Golden Oldies: Summer of Love

Dad with surf board

This weekend I was able to spend some time visiting my parents in Santa Barbara, where I was born and raised. While there I had a great time going through some old family photos and since I love Jenny's "Technicolor" series I decided to start one with some of my own family photos. Welcome to The Golden Oldies series. I hope that you'll enjoy this first set which I like to call Summer of Love. 

My parents met in 1968 in Whittier, California, a beautiful little beach town. They spent much of their relationship in the great outdoors, camping and backpacking around California. I think my dad looks a little bit like Ethan Hawk in his younger days, especially in his fishing photo. I also love to see him clean shaven since he's always had a mustache and beard my whole life! Seeing the pictures of my mom in her early 20s makes me realize how much she and my little sister really look alike. The last photo of my mom singing on the beach really shows her spirit and vibrant personality. You can always find her upbeat and smiling, ready to take on the world.  

Mom on the beach


ChiccaStyle :

Oh,love these old pictures!!!Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!

vanda :

Love vintage photos...specially when it shows your own family!!!
Have a GREAT week!

Oh, My Darling :

Aw, what a great story of your parents, and fantastically nostalgic photos!

Tea For Two :

A touching trip down a winding road of memories :) Seriously enjoyable post.

islabell :

Annalise, I love these photos. It must ave been so much fun going through pics back home. That last one is wonderful. <3

Dresses for Dinner :

These pictures are great.

This Charming Style :

Wow these are fantastic, thanks for showing us! xx

Heather, 29 Skirts :

These photos are so cool! I look forward to seeing more in this series =)

Heather, 29 Skirts :

These photos are so cool! I look forward to seeing more in this series =)

Rebecca :

What an awesome collection of family photos. That last photo is amazing,

Natalie Lord :

Old photos are so lovely!! Always so enchanting and full of such great style inspiration! Thanks for sharing these!! OXO Natalie

Maria Ramona :

your dad is quite a handsome guy! and what a great love story.

whitemaskgirl :

So adorable photos and a truely good history. Love the last photo of your mum singing. :)

paper moon :

These are so beautiful! I have some lovely ones of my parents; you've inspired me to dig them out! <3

Jenni Wells :

These are darling. I really like the first and last ones. Your parents are so cute!

Emma Robertson :

Oh, what amazing photos! I adore old family photos. They're so much fun to go through.


Woolbridge :

These are such great photos! The one of your mom singing is fabulous! What a treasure.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :o) Hannah

Shybiker :

Oh, what great photos! I love this era.

Jamie Rose :

I love looking at other people's old family photos. These are so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Courtney :

these photos are great!! i just did a really similar post:

when i went home to orange county, i grabbed a photo album from my mom and have been slowly scanning the photos. my dad grew up surfing too.
i think your dad did look a little like ethan hawk. very cute post.

Vale ♥ :

Those pics are so beautiful ! Great post and great blog with a unique vibe. Kisses !

Monique :

These vintage family photos are amazing! They've held up so well. Looking through family photos is so much fun...certainly something i can easily do for hours.

t :

Nice pics!


i love going through old family photos. i feel like they tend to tell a story more so than the photos i take of my day to day adventures. maybe it's because they were taken on film and i'm able to hold them in my hands. these are so full of life. thanks for sharing!