Red, White and Blue




Arianne :

I love this collage. Red, white, and blue are my colours for 2011 and thanks for sharing the vintage images!

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Rebeccak :

Ooh what a great collection! Happy 4th of July! I totally forgot what day it was (being in AUstralia and all) until a saw a bunch of drunk american students dressed to the nines staggering round campus.

Amber Blue Bird :

love these outfit shots. I needed some inspiration for my outfit today.

vanda :

What a NICE POST!!!! The red+Whote+blue of America, in these amazing outfits! Happy 4th JULY girls!!!!!

HazelandMare :

Love these pretty outfits! Red, white, and blue do look swell together- very crisp and sweet! Happy 4th of July!

gee :

happy fourth lovely ladies!!! <3

amanda :

such a cute post!!!! happy independence day :)

JennaStevie :

I love these photos, such a great collection of images, happy 4th of july

Laura @ The World Looks Red :

Happy 4th of July! I didn't even think about my outfit, haha. ;)

Sorry to hear about your couch! We've been looking at Ikea as well but the couches there were surprisingly quite pricey compared to other stores. Mine is from a store in Holland so that's not a big help but it looks like this! I was also thinking about getting a vintage couch but we decided we wanted to keep this part of the apartment more modern seeing as I already dolled up the other room all granny-style. That's what you get with two people in a relationship. I'm glad me and Daniel do have the same taste and I absolutely love this couch too. Good luck finding one! xx

blakejacobsen :

Happy Fourth of July! This is a great post. Blair is such a babe...


SoFashionistica :

Happy 4th of July!I like this collage, all the different styles the girls are wearing look very pretty!

Pierrot le Fou :

LOVE this, such awesome pictures!

& lucky living in San Fran, such a beautiful city :)

Kirstin Marie :

This is such a fun post! I love all the photos. :)

Ashley Ording :

Oh heeyyyyy! Happy 4th, cuteheads! xo

Pink Penguin (Elyse) :

SUCH a cute collection of pictures, I love the themed outfits. I am not American but seeing all the 4th of July spirit on all of the US blogs has been lots of fun! x

Angela Jessyana :

awesome photos! love it. :)