Traveling Lady

Goodbye Ann Arbor, hello summer travels! I am off exploring New York, Washington DC, and Kentucky. I even have a little trip planned to visit Dollywood in Tennessee. I have many of my favorite bloggers lined up to fill in when I'm gone. I'll be checking in on all of your lovely blogs when I have a free moment. See you soon!


TheMadTwins :

lovely pictures! Look so summery :)

Shybiker :

Have a great trip! If you need advice about NY, just holler.

Plami :

Sounds like you're going to have an exciting trip! Enjoy it!


Annebeth :

aaaaaaah could be you be any cuter?? :D have fun lady, relax and take lots of pics for us!

gee :

dollywood!!! YAY!! come to tennessee now..i am here at the moment!! :P jk..
have a wonderful time away love.

le sorelle :

Ooh have an awesome trip! Hope you enjoy NY!

Happy Sunday! :)

sorelle in style

Pretty Things :

sounds like a fabulous trip, very jealous and have lots of fun!


elanor, :

aw cute photos. :)
have a fantastic time!

Kayleigh :

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog,and for your very lovely comment :)
What beautiful photo's,sounds amazing,would love to be visitng New York this summer,very jelous!
You have a new follower,look forward to more posts.
Hope your having a lovely weeknd x

Monique :

Enjoy your trip and super cute pic!

margaritats :

lovely picture!!

Meghan :

that first photo is sooo cute!! have fun, can't wait to see some of what you're seeing ;)


The Dainty Doll's House :

Enjoy!! x

This Charming Style :

Cute photos! Wow, I am so jealous! Have an amazing time (I know you will!)xx

whitemaskgirl :

Have a good trip! Will be fun to see you again when your back.

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger :

Have the greatest time!!!

I love these pics, we can just feel your happiness and excitement!

Virginie ♥

Dresses for Dinner :

I cannot wait to see more from your trip. These photos are adorable!

Lydia :

I love this pic of you!! You look so happy.

Teddi :

too cute photos!

Kathleen :

Oooh thank you for stopping by my blog. Made my day. Sounds like you have some fun stops ahead! Can't wait to see your posts. :)