Santa Barbara

annalise in wine country

My weekend in Santa Barbara was filled with yummy food, my beautiful family, sunshine, thrift shopping and more. The day before I left we drove to a rustic looking winery called Sunstone in Santa Ynez. All the wine is made from organic grapes that cover the 55 acre estate. We spent a wonderful afternoon talking and tasting different wines and were some of the very last people to leave. 

I love spending time in Southern California because of the beautiful, warm weather. My parents house has a big back yard with a vegetable garden, apple tree, a pool they turned into a fishing pond, a fire place and a hot tub. We spent many hours relaxing in the sun, or talking around the fire at night. There were so many lovely plants and flowers to look at since my parents are such good gardeners. The dahlias, roses and blackberries are all from their backyard! The doggy is darling Guinness, my parents dog, who was ZZ's best friend during our visit.

Vintage Dress: Flea Market 
Boots: Miz Mooz
Bag: Thrifted
Bracelets: Thrifted 
Listening to: Satellite of Love/ Lou Reed


Mallory :

1. I've never been to a winery. But I love wine. I need to go to one very soon.

2. Guinness is a great name for a dog.

Dial V for Vintage :

Great pictures! I love your dress, so pretty! :)

KaNini's :

I love that dress! Dots are my fave and everything with dots is very welcome to my closet! ;) Great look!

Shybiker :

What beautiful pictures. How nice to look at.

I've been to San Diego but not SB. One of my closest friends moved there, so I should visit. Everyones says you're right about the great weather.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

perfect dress to go to a winery in!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

JennaStevie :

Wine tasting is so much fun, I love it. Your dress is wonderful, the flower buttons are so great!!

Zoe :

Wow, I love your blog! You both have a great sense of style, and your photography is fabulous!

Michal :

I love that dress- rust & polka dots = two of my favorites. Your parents place sounds lovely. I've only been to Santa Barbara once but it was very beautiful.

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Such a lovely dress! I used to live in SB and am dying to go back to visit (or to live?).

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Eee, lovely dog, lovely garden... and of course lovely dress. And I love that the dog's name is Guinness!

Amber Blue Bird :

your parents home sounds lovely. must have been a fun and relaxing time.

elanor, :

santa barbara is really beautiful! and your parent's house sounds lovely.

i adore your boots! have a great wednesday! :)


gee :

i am coming to your parent's house!
it sounds like heaven.. :P
loooove your are absolulty beautiful!
have a wonderful rest of the week Annalise. <3

wardrobeexperience :

i want this dotted dress. love it so much.

whitemaskgirl :

Oh cute dog! And that bag is nice.

How was the winery? I am curious as I have never been to one. :)

Sophie :

The winery sounds like such a great day out!
I love your bag, have a soft spot for tartan!

Dresses for Dinner :

These are beautiful boots!

Lydia :

The colors on that bag are awesome. I love unique plaids.

Wild Flower :

The midi dress with ankle boots has such a wonderful vintage and romantic feel, I love it!


Kellie W. :

I'll have to mention that winery to my sister the next time she's in town. She loves wine tastings and vineyards, and Santa Barbara isn't very far away!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I like the way you paired the polka dot dress with the bright plaid bag and tough granny boots! I've only been to Santa Barbara once but would like to go back some day to visit the wineries and go antique shopping. It's such a scenic quiet town, you're lucky you get to visit your family there.

Tribal Fox Vintage :

adore the first picture! santa barbara is so amazing and antique! love it!

Lynn {hearted girl} :

oh that sounds like such a perfectly laid out kinda day! wine enjoyed in a vineyard, such a dream. tremendous shots and lovely backdrop to showcase your darling dress. what a beaut! your parents have their very own fishing pond?! omg, now i bet Guinness has had a pounce or two in there ; )

thanks for coming by to visit! happy week wishes. ♥

dusanabotswana :

Food, family, thrifting & good weather sounds like the absolute perfect weekend combo! I'd say "sunshine" but we have too much of it over here in Phoenix to enjoy being outside right now.

Pretty dress & loved seeing all these pretty flowers (and berries & cute pup!).

Rachel :

Lovely pics, the dress is gorgeous. I love the expression on Guinness' face :) xx

The Daily Fashionista :

That is a beautiful outfit. And the winery sounds fab! I love going to wineries. Virginia likes to brag that we have some incredible wineries, but I'm sure they can't hold a candle to ones in CA.

Jamie Rose :

Pretty pictures! I love those boots with that cute dress.