Pigeon River Country

Pigeon River
A little unknown fact about me is that I love hunting for secluded swimming holes during the summer. Pancho Dahl's Day Trips with a Splash is my go-to book for secret swimming holes throughout California. Matty and I have gone on many hiking adventures in the Sierras, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Grass Valley, and Sequoia in search of pristine pools perfect for a summer dip. Most trips have proven fruitful, and I have only experienced one near-death accident last summer (I literally slipped from a vertical forty foot granite slab that fell into a rushing river full of rocks. I was luckily saved by my best friend who grabbed my hand amidst screams and laughs). Wanting to take advantage of Michigan's beautiful lakes and rivers, we went in search of a swimming hole in Pigeon River Country State Park. Our journey paid off, and we discovered a medium sized pool two miles from our campground. We spend the day picnicing and swimming.

The night before our hike, I picked some wildflowers for upcoming craft projects. I wore a gingham 1990s shirtdress and a straw hat for the early evening activity around our campground. And although this market bag was meant for the shop, I have fallen in love and will not part with it. 

Dress: 1990s, Thrifted Salvation Army Lansing, Michigan
Hat: Thrifted
Market Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Gift 
Sunnies: Thrifted, Thrift Town San Leandro, California
Listening to: Lions and Locusts/ Matthew Snyder
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Kelly :

A book that tells you where swimming areas are?! What a great idea. I wonder if there is one for Australia ... Hmmm. Love this out BTW. Perfect for summer.

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Rebeccak :

Love your sunnies!

I remember doing this type of thing as a kid on the NSW south coast. We found the most incredible beach - it literally looked like a postcard with its perfectly clear water. Come summer I will have to venture out again!

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

So gorgeous!

Casie Jean :

This looks wonderful! It makes me want to get out of the city now xxx

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love your sunnies, and that dress is perfect!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

SomeoneLikeYou :

This swimming hole is simply dreamy... I've always searched for a swimming hole similar to this, but maybe they just don't have beautiful scenery like this in Ohio... Curse the state I live in!

Anyways, you look darling in this ensemble!

JennaStevie :

This looks so wonderful!! I want to go swimming in lakes, that sounds like so much fun
And your gingham shirtdress is so cute, and so is that bag, I can see why you're keeping it!

simplychicforcheap :

love that tote! perfect summer bag :)

xo jeanette


simplychicforcheap :

love that tote! perfect summer bag :)

xo jeanette


Erika :

Such lovely photos! I love every piece that you're wearing, you look fantastic!

vanda :

Lovely photos and lovely dress!!!! Have a nice and relaxed week!!!!


What a beautiful spot, looks absolutely amazing. And your dress is so adorable, love it paired with that hat, it's such a perfect summer outfit. Have a super Sunday. xx veronika

Cassidy :

I love this! You look absoultely wonderful. And that place looks so beautiful. I would love to just sit there and write poetry.

Also, I just released the summer 2011 edition of my new magazine Femme and I'd appreciate if you checked it out :) You can view it for free here: http://issuu.com/bisousmonamour/docs/femmesummer11

Kitsune-kun :

these photos are so so pretty! you're making me even more stir crazy to get the **** out of the city!

gee :

oh goodness, this location is so beautiful and peaceful.
you got some amazing photos.
i sadly do not own enough gingham in my wardrobe.
i think i might need to change this ASAP!!
you look beautiful Jenny..
have a wonderful upcoming week.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

That near miss sounds frankly terrifying, but I'm glad it didn't put you off swimming holes. I find nothing makes me feel as clean and energized as fresh water swimming!

ella belle :

you look gorgeous! the pictures are beautiful xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

The Daily Fashionista :

That sounds like a perfect kind of summer day. I never knew there were such books either.

April :

Great photos. I love swimming holes! They're a bit easier to find in Alabama, I think - though I haven't gotten to take much advantage of them lately.

Elyse (Give Me Bows) :

I love the idea of exploring for swimming holes, it's so romantic <3 You look absolutely adorable, I love the check dress x

percentblog :

Finding swimming holes is the best way to spend the summer. I have a few favorites here in Virginia and will have to have new adventures to find ones in California. I'll look into the book you recommend!

Laura :

Searching for new places to swim sounds like fun! I live in Sydney so I just go to different beaches when I get bored.


Bridget Fossedal :

Adorable when you're laughing! Such a beautiful girl, and an enviable wordsmith to boot!

Meghan :

you look fabulously cute girl!

Jo :

What a beautiful location! And I am obsessing over your gorgeous dress! <3

Lost in the Haze

Porcelain complexion :

What a beautiful location!
Love the wild flowers.
Gorgeous summer look, that dress is adorable.
Thank goodness you excaped your near death experience - that sounds terrifying!!
Just became a follower xo

Shybiker :

How pretty. Places like this are magical.

Dresses for Dinner :

This is beautiful. I wanna go here!

Noelle :

Ah looks like so much fun! I wish I could be there. This post made me laugh out loud while reading it just thinking about rescuing you from your near death experience... that was definitely one crazy hike to do in tevas that were falling apart and too big. I miss you guys! Come home already!


please, please take me to some of you hidden gems for swimming. while i'm super excited to live in a proper city, i know i'll miss my country escapes!

Caitlin :

love love love those sunnies!

Jamie Rose :

That shirt dress is adorable and I love your shoes too!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility :

Gorgeous post. I love how perfectly summer it is. And I must add how much I love your outfit - from your hat to your shoes! :)