Out and About: Detroit's Eastern Market

Yesterday, I set off to Detroit to explore the famous Eastern Marketplace. Each week, as many as 40,000 people attend the Eastern Market for its diverse local food selection. At the heart of the district are open-air stalls filled with a large selection of fruits, vegetables, honeys, fresh cut flowers, homemade jams, and locally produced speciality foods.  We slowly meandered through the market for over four hours, relishing over the yummy barbeque ribs and corn on the cob cooked by Detroit locals. Although the sights and sounds were mesmerizing, what I enjoyed most about the Eastern Market was its vibrant sense of community. Vendors happily talked with the market shoppers, and market shoppers genuinely cared about supporting local business. We purchased an abundance of produce during the weekend trip, much of which will be eaten during our Fourth of July BBQ.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July! What are your plans?

Skirt: Thrifted, Salvation Army Ann Arbor
Bag: Vintage, Treasure Mart Ann Arbor
Hat: Thrifted, Thrift Town El Sobreante
Necklace: Vintage
Sunglasses: Thrift Town San Leandro
Belt: Purchased in Guatemala
Shirt: American Apparel
Wedges: Prada
eastern market 2
eastern market 3
eastern market 5
eastern market 6
eastern market 4
eastern amrket 8
eastern market 9
eastern market 10


Kelly :

Another lovely thrifted outfit. Love that bag! And whos the stud with the popped collar?

Kelly xo
Elegantly Academic

KaNini's :

One of the most beautiful looks I have seen latly! Love this!

Rachel :

I love the vibrant pop of turquoise, and the bag has such pretty details as well! Happy holiday!

Emma :

gorgeous skirt and that bag is so lovely

Vivi x :

love your blog x following!
follow back if you'd like :)


Kuleigh :

These shots are so beautiful! I love your skirt and bag. I'm a huge fan of markets. I wish we had a really big one. Closest is probably Atlanta.

Annebeth :

you two look so fiiiiierce! and I have been lusting over all kinds of straw bags with vibrant embroiderment lately. We SO have the same taste :D

Two Happy Hearts :

i am LOVING the color of your skirt :)

happy 4th!

Meghan :

uber cuteness! I love your simple skirt, and the photos!
It's supposed to be sweltering here today, I think I might have to "copy" your skirt and tank look ;)


Anieblu :

whta a wonderfoul outfit for a wonderfoul market!!!
As you are talking about it, i flit ying miself to Covent Garden o London where use to go so often during my two years of life there....what happy you made me, and whta a wonderfoul outfit for a market´s day!!!!
love the skirt and love the pendant si so gearogeous!!!
Hugs dear!

gee :

i love the last picture!
you two are so cute and stylish.
the market sounds fabulous and i was drooling just thinking about ribs. :)
now on to the outfit.. another amazing purse find!
goodness goodness, i LOVE how big it is. plus, i love the color of your skirt. i do not think i have that color in my wardrobe which is a shame.
you look beautiful Jenny!!! <3
the husband works the 4th till 7pm..blah! so we will prob. just watch a movie and listen to all the crazy people set off fireworks!
but, i hope you have a wonderful holiday. ;)

JennaStevie :

I love this blue skirt, it's such a wonderful colour. And that bag is really amazing!!
Farmers markets are so great, our's just opened up for the summer again and I can't wait to go!

Michal :

I just always love your photos so much! They always capture where you are as well as just the outfit (which is adorable by the way).

That market sounds like a lot of fun. I love farmers markets so much & they're always the first thing I seek out in new cities. I love hearing the locals talk about their produce and filling my belly with free samples (I think I have tried every cheese available at Borough Market hehe).

Sophie :

Wow I love your bag! I wish I could find one of them on my travels, it would be perfect for my holiday!

Lidiya :

These photos are so cool - I adore your outfit!! Your blue skirt is gorgeous, the color is mesmerizing =) xoxo

SomeoneLikeYou :

Whata' absolute cutie you are! The color of your maxi skirt is just beautiful, and looks so vibrant against your skin...

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Gorgeous skirt! I love the color of it! And your bag is also wonderful!

islabell :

BAM! you did it again. another killer outfit. I love all yourlooks since you have been away...that skirt look my breath away. the color.

Glad you and Matty like the new bag. The other one he is working on I think Matt will really like, kind of a smaller, less busy vesion of my europe trip bag.

So excited to have come visit and eventually see your face. I am still at the bar, 3 nights a week, but theres a little bit of uncertainly there (tell you later). We need a good catch up. Promise I'll call you soon, its just been go go go since I go home.

Teresa :

nice colors, love the bag!!!

i just gave you a blog award, come check it out! <3


devorelebeaumonstre. :

way gorgeous photos. xo


then she'll carelessly cut you :

I'm in love with your skirt, and that building is the perfect backdrop for it!
The market sounds amazing,

Rosie x

Helga! :

That BAG!!! Heavenly!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

youre such a cutie... that bag is awesome!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

dahhlayne :

Your mention of food is now making me hungry!!!
I am loving that bag. It is so festive-looking!


katie :

love love love that skirt!! and i'm loving that wall! beautiful texture!

Wyetha :

I love your outfit + it's really 70s vintage.


SoFashionistica :

Okay... before I comment,I must say this: I want that bag and that skirt! They are so pretty! The intricate details in the bag is what caught my eye and the color of that skirt is amazing!

vanda :

Love that BLUE skirt!!!!♥ so nice!

blakejacobsen :

I LOVE the sunglasses. And the skirt is lovely as well.


Courtney :

i love the turquoise skirt. pretty, pretty photos. the market sounds awesome. my husband's from michigan & we went there last summer.

the sparkling dust :

Ah amazing thrifted finds! I wish we had thrift store that selling other than clothes! You two look amazing darling. :)

Lydia :

I have a bag almost EXACTLY like that, but mine may have slightly different colors. Same embroidery pattern and everything! I love it. Got it thrifting in Queens, and I use it as my overnight bag.

Paislea Elyse :

that brick wall behind you is amazing!!!!

allister bee blog

Miss Donata :

i soooo love the color of your skirt with that bag!! =))


Marisa Noelle :

My goodness, I've been so busy this week I've missed all your wonderful posts. Now I'm gladly getting caught up and I must say all your outfits and photos are so eye-catching and inspiring. You do inspire me to thrift more as you always find the prettiest treasures. That bag is stunning darling! Have yourself a beautiful weekend! xx Marisa

Catherine :

Such great colours.
Can't stop scrolling through your blog, so I guess I should follow you.
So that's what I'm going to do. Awesome.