Sunday Sounds: Vivian Girls


We are excited to announce a new feature on our blog. Music inspires much of our fashion, and we wanted to share some of our current favorites with you via our Sunday Sounds series.

Up first is the New York trio Vivian Girls. I first heard Vivian Girls in 2008 and quickly fell in love with their gritty dream pop/lo-fi sound. Named after the controversial artwork of Henry Darger, critics compared their music to the likes of riot grrrl bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. For the Vivian Girls, do wop and 60s rock inspires their songs. Some classic standouts for them include: The Chantels, Patience and Prudence, the Shirelles, and the Four Seasons. Aside from their 60s influence, the Vivian Girls also have a love for disco and 80s dance music, making them a particularly versatile band.

vivian girls


Mary Lou :

music also inspires me in many ways so thank u so much for this great post, i didn´t know the vivian girls before but now listen to them i think i´m a fan!
love and kiss,mary

Kelly // Elegantly Academic :

Got to love a good rock chick band ... !

Danielle V. :

Cool! I love learning about new bands to listen to :) They're also very pretty!


Teresa :

they're uniquely talented! thanks for sharing this!!! i'm also very inspired by music and that's why i like to often post music videos :)


Shybiker :

I love when blogs broaden their content and music is a great addition!

This Charming Style :

I love Vivian Girls - these girls are definitely inspiring! xx

Em :

Most excellent--love them! The work of the artist they got their name from is seriously interesting too.

Melis :

ahhh they're adorable. i like doing music posts too. love hearing about new music for sure :)

Two Happy Hearts :

ummm...yeah. they're pretty cool. thanks for sharing!

Casie Jean :

I just listened to them for the first time yesterday, and am in love xxx

Monique :

great new feature. thanks for sharing this lady band with us. looking forward to future posts.

KizzyDoll : the feature!! xx

Lydia :

Thanks for sharing!!!

Angel :

i love that girl's milkshake tattoo! too cute. :)