Through the Looking Glass

camera 2
As much as I love sharing vintage and fashion through blogging, photography is quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes. To me, creatively photographing vintage is just as fun as the the styling of the outfit. I shoot most pictures with a Canon t2i, but I occasionally use a Minolta SR1 film camera. There is often a lot of trial and error in film cameras, but sometimes those mistakes produce some of the most beautiful pictures.

The camera I am holding in my hand was a serendipitous discovery in my summer sublet. The Kodak Reflex II was the company's top-of-the-line twin lens camera produced between 1948-1954. Unfortunately, the film for the camera is no longer made, but I had fun experimenting with its adjustments and viewing lens.

I'll be posting some of my pictures from a Detroit trip tomorrow!

Dress: Thrifted, Thrift Town El Sobreante
Scarf: Thrifted, Salvation Army Ann Arbor
Shoes: Vintage
Bag: Vintage
Sunnies: Vintage, Treasure Mart Ann Arbor
Listening to: Dead Man's Party/ Oingo Boingo
through the looking glass
through the looking glass 2
through the looking glass 4


Kirstin Marie :

Your film camera is pretty awesome. I love that it still works, and that you were able to play around with it. You look really sweet in this dress. xo

Nikki :

that film camera is amazing! Totally cool that you found it! I really love your clutch too, it's so pretty :) x

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

My dad has a camera like that. I am dying to use it! And you look lovely :)

Caitlin :

love the clutch and the camera. great photos lady!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Do you take your own blog pictures? I assumed Matty (is that the right one?hehe) was taking them. Either way, I find your pictures super beautiful and always evocative of the outfit you're showcasing.

chantilly :

i'm really into four-cornered scarves lately, and that one is perfection. nice find :)

Shybiker :

I'm equally in love with photography. And despite the ease and low cost of digital, my heart still belongs to film. I've resolved that dilemma by continuing to do both, thereby not having to make a choice.

JennaStevie :

That film camera is soo amazing!! I am terrible with film cameras, they make gorgoeus images though.
I love this white dress with that scarf! Lovely

Stef / Diversions :

Love your cheerful scarf with the neutral dress and your tooled bag is just amazing :)

If you want to give that camera a spin some specialist shops perform the tedious task of rolling 120 film (same size as 620 just on different size spools) on 620 size spools. I guess it's a bit elaborate though :)

Bre :

That camera does have a hey pick me up and use me vibe for sure. Your outfit is really sweet.

Amber Blue Bird :

great outfit and love the addition of the scarf. That last pic is beautiful, the lighting is splendid

This Charming Style :

such a pretty dress, and amazing clutch too!xx

dahhlayne :

Goodness I want your leather clutch! And I would totally love a film camera. I would go to thrift stores and say to myself,"I want a film camera!" and then I realize...I have no idea what I'm looking for. haha Guess I gotta do more research.

Lydia :

I wish someone would just make all the old out-of-print film that the rest of us are dying for.

Sarah :

You look absolutely beautiful, I love your dress and your bag is stunning! I know what you mean about photography, sometimes the set up, and taking the perfect shot is just as satisfying as wearing a great outfit. I don't really photograph myself but I love creative photography and photographing objects.


Denise Pacurar :

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm so glad you visited my blog and left a comment because now I found your blog!! I love it!! I love ANYTHING vintage! You have awesome style!

I'm following you :) Maybe we can follow each other??

xoxo Denise

Nicola :

such beauiful photos! :D
fab camera! and lovelovelove your clutch! <3

gee :

can we be friends in "real life" ? bc i want borrow your whole closet and to go treasure hunting with you.
think about do not have to tell me your answer right meow. ;P

you seriously look beautiful in these photos. i love everything about this look but my favorite piece is the scarf. it really completes the outfit.

Julie Del :

what a gorgeous bag! And scarf! Awesome photos too =)

Julie Del @ J.Bird

Mackenzie :

Pretty pictures. I like collecting pretty old cameras but I never have tried to use them yet. I really love that you are holding the camera in the photo, its so cute. Also that tooled leather clutch is great!


islabell :

uh. loving the new blog layout.
Hey!!!!!...your home soon! YES!!!
p.s. i'm going back to school. we gota talk :)

Nicole, Coco Maria :

I'm totally thinking of investing in a film camera. They just seem like so much fun! I really love that simple white dress and the color that the scarf adds to it :)

Courtney :

I collect vintage film cameras too. I also totally agree about vintage fashion & photography. My favorite part about having a vintage accessory shop is photographing the items I find. I just recently opened a vintage camera shop on Etsy as well- as in, there are only three items in the shop, and no sales yet. I don't even care because it's fun to collect vintage cameras and equally as fun to photograph them.
By the way. I love your tooled leather clutch. Good find.

Mongs :

I love your vintage inspiration and photography, I totally agree that the photography is as fun as the styling of the outfit. I enjoy outfits and photography too, but I don't have awesome cameras like yours, your vintage one is fantastic, I use a compact one and try to maximize it. I have a film camera too, only problem is, it's so hard to find a roll of film nowadays. haha..

Thanks for your kind comment, I like your blog so following you.


whitemaskgirl :

Lovely. Myself, I am looking on one of the "Brownie" cameras. Should be interesting to have it. Also like your bag.

Cheray Natalie... :

yes! Love Oingo Boingo :)
That camera is incredible :) and your bag kind of takes my breath away! I love it <3
Cheray x

elanor, :

your clutch is beautiful! and i have a film camera that i just got film i think i'm going to try it out soon!

Outofseasonface :

This outfit is so simple yet so darling! I'm loving everything about it, its perfect for the summer! :)

Ahh, and you make me miss photography, I am guilty of having my camera catch dust lately... I miss being in the darkroom and developing my own film and printing my photos!

Marisa Noelle :

Oh always have the most amazing vintage finds. I am just adoring your scarf and how it is the perfect punch of color against you white dress. As for the camera, what a perfect little piece to have your hands on. I would be inclined to play around with it all day long. Another beautiful bag as well dear!

Leah :

Thanks for your lovely comment!
Have you heard of 'Through-the-viewfinder' photography? It unfortunately doesn't involve film, per se, but it does mean you get to use that amazing viewfinder!
This post has a lot of info on it, something I always wanted to try if I ever get a camera like that!

Jamie Rose :

That camera is so cool and so is the leather bag. So many neat things! I love the scarf you paired with the little dress too. I've been trying to incorporate scarves into my look. No luck yet!