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Dress- Vintage, via Aubergine Vintage:: Belt- Vintage, via my Auntie:: Shoes- Vintage, via Thrift Town:: Headband- Vintage ribbon:: Basket- Vintage, via San Diego Salvation Army
One of my favorite weekend activities is visiting the local farmer's market to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for the upcoming week. Matty and I have been frequent attendees of the Divisidero market in San Francisco since moving to the neighborhood in 2008. We were quite happy to discover a vibrant marketplace in the Kerrytown District of Ann Arbor. Shopping at the local market is both a a fun and creative experience, allowing you to connect with community members as well as the farmers who grow the food you purchase. Most vendors sell fruits and vegetables that are organic and seasonally grown. Since some of my standard foods are not available year-around, I try to incorporate new items into my day-to-day meals. Although I never considered myself a fan of turnips, I recently discovered their versatility in cooking. Matty and I often make mashed turnips with leeks for lunch or create a turnip stir-fry. I am glad that the summer weather is warming up in Michigan because market season is one of my favorite times of the year.

Embodying the spirit of the market, I wore my vintage two-tone dress and matched it with my basket purse. This is one of my most beloved dresses due to its intricate lace detailing on the bodice (sorry for no close-ups). To me, there is nothing better than filling my purse with fresh veggies and preparing a summer meal to eat on the porch. And because I've been enjoying cooking so much, I've been thinking about posting some of my favorite seasonal recipes on the blog. What's your favorite summer dishes to cook?


feH :

So cuute! ^^

Kelly :

Awww, this is a cute outfit & can't believe that's a dress - gorgeous. It's too cold & wet to go to the markets in winter, which is the current season in Australia. But usually cook anything with prawns in it in summer ... & that's also when cherries are in season. Yum!

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

SomeoneLikeYou :

It may be odd to say, but along with your cute outfits you always have the cutest blog titles.

vanda :

So vintage and SO nice!!!

Lauren :

Aiya!! You look so adorable! This is the perfect farmers market outfit. :D Especially love the wicker bag!

<3 L

So Yeah So :

I really get into salads in the summer. I really love caprese. My favorite salad has mixed greens, cranberries, walnuts and gorgonzola topped with balsamic vinaigrette.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

I love this look, and Ann Arbor looks like an amazing place to spend the summer! I also really like shopping at the local market in Barcelona, although I always end up embarrassing myself somehow. All those fresh vegetables look great!

Shybiker :

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for the lovely, smart comment you just left. It's good to hear strong feminist voices.

This dress is really cute. I adore vintage clothing.

For summer, I like to make cold salads with fresh veggies and either pasta or grain. This year, I'm experimenting with quinoa (which looks like a grain but is actually a seed).


cute as a button, as per usual. i have a farmers market day planned for tomorrow and i'm already geeking out over locally grown produce. i hear the farmers markets in sf are some of the best in the country, so you know i'm thrilled over that!

SoFashionistica :

The color combination that you picked is so pretty! I love the skirt it looks really good on you AND definitely goes with the whole farmers market theme.I hope you got to buy a lot of yummy veggies!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i went to the farmers market today too :) love the color of that skirt!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Libby, Vintage Aplomb :

I love the feminine pastel colors in this outfit, and it's great that you support your local farmer's market! I love all of the local produce available in the summer time!

whitemaskgirl :

So lovely, and that with the farmers market sounds cozy. It is some people that do the same here, but I have not seen them lately.

dahhlayne :

Mmmm, I love farmer's market!! I used to go every Saturday with my mom downtown, and this one vendor always had the most AMAZING peaches. :)

Lovely dress by the way.

Jo :

Yay! I love to visit market places <3 And your wicker basket is so cute and perfect for carting around your purchases!

Lost in the Haze

Lilaanaa :

cute look, so nice outfit

Nathalia :

that basket is so cute! love the look

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elanor, :

you have the BEST purses! i love this outfit...and the location...! beautiful!


Jenni Wells :

The farmers market is always the best part of my weekend! You look lovely. Your straw bag is super cute!!

Lyndall :

Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favourites!

I love your outfit, especially the basket purse :)

herecomesthesun :

That yellow skirt is stunning!

Gabrielle :

I went there today as well. Love going to the local farmers markets!

Two Happy Hearts :

oh, what a picture perfect summery skirt! adorable.

Pink Penguin (Elyse) :

I love farmers markets they are so much fun! But most of all I love your adorable yellow skirt + those tan kitten heels, they are so sweet paired together! You look lovely x

Santina :

I love farmer's markets, too, and I'm thrilled that the Fillmore one is just a few blocks from my apartment. I've gone every Saturday since I moved here!

Hmmm, a favorite summer dish...I love a simple caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil!


Alison :

yummm, I love farmers markets! looks like fun :)

<3 Alison

29 Skirts :

Farmer's markets are so's great that you and Matty found one you like nearby. You guys both look awesome!

Marisa Noelle :

Mashed turnips w/ leeks? Sounds deliciously scrumptious. I think I may just give that dish a go. You are picture perfect in your summer yellow dress. I love that basket handbag and how your incorporated it into your trip. Gosh, I do love farmers place I need to frequent more often in my town.

TheMadTwins :

The dress is so lovely! You look so cute!

Carys :

I just love the flowers in that wicker bag, these photos are adorable!! Awesome shoes too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Rebeccak :

I have always loved the look of ladied storlling out of the markets with big wicker baskets that have greens rolling out of them. Gorgeous!

Rachel :

The vegetables look amazing, and the color is so vibrant! I really like your dress, too; it's really cute and I love all the details if you look close!

wardrobeexperience :

beautiful shots! lovely coloured outfit again and i'm still in love with your gorgeous vintage sandals.

Monique :

love your outfit...matty looks great too. (i'm assuming that's him) going to the farmer's market is so fun and i love that you go in style. you have the best purses.

Christy :

Your outfit is just right for a farmer's market! Pale yellow and white are so feminine and cheery paired together, and of course I'm loving that wicker purse!

The heat always makes me a bit lazy when it comes to cooking in the summer. Some of my favorite things to make are gazpacho and guacamole. Both yummy and chilly and almost ridiculously simple!

Jamie Rose :

I love going to the farmers' market. Things just taste more like food when you buy them direct from the source! I love your two-toned dress! Such pretty, light colors.

Ruby Girl :

beautiful outfit! love the pop of yellow!! <3