Simple Days

Close to our house, there is a field filled with wildflowers and boysenberries. I've never been much of a baker, but I decided to give pie-making a try.  Some of my fondest memories involve homemade treats from my mama, and I especially miss these goodies since my move. Matty and I arrived at the field in the early evening to gather 2 bountiful pounds of berries for jam and pie filling. Our plans were spoiled, however, with the unexpected rain shower that commenced shortly after snapping some pictures. After safely stowing the camera, we ran around in the rain for some much needed relief from the 80 degree weather. There is nothing better than a summer rain shower, even if our cooking plans were temporarily delayed.
1990's floral mini-dresses are some of my favorite thrift store purchases. Finding the right pattern, however, can be challenging. This daisy dress was quite a lucky find, buried deep in piles of 1980s oversized rompers and cargo pants. And to top it all off, I recently found this handmade daisy purse during a Northern California thrifting trip. It was love at first sight!

Dress: Thrifted, Salvation Army Santa Rosa
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage, Thrifted, Value Village Ypsilanti
Purse: Vintage
Hat: Vintage
Listening to: Emily/ Joanna Newsom


Raquel :

I agree that it is hard to find a great floral print, but you sure did it! I love your dress. And your purse is darling too.

Nicole, Coco Maria :

It's so cool that there's a field of boysenberries right by your house!
That dress is a wonderful find. I love the cute little floral pattern! You look lovely as always :)

Em :

Love the yellow accent of the belt. We have a little more time here, but not much more, for gooseberry picking and there's nothing like their sour in a good way taste in a homemade pie. Something you can try making with the berries you have available is a vintage Roly Poly (funny name, but unbelievably good. We just made one with local wild rasberries and it was so delish.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

in love with the last picture. you always visit the most fabulous of places :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Em :

Oh, I should of mentioned I like Fannie Farmer's recipes for desserts. They aren't hard to follow if you are just starting out baking and they always turn out delicious.

blakejacobsen :

Gorgeous photos! And I just love your dress.

P.S. Totally dieing for some pie right now!


Karen :

Amazing photos!!! I love that dress paired with the yellow belt!!


Rachel :

I love that last picture! Your dress is so cute! I hope you make a delicious pie from all those berries :) xx

Jackie :

Absolutely stunning. If I were in your closet I would try on every hat you have. Just love them.

JennaStevie :

Perfect floral dress for a picnic, love the belt with it. Too bad the rain decided to spoil your fun!!

Sarah Swell Jewelry :

So dreamy! The pop of the yellow belt is perfection.

gee :

i love 1990's dresses.
oh how i wished i had saved all of mine from elementary school..and let me tell you, i was chubby so i could probably still fit into them still if i had them! ;P
you look beautiful Jenny..
i have not had boysenberries in a long time.
take a picture of your pie if you make one..yum!

Rebecca :

Lovely summery photos. I would like to be frolicking in a meadow just now! I know what you mean about the right floral prints. I think you've got a good one though, great yellow belt too.

Amber Blue Bird :

you certainly found yourself a pretty floral dress and I am loving your straw hat. Hope you get to make that dessert soon

Sandy :

I really like these photos AND I like that you list what you're listening to in your outfit listing. I might copy you on that!

Annebeth :

hot summer days, summer rain, beautiful flower field and berry picking in a beautiful outfit: behold my perfect day. You always offer me escapism! <3

Lauren :

Ooh, I love your hat. That floral dress is a keeper :)

Jamie Rose :

I love that last picture - very cool! I don't think I've ever tried boysenberries, but I'd like to! I wish we had berries to pick around my house!

Rebeccak :

Love that last shot!

Hannah :

I love the detail on your bag, how lovely! I could just eat a berry pie right now. With ice cream!

Emma :

What a simply lovely outfit! You're always so lovely.


Monique :

you are quite the accessorizer you always find the best bags. ah running in the rain in a wild field sounds magical. interested in hearing how your pie making skills come along this summer. I love that last pic!

Ashley :

Man, that field is to die for. And so is that dress, and you in it! 90's floral dresses are some of my favorites, too. It's a shame they seem to be so difficult to find amongst the junk.

Oh, and I want dessert now after reading this post. YUM.

Lyndall :

What a perfect place for taking photos! I hope the weather will be nicer and you can pick some berries for a pie next time. Mm, pie...

shelby :

I love 90s florals, too! xx

Rachel :

Florals are so hard for me to resist; such a darling dress!

29 Skirts :

Your outfit and the setting are so perfect together! That is a cute daisy print and I love that you added the bright yellow belt. This post took me back to the summer vacations I would spend up in Washington state with my mom's sisters and their families. One of my aunts had a garden with, like, a dozen varieties of berries. YUM! I hope you guys get to gather some berries soon!

Libby, Vintage Aplomb :

What a beautiful setting for a photo shoot...I love that last photo! Your dress is lovely, and I love the yellow belt for a pop of color!

LyddieGal :

I hope your berry treats all come out well!
Love how cute your little floral dress is, you've found the perfect setting for it.

Chic on the Cheap

Lorreta F. Michelle :

nice photoshoot. the sky looks so lovely

and I like your outfit too :)

keep posting


Jul :

I love the print, this dress is a wonderful find!
A summer rain shower reminds me of almost 5 years ago: Moreno and I were walking near a gorgeous lake in our region and suddenly rain began to fall down! I can remember how happy we were :)

Louder than Silence :

Love the print of your dress. Picking berries to bake a pie sounds pretty idyllic to me :) Sally x

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

OMG your bag collection is amazing!!!

Melina :

really cool pictures, love your outfit

Christy :

I quite like baking, but I've never tried making a pie before! I hope yours turns out wonderfully.

And that field is such a perfect, dreamy background for your outfit. I'm so dreadful at weeding through 90's dresses! I have a hard time seeing past the shapelessness of some of them, and I think I end up missing out sometimes. The daisy print on yours is just right, and as always, I want your purse! :)


so cute! i seem to have a hard time finding floral prints that aren't outrageously loud. at first, i read blackberries instead of boysenberries and became worried for you, as poison oak surrounds blackberries!

Margaret :

Your white bag is just so adorable! I can't explain how cute it is. And daisies are my favorite flower. Probably because my name means "Daisy."

Catherine :

Pretty photo's, nice dress!

Ashlee :

i totally passed your building!...your blinds were closed so i couldn't see much...but your lovely plants and such were still in place!

i would love to go berry picking!

Casie Jean :

this dress is just lovely xxx

Helen :

Gorgeous photos - I love the yellow belt it totally brightens up the outfit.