Dress: Vintage / Thrifted
Hat: Vintage / Thrifted
Belt: Vintage / Thrifted
Boots: Vintage / Thrifted

Hello, dearest Hummingbird Girls readers! Rachel of Mousevox here, filling in for Jenny while she's off exploring the East Coast. Jenny was kind enough to guest blog for me while I was visiting D.C. and I'm thrilled to be returning the favor while she's doing the same. If there's one thing I can fully stand behind, it's satiating your wanderlust!

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is the endless amount of inspiration there is to be found, especially when it comes to style! The Hummingbird Girls keep up one of my favorite blogs on the web and I'm always so inspired by each and every one of their posts, so you know it's a treat for me to be here. In fact, I instantly thought of Jenny when I found this darling vintage frock at one of my local thrift haunts. I'm thinking it's the sailor style collar. If you've taken a peek at this blog before, you may know just how much Jenny loves nautical style. Now, whenever I see anything remotely nautical in style, I always think of her. Jenny also digs trains, so I knew I had to find some neat tracks to use as my background.

I actually found this dress on the same day that Jenny asked me to guest blog for her and knew that I had to hold onto it just for the occasion. That was nearly a month ago and the anticipation to wear it has been driving me batty! I can't wait to style it up a few different ways. Next month, I'll be moving to San Francisco (The Hummingbird Girls' stomping grounds!) and am already collecting lots of cute jackets and sweaters to wear with the Summer dresses, such as this, that have seen me through a steamy Southern Summer. If there's one thing I love nearly as much as The Hummingbird Girls and that I'm really looking forward to, it's the opportunity to throw on some layers!

What are some of the things you're looking forward to for when the weather cools off?


Marisa Noelle :

Could that dress be anymore perfect?! I am just absolutely adoring the cool color tones of the stripes. So sweet!

Stef / Diversions :

Collar, the color and stripes are so pretty :) All the best for a smooth move! :)

I've been layering all summer so I am hoping for a sudden heatwave in September in this neck of the woods.. I can dream ;)

Em :

What a darling dress! I love the way you styled it with the black accent pieces and your hair/make-up are perfect. Though I'm in the midwest, we've had an unusually hot summer, so I'm looking forward to fall and layering (especially my scarves & knits) too. Lucky you to be relocating to San Fran--always love visiting there.

Shybiker :

Gorgeous dress. The colors are beautiful. And the hat is adorable.

I can't wait for cooler temperature so I can get back into colored-tights, my favorite clothing of all time.

Kirstin Marie :

She is so adorable!! I love this dress, it's perfection!!

Alice, Pretty Confused :

Rachel, you are absolutely adorable, and that dress could not be more perfect! Good luck with your move to SF xo

Andrea :

love this dress..very beautiful!

Lydia :

I love these pics!! Very cute.

Ana :

That dress is so adorable!! I love the stripes, the colors, and the collar!!!


Courtney :

I absolutely LOVE her dress. I love the colors (my favorite colors), love the stripes, and love the cut. She looks cute with the side braid too.

Nini :

I can't wait to start wearing boots again!

That dress is gorgeous, and I love train tracks for a photo location, they have this nostalgic feel.
Nice guest post! (:

-Sandra Ponycat

Hannah :

Perfect. This dress and the pictures and the hat. Perfect perfect perfect. And I could totally see Jenny wearing this!

Heather, 29 Skirts :

Love, love, love the dress! I'm crazy about blues and greens together. I'm looking forward to wearing tights in the fall and more black. It's really too hot in my area (Southern California) to wear a lot of black in the summer.

Cathy :

These photos are AMAZING!! Thanks for sending me over to this blog! Love it!

chantilly :

wow. this dress is an AWESOME find. congratulations!


LyddieGal :

Ohh, what a cute dress, and fun train photos, i love the one take from the outside looking in, so romantic.

Viktoria :

Wonderful photos.
I adore the dress

Michal :

This is the sweetest post, I love how influenced you were by Jenny. :) Your dress is such a marvelous find. The collar, the colors.. amazing! I love how your photos turned out too.

Santina :

So fun seeing Rachel over here! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'm really looking forward to her moving here!

The colors, the stripes - perfect!


Kel :

What a stunning dress. I think I'm in love with it!!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

being a backstage diva

PuppyLovePrincess :

i'm looking forward to wearing boots again. and drinking hot chocolate :)

t :

Nice dress!


Lyndall :

That dress is perfect! I am so in love with the colours ♥

Annabelle Fleur :

Wow, what an amazing look! Gorgeous dress and boots, and of course the colors are so fabulous! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes :

Super cute dress! Love the colours!

Dial V for Vintage :

That dress is perfect indeed! Lovely colours :).

Mary Lou :

wow this dress looks so fabulous!!! i love everything about it! the collar, the sripes and the colouar and the wide skirt!!! i wish we had such amazing pieces in thrift stores here .
love and kiss,mary


Dresses for Dinner :

Perfect dress, lovely girl! I'm excited to see more from her.g

Teddi :

i thought that dress looked vintage. :) i love san fran! lucky girl.


Jennifer King :

I adore that dress you. And the boots work so well with it.

dear winsome :

so gorgeous,love these photos!


Victoria / Justice Pirate :

goodness. this is an amazing set. I love this dress and the stripes!!!!!!!!!! ahh!

Aliya :

*gasp* What beautiful, beautiful pictures! You look so pretty!!

xx Aliya

Kate :

Love this post, you look amazing. That dress is so beautiful!