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Shirt- Vintage:: Bowtie- 1950s Vintage, Thrifted:: Suspenders- Thrifted:: Bicycle Pin- From the beautiful Jenny:: Slim Slacks- American Apparel:: Field and Stream Style Shoes- Thrifted:: Hat- Goorin 

Hello Hummingbird Girls readers! I'm Matthew, Jenny's partner in crime. Although I am usually behind the camera shooting pictures for the blog, I decided to share some of my fashion loves with you while Jenny is on vacation. And when she gets home, I have a surprise for her: two baby rabbits named Alfalfa and Lulu.

Fashion, art, and music were some of the first loves in my life. They are all still valuable creative outlets to me, but I am a firm believer in the idea that we all have many sides. One of my other sides is biology and a love of all natural environments on earth. I have one more semester before graduating with a bachelor’s of the sciences in ecology, the study of the interactions between species that determine the make-up of the natural world. And I have my sights set on a master’s degree program in aquatic ecology. I like to think that my pursuit of professionalism and love of times past influences my fashion today. Suspenders and canvass book bags remind me of academics in the 1950s around the time when biologists were dreaming up the new and exciting field of ecology. Sturdy Field and Stream shoes remind me of great naturalists and thinkers of this time such as Aldo Leopold who wrote A Sand County Almanac. The changing ideas about the environment from this time inspired famed environmental thinkers & activists of the 1970s such as Rachel Carson and Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich.

I feel lucky to have a wonderful girlfriend who not only can help me out with fashion advice but who also never seems to mind being dragged around a natural history museum for a couple hours. And that’s exactly what happened on this sunny day in Ann Arbor. University of Michigan maintains several amazing museums including a natural history museum and even a dentistry museum. How cool and kitchy is that? The natural history museum was not only inspired the nerd in me, but it also inspired Jenny to take some photos.


The Dainty Doll's House :

I remember going to that museum as a child, still looks amazing :) Loved the guest post!! x

Chaucee :

Nice pictures! I love going to museums like this one.

Monique :

I love that you are able to intersect fashion and your science background. This is a great outfit and good luck with your studies. Sounds like your on a great path.

Kitsune-kun :

love this post!

Rae Veda :

Matthew is a great dresser! Hope you two had a lovely day.

xo, rv

Steffys Pros and Cons :

your man dresses AMAZING!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Frannie Pantz :

What a great outfit! And a great tribute to your girlfriend! Looking good buddy!

HazelandMare :

I really admire your love for the natural world. As a child I once got kicked out of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum for screaming in terror at the sight of their giant blue whale exhibit. I guess I was scared of whales. But this post might just give me the courage to go back and overcome my fear of the whale exhibit!

Heather, 29 Skirts :

Cool post! You always look great when you show up on the blog, and I liked reading about the influences for your personal style.

Marisa Noelle :

Music, art, fashion, love for our planet - oh yes:) How very sweet and quite cool that you did a blog post for your lovely lady. Loving both the photos and the outfit.

Kelly-Ann :

Matthew, you are an absolute legend in your own lifetime, young man :D Great to meet the guy behind the camera and discover that he's such a well dressed little sweetheart.

Kitiya Palaskas :

Amazing outfit. And that museum looks great too.

thinkmilkandhoney :

I am in love with this post. I have a degree in sciences of the environment and have a passion for naturalists too (afterwards I ended up with a fashion and tailoring degree as well). So I really relate to Matthew here and got as much excited about the sartorial side of the post as about the mentions of Ehrlich and Carson.

islabell :

MATTHEW! You are a very stylin handsom man but we have to do something about that backpack.

Lydia :

I love this!!!!! What a great idea. That pic of you sitting with the hat in your lap, the one with your head cropped out, is amazing. New bunnies! I'm taking my bf to the Natural History Museum in DC for his bday next month.

hungryfatghost :

hey guys:) sara your old upstairs neighbor from lyon st. randomly came across your blog while working today! lovely photos, hope you both are well. looks like you are maybe inspired for more bunnies! sadly Bunny is RIP. but Mr. lives on:) keep up the good work!