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jackie o
I recently watched The Kennedys mini-series. Although the controversial eight-hour biopic was met with mixed reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the less-than-flattering depiction of the revered family. The miniseries was forthright in its portrayal of both Jackie and John F. Kennedy. Much of the story revolved around JFK's alleged affairs, Jackie's hushed drug addiction, and Jackie and Robert F. Kennedy's secret love-affair. While I agree with critics in that some parts of the series were inaccurate, I think it is important to present a well-rounded picture of historical figures, even if that includes a few skeletons in the closet. 

Feeling particularly inspired by Jackie Kennedy's iconic style, I wore an outfit that mixed both naturalness and sophistication. There is something classic about a simple black skirt, and I paired it with red and white accessories to complete a well-rounded summer look. And we finally got some use out of our Pendleton blanket during an early evening picnic. A little desert wine and salad was the perfect ending to a day of reading and writing.

Skirt: Vintage, Thrifted
1990's Dress (worn as shirt): Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage, Gift
Purse: Vintage, Thrifted
Hair Tie: Vintage Belt
Belt: Vintage, Thrifted
Listening to: Too Many Fish in the Sea/ The Marvelettes 
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Annebeth :

great now I need to wacht another series! :-D I LOVE the dress you used as a top, such a darling piece!

Mila :


Kelly :

We probably won't see that TV series until 2013. Things take forever to reach us in Australia ... *sigh*

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Shybiker :

Cute outfit that captures the K look. And I really like your poses.

gee :

i have wanted to watch it for awhile. thank goodness for netflix. :)
jackie o has always been one of my favorite style icons.
you look beautiful as always Jenny and that purse is making me drool on my computer.

KateLainey :

I've never heard of this series, but it sounds super interesting!

Love the inspired Jackie look. :)

Bre :

Picnic, wine, dessert. Oh so romantic! Jackie O did have great style didn't she. I think you did a wonderful job channeling her amazing, classy and sophisticated style.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Dessert wine and salad sound like the perfect ending to any day! I love your look. though I've never been fond of that Jackie O aesthetic (a bit too silver spoon, hehe). Do you mind if I ask why you're in Michigan for the summer?

Ashley :


Love. the. shoes.

Katie :

Looks great :) I'm all about those shoes!

Mary ♥ Mur :

I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

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Kimberly Capeto :

Hey !
You look so pretty ! I love all things vintage and retro :)
I adore Jackie O's style, she's super chic.

Elyse (Give Me Bows) :

We just finished watching the Kennedys too, I loved it! Especially Katie's dresses, swoooon. Your outfit is lovely, this is one of my favourite colour combinations <3

Sidewalk Chic :

Ooh, I love the red/white/blue combo here. Just adorable.


i've yet to see the kennedy's, though i've noticed it's now on netflix instant streaming, so i may have to finally take the time to watch it. i do love a good politically based drama. your outfit is very chic! i think jackie would approve.

SomeoneLikeYou :

You look oh so lovely in this Jackie inspired ensemble... I've watched a bit here and there of the Kennedy series, but I really just want to watch the whole thing all at once! It's so very facinating to me... ❤

Meggstatus :

Dude, that dress looks perfect as a top and what a cute little picnic. Hope you kids had fun.


Jamie Rose :

I'm really loving the gingham dress worn as a top with that pretty skirt!

The Dainty Doll's House :

very pretty, love the pattern! x

Dresses for Dinner :

I have never heard of that series. As if I needed another show to watch. I love your outfit. So vintage. So chic.

islabell :

i love how you wore that dress as a blouse lady. You are doing all kinds of wonders with that outfit. I love the colors and details (as usual). Not long now till i see your pretty face in person!

This Charming Style :

oh gosh, all of your outfits are SO dreamy!xx

Marisa Noelle :

I have been wanting to check out that miniseries for quite some time now...thank goodness for hulu & netflix. Anyways, you definitely captured the classic style of Jackie in your lovely outfit quite beautifully. That purse is really something special:) Picnics & wine...quite a perfect afternoon in my book!

dusanabotswana :

Hmm this series sounds really interesting, I'll have to search for it. Love your Jackie O look, you do look sophisticated for so summery too. I always struggle with looking sophisticated but not too dressed up. Great use of black, white & red & love the headband touch : )

Kathleen :

Stunning photos! You look so classic, just like Jackie! :)

Lydia :

You guys are just the cutest thing. I love your bag!

mahaila :

The mini series that you watched sounds interesting. I love 'true story' type series...though I suppose you have to watch them with a critical eye:) Love the outfit. It has a perfect classic feel!