Closet Envy


With all the sales The Hummingbird Girls have been having, I've been doing a lot of closet cleaning out lately. It's hard to motivate myself when I really actually want to keep everything for myself. If anyone else has this same issue, then I hope that these photos will give you a little closet inspiration. Which one would you love to open every day?



Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Woa! I think the first one is my favorite! Or the last? Oh I don't know. They are all amazing!

Elyse (Give Me Bows) :

When I eventually buy a house one day (if I do) the wardrobe/closet space will be one of the top selling points! :) All of these wardrobes are just dreamy, wouldn't it be the best start to the day to have such a beautiful space in which to get dressed and ready? Le sigh! xxx

The Dainty Doll's House :

I love these, i need a closet like the first one and the last two..gorgeous. Hope you have a great Monday!! xx

Kelly :

I would love a closet that would inspire me to get dressed more creatively. And one with more dress/shoe space would Aldo be nice :)

Kelly @ 
Elegantly Academic

Jennifer King :

I love the vintage looking armoire with the scalloping. I'd have to open that closet. I think my dream closet, however, would have you be Jenna Lyons'. It's so amazing.

Kitsune-kun :

ah! this is NOT helping my undying obessesion with needing (wanting) an antique wardrobe in our new apartment.

JennaStevie :

I love the first one, it's amazing, so much space!! I would love to have a closet like that (along with all the clothes), my space is fairly small

Kate :

Ohhh I love them all!! I love the idea of hanging them on the wall and not only in your closet!

gee :

that second picture/closet is my favorite. i would love something like that with art around..swoooooon! <33

ArtAfterDark :

As a vintage clothing addict, I like and need them all! Love your blog and the photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing your special world with us.

elanor, :

i'd love to display/store my clothing outside of a closet so i could see it all... but no room for that now. :'( great inspiration!

Amber Blue Bird :

I would love to have that first closest, its so organized and pretty which is the complete opposite of my current closet.

vintageveggie :

hahhh i love them all. i think my favorite is the one with the shoes all lined up against the wall.

i also have the problem of wanted to sell my clothes so i can have money and space to get more but i really can't get rid of everything. my mom had an entire wardrobe of hand made clothes from the 70's and she didn't save any of them and it kills me so now i can't get rid of a thing.

Kerri @ OldLadyChic :

Ugh. Im depressed. My closet sucks compared to those haha. I've been slowly filling up garbage bags... maybe this is what I need to give me a kick in the behind to get working! Thanks :)

Chaucee :

Ooo that is such a tough choice but I really think the top one does it for me!

Ruby_Dearxx :

oh definite closet envy!! I need one like this.
Gorgeous blog x. im definatly following!

janel :

I would love any of these closets, so fun! Thanks for the ideas!

Monique :

Wow these closets are beautiful. It is hard to get rid of stuff. I find myself trading a lot more. I bring a bag to beacons and leave with new stuff. It helps to maintain the amount of clothing I have without going overboard.

hanna cecilia cousins :

i love the first closet photo! all the patterns and colors are awesome! nice blog!

Melis :

love your blog! and these closets are all to die for! a huge organized walk-in is on my list when looking for somewhere to live :) im following your blog for sure

Lyndall :

These are all amazing! My closet is tiny... I have a dream of one day owning a house with built-in wardrobes. I love the first one, I want something like that!

whitemaskgirl :

So many nice closets, but the second one is my favorite. I mean, how can you not want to have your own fireplace in your closet?

Stef / Diversions :

I love an old-fashioned wardrobe like the wooden one with the mirror on the inside of the door but these closets that seem to take up a whole room always leave me drooling and I'd maim (not kill but maim for sure) to have a chest of drawers again :)