Glen Haven


Wanting to explore Northern Michigan, Matty and I embarked on a five day camping adventure in search of lakes, swimming holes, and hiking trails. This set of photographs is from the first stop on our trip- a little camping ground nestled just outside of the Pigeon River Country State Park. The forest was filled with birch trees, maples, and jack pole pines. For me, summertime in California is synonymous with camping trips in Yosemite and the Sierras. It was quite fun to explore a different landscape with unique vegetation and wildlife.

When I first discovered this dress in a local Ann Arbor thrift store, I was immediately drawn to its earth tones and cut. Growing up in the Bay Area, I was introduced to dyed fabrics by vendors on Telegraph Avenue. While I find most tie-dye to be a bit kitschy, the muted pattern of this dress was perfect for forest treks and late summer ensembles. 

I'll be posting many more pictures from our camping adventures over the next week!

Dress: Thrifted, Salvation Army Ann Arbor
Hat: Vintage, Thrifted Salvation Army Saginaw
Purse: Vintage
Necklace: Vintage
Shoes: Prada
Listening to: Graceland/Paul Simon

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Vanessa, Take only Memories :

The print on that dress is absolutely gorgeous!
And your camping adventure sounds amazing. Can't wait to see more pics :)

vanda :

Once more GREAT photos. Love the HAT & BAG!!!!!

Kelly :

Yeah! Camping! Although when I go camping I don't look half as nice. And loving the last photo through the cob web ...

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Nikki :

Your necklace and bag are beautiful! x

Flashes of Style :

Such a gorgeous dress! <3



Marisa Noelle :

Have a blast on your camping excursion! You look like a dream...I just simply love that earthy color palette and don't think I could ever manage to look half as elegant on a camping trip...hehe. Such pretty photos as well:)

Shybiker :

Pretty. I love being out in nature.

Ashley :

This place looks gorgeous. Similar to my own terrain, so I'm used to it, and I like it. I've never been to northern California but I REALLY want to go someday, and someday soon at that.

I like your fun little dress. It's so unique and, do I daresay, a bit crazy? In the good way, of course.

Sandy :


dreamy photos, girl!

Heather Davis :

The tones of the dress make me think of an antique map. It's really cool and unique!

gee :

yeap. another perfect little purse. :)
love the pattern on your dress. you really look beautiful in the woods.
i LOVE nature...but, camping is defiantly NOT my cup of tea but it always sounds like a wonderful time. ;P

JennaStevie :

What a wonderful dress! The print is absolutely lovely. And it sounds like a very fun camping trip, thats so awesome

Meghan :

I looovve the photos and your look!


Milly. :

I love that you've mixed some nature photos in with your fashion photos! Such a pretty little location x

Rebecca :

You are so the most stylish camper ever. I agree about the tie die. A lot of it is a bit much but this is just right. Really like the hat too.

Closet Fashionista :

Oooh I love that dress, such a great print! :D

Kuleigh :

Yay Michigan! The dress was a great thrift find! I love the last shot of your through the web.

Rachael :

Gorgeous photographs, I love the pendant, I hope the trees offered you some shade against the crazy MI heat!

Ninja :

That dress is fabulous! Thrifting really is the best way to get the coolest clothes for the lowest prices :)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

Have a great week!

xxx Irinja (

Abbey :

Cute, cute! :) I love the scenery, and camping is one of my favorite things ever! Although I normally wear shorts and t-shirts ;). You look awesome!

And thank you for the early birthday wishes!! I'm going out of town with some friends this weekend, and then a dinner on the actual day! Very excited! :)

chellemorgan :

Gorgeous photos! Love the print on that dress.

Xo Chelle

Amber Blue Bird :

what an awesome print. that dress is very eye catching.


you are one fancy camper!

i remember the first time i "camped" (i was in a cabin, so i don't consider that real camping) in the sierras and how amazed i was by the landscape. snow topped mountains in the middle of july?! this east coast girl had never seen such a sight before.

dahhlayne :

I. Am. In love with this outfit. I think the print on that dress is just too too cool. Goodness, haven't gone camping in a long time. Glad you're having a fantastic time!

Jenni Wells :

five days of camping sounds like a dream! i love love love this look. that pattern is so unique.

chantilly :

it is a very nice cut... and the dress is tye-dyed?? it so doesn't look like it! it looks very lovely... the camping trip sounds like a dream!


Incense & Peppermints :

you have such great posts! i think you'd really like the wear to go girls!/pages/The-Wear-to-go-Girls/138631736207424"

AnnaBananaCupcake :

I'm reading this post while zz is licking my fingers but i love it!!! I love this dress woman. p.s. its isla

Renee B. :

I adore everything about this look. And your photos are beautiful! :)

Jamie Rose :

That dress is a really cool thrift find. I love how it looks among the forest background. Such pretty photographs.

Christy :

Your camping adventure sounds wonderful; the forest outside of the Pigeon River Country State Park looks a lot like the woods we have here in Pennsylvania. (Birch trees are my favorite!)

I love the beautiful warm tones on your dress, and your necklace and bag are great! (As is that last photo of the spider web. I love finding beautiful little details like that while I'm out exploring.)

Ashley Ording :

Such a cool dress... I can't wait to see what else you've dug up over the Summer! Miss youuu! xo

Libby, Vintage Aplomb :

Oh my gosh, that spider web picture is SO COOL! Also, I love your dress! :)

Michal :

The print on that dress is incredible. I always have such a good time looking at your photos- that last one is sooo cool! xo

V :

cute sandals! and those woods look super dreamy... enjoy your trip!

Matthew :

what a cute little woodland creature!
that was an amazing trip with an amazing girl

Lydia :

So pretty. I love the last, spiderweb one.

SoapyMermaid :

these photos are just too beautiful . It is always such a pleasure to stroll through your lovely blog..