Zig Zag Alley

Zig Zag Alley 1

I've had this zig zag dress in my closet for a few years now, and it was just perfect for the hot weather we had a couple days ago. I rarely go without tights, but when I got home from work I just had to throw on something nice and cool. I love the fun pattern on this dress and the built in belt that ties in the back. A perfect outfit for a quick thrift store visit. I'm lucky that my very favorite thrift store is just a block away from my house. I could probably go there every single day and come home with something new. Do you have a favorite thrift store near you?

Dress: Thrifted
Necklace: Thrifted
Shoes: Gift
Ring: Crossroads
Bag: Thrifted 


Steffys Pros and Cons :

love the dress!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

KizzyDoll :

Oh so pretty!! Love the necklace, gorgeous. I'm with you, I rarely go without tights, love them!! Have a great weekend ladies xx

Kelly // Elegantly Academic :

Love the ring. Although I would probably injure myself with a rock that big ...

Lydia :

That necklace is a piece of art.

KaNini's :

You look so pretty and LOVE your bag, it's so cute!

Dresses for Dinner :

Your hair looks so good pulled back like that. And the color of the dress is perfect!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Purple looks wonderful on you and the zigzag print is so unique. You're lucky that your favorite thrift is only a block away, I go to Buffalo Exchange pretty often and it's walking distance (about a mile) from my apartment. Back in undergrad in L.A. I lived less than a block from a Goodwill... pretty much swung by there daily!

romwe :

Such a playful and fun outfit! The colors are beautiful. this is an adorable outfit!! my favorite of the day so far. the dress is so romantic and fantastic...wow....

fashiongossipmk :

Looove that necklace!!
Xoxo, K.

Irene Wibowo :

i like the dress.. :)

Irene Wibowo

This Charming Style :

I really adore the dress and bag!xx

So Yeah So :

I like what you did with your hair. I wear a low bun often and I've been thinking about ways to mix it up a bit.

Pink Fox :

You look so cool! :)


SoapyMermaid :

lovely. I don't have many thrift stores near me but I regularly visit the :)