Travel Technicolor: Set II

If you recently joined us on the blog, the "Technicolor" series features photographs of my grandparents from the 1930s through the 1980s. I have been posting some of my favorite pictures from time-to-time, loosely based around themes such as travel or day-to-day life. This set of photographs details my grandparents 1975 travels to Egypt. It is by far my most beloved pictures from their scrapbooks. Perhaps it is my childhood obsession with Egypt or the rich colors of each image, but these pictures transport me to another time and place. And I can also surmise that my grandmother was a much better photographer than my grandfather (hence the missing face of my grandmother in picture #4).


Beth Ramsay :

Aw, this idea is amazing! Such wonderful pics, I love digging through my grandparent's old photos.

Kelly :

This is such a great idea ... have to dig through my grandparents album. And the archaeologist in me is loving this theme!

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Jazzy E (hivenn) :

Love this feature. x hivenn

Rebeccak :

Such incredible photos! How did they come to be in Egypt at that time?

Nikki :

I missed out on the series, but I'm sooooooo going to check the photos in a minute! I love these, they are fabulous! ^^ x

Pearl Westwood :

These are wonderful thanks for sharing!

whitemaskgirl :

Old photos is mostly stunning and especially the one's featuring older relatives. It is like a diary in picture form of their lives as young. Thanks for sharing

gee :

i love these so much.
always enjoy this post.
i really love the fourth picture and of course the last one. i need to travel more..argh!

Stef / Diversions :

Wonderful :)

29 Skirts :

These are SO cool. It's awesome that they were able to travel to Egypt!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

I always love when you post pictures of your grandparents. And these remind me of my own, who also travelled to Egypt (although in the 90s, unfortunately from a photo point of view) ; D

Teresa :

wow! amazing<3 thanks for sharing dear, this is so cool!


She is Sara :

Omg these photos are simply incredible! I am so envious of these, I want to be in them too :)

sarah :

I love this! Old travel photos are so much fun. I've been wanting to go through my family albums recently and this just inspires me even more.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Yay I was hoping you'd post more of these photos, I always enjoy seeing what your grandparents were up to-- they were so adventurous! Do you happen to have any souvenirs of theirs from travels around the world? I've always wanted to visit & shop in Egypt!

Lyndall :

What a great idea! I love old photos, so much nostalgia~

moonstruck-expose :

Wow, so amazing. You are so lucky that you have all of these old photographs. So incredible. Love this post!

moonstruck exposé

x. juliana

Kavery :

This is a remarkable series. Great way to keep these photos fresh and let another generation view them.

HazelandMare :

Wow, these are so awesome! What a great adventure :) I had a childhood obsession with Egypt too, and I'd still really like to visit. I think it's so cool that you have these photos!


these are so neat! when i was a little girl, my parents had a coffee table book with pictures of egypt and i loved flipping through it and being fascinated by the pyramids.

Michal :

wow these are fantastic.