Under the Big Top

Clowns 28


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

The photos are great, though I'm a bit ambivalent about circuses... I think it must have been a damn hard life!

KaNini's :

I'm a big fan of circuses and I absolutely adore these pics! :)

Amber Blue Bird :

that last pic is wicked cool. These shots remind me of Water for Elephants

whitemaskgirl :

So many great photos, but I dont think of circus really when I see it. More of 20's comedian.

Meghan :

oh my i need to find out about photo number 4 RIGHTNOW!


Michal :

Wow so cool. I just finished reading Water For Elephants (which was "meh" in my opinion hehe) and these photos look straight out of that book. I love the first one especially!

islabell :

I love twin photos...something oh so creepy and awesome about them all the time

Julie Del :

I want to run away with a circus....

Julie Del @ J.Bird

Lyndall :

These are so lovely! It reminds me of 'Water for Elephants' too. Or 'Carnivale'!

ana b. :

Oh very very cool. Particularly that lion tamer picture at the end.

gee :

my great grandfather ran away from home when he was 13 and joined the circus! love these pictures!

Courtney :

I collect vintage photos and have a fascination with circuses, so I love these.
Circuses in general are so strange and un-PC, but I can't help but be fascinated by them.
And in response to the person who said they love twins- I do a blog series on twin art. I also collect vintage photos of twins and pairs for my vintage photo blog (weird, I know). http://weirdoldphotos.blogspot.com/