooga (my hometown) we have a few civil war cemeterys that are amazing and peaceful!
really loving this photoshoot.
it also helps that you are gorgeous..i am drooling over your amazing skirt.

Gaby :

You look so cute! And i love your location, perfect for a photo shoot. x

strawberry moth :

You look beautiful. I love going to old cemeteries and trying to find the oldest grave stone, its amazing how stunning cemeteries can be!

xo, Strawberry Moth

Kavery :

I find cemeteries quite soothing and not scary at all. That's a lovely shade of peach.


I have a soft spot for old cemeteries too! Although if I think about where I am too much I do kept creeped out. Story: while we were in Sardinia we went to the prettiest cemetery. It was well taken care of with tons of bright flowers everywhere. While I was walking around with my boyfriend (the other couple with us was somewhere ahead) I heard a woman distinctly sigh right next to me and I looked over and no one was there. There was no other women in the cemetery. I kept it to myself, thinking it was the wind. Then my lady friend who was with us but somewhere completely different said, a few minutes later, that she felt weirded out because she head a woman sigh next to her D:

christie :

hey ladies! thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Im adoring that hat! So sweet for hot summer days - oh how I miss summer!!

V :

thank you! and i really like your style! you are adorable and the setting is creepishly cool.

Jamie Rose :

These pictures are gorgeous. I absolutely love the color and detailing on your blouse. Your skirt is super cute too. An adorable outfit!

April, Everyday Forgotten :

Ooh I just love the colours of this outfit - I'm absolutely loving peach and coral lately :)

Lisa :

Love your vintage look.
Great blog.

Victoria / Justice Pirate :

This is such a gorgeous outfit. Historical sites are so much fun to go to!!! All these photos are really nice too!

eagle-eye-cherry :

I like the old cemeteries, I think there are a lot of wonderful stories.

Michelle :

I adore everthing about this!! So cute! You nailed it!

Monique :

I love the contrast of the eerie setting and your bright outfit. That blouse is sweet. Such a great color. yes, skirts are so much more comfortable for hot days!

M & Em :

That is such a beautiful location, even if it's a little morbid. I'm a morbid kind of girl. The pictures are breathtaking and eerie. I love the one of the rusted lock and chain. Your outfit is adorable too!


Stef / Diversions :

Such a peaceful looking place :) I love your blouse - just gorgeous!