Alfalfa and Lulu Rabbit

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Meet the newest members of our family, Alfalfa and Lulu Rabbit. The little buns are three months old, and they are a playful pair who love belly scratches, ear rubs, and carrots. Al and Lu are pair-bonded rabbits, meaning that they are practically inseparable. When Al hops in the living room, Lu is only a couple of inches away. They cuddle and sleep together in a nesting box at night. Although the buns are  quite a handful, I couldn't be happier with the little babies and their feisty personalities!

With Autumn quickly approaching, I have been collecting odds and ends to prepare for the brisk weather. I must admit that I have been somewhat indifferent with fashion lately, and I consequently envision a change in my personal style. I made a commitment to only invest in pieces that are timeless. For me, this means less thrifting and more time spent scouring vintage boutiques in San Francisco. This 1970s mustard skirt and 1960s swiss eyelet shirt are two purchases from a recent trip. I think the autumnal color are lovely, and I can't wait to wear them throughout the season.
Skirt: 1970s Vintage, via Held Over
Blouse: 1960s Vintage, via Held Over
Shoes: 1940s Vintage
Tights: American Apparel
Deer Pin: Thrifted
Purse: 1960s Vintage
Listening to: Scarlet Town/Gilian Welch
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Marisa Noelle :

How incredibly precious!! Loving your whole ensemble as always. That golden mustard color for fall is perfect and absolutely loving your gorgeous purse!

lazy explorers :

Awhh! They are so sweet! I love your outfit too, I have been on the hunt for a good lacey top to pair with a skirt.
Xo Chloe.


What a cute pair of bunny's! Love the clutch your wearing too ;)

KizzyDoll :

Oooh they are precious, my lil' daughter wants a rabbit, will get one soon, still researching, yours are adorable, quite tempting!! I love your skirt, wonderful colour too!! xx

Elegantly Academic :

Awwww, I love bunnies! Trying to convince my boyfriend to get one ... Love the little brown paws on the black one. So cute!
Kelly xo

Steffys Pros and Cons :

aw precious bunnies!! love the color of your skirt!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lydia :

I love the black one's floppy little ear!

Yana's Dollhouse :

First of all I love your outfit (as usual) secondly I fell in love with those two gorgeouss bunnies... and I love their names ... too cute! xxx

Rae Veda :

I LOVE that clutch! It's so cute! Ahhh! Xo, Rae

Jennifer King :

I love the pics of you holding your bunnies. So sweet. And I know what you mean about making the commitment to invest more in classic pieces. That's kind of wear I'm going for fall too.

LUU H. :

oh my god, how adorable! i got so "aww" when i saw the pictures

JennaStevie :

AWWW hello baby bunnies! Your newest editions are soooo cute, I love them. Makes me want to run home and cuddle my two. I love your outfit, such a lovely skirt and the blouse is perfect

Heather, 29 Skirts :

Could these photos be any cuter?? No. Your bunnies are the most adorable balls of fluff! And the top and skirt you found are pretty sweet too! I love the small ruffle detail on the skirt.

Danielle | Things She Made :

These snapshots with the bunnies are beyond adorable! The color of the skirt looks great with your jet-black hair - perf for fall!

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Amber Blue Bird :

I'm gonna have bunnies on the brain for months now. They are too cute.

chantilly :

so cuuuute!!!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic :

i miss my bunny so much. they're my favorite animals. and aaah. mustard and black and white. you're so cute.

Kathleen :

I am in love! Those bunnies are so cute! Love the fall, autumn tones in this outfit too. And yes, we should defintely meet up soon. Perhaps around Saturday the 24th?

Kellie W. :

Awwwww, they are so cute! I had a bunny when I was a little girl, and she was such a good pet!

elanor, :

aww.... those bunnies might be the cutest thing i've seen all day! next to you. :) i just love that mustard color on you. so pretty.

Sharmaine Ruth :

so cute so cute so cute! I love love love bunnies :D *fawning*

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I've been feeling the same way about fashion/my style lately too, mainly due to the lack of vintage in the thrifts lately and the changing of the seasons. I love the color of your skirt and the lace top, the plaid bag is a whimsical touch too.

Your new bunnies are so sweet! I hope they appear again in some of your future posts. :)

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella :

How adorable are they?? Amazing! Of course, I love the mustard, I wish it complimented my skin tone and hair as well as it does you!

Santina :

Alfalfa and Lulu Rabbit are adorable!

I love the color of that skirt; it definitely feels very autumnal. Cute plaid clutch!


eeeppp!! the photo of you holding the buns--too flippin cute. i literally squealed when i saw the photos :)

Georgia Rose :

Oh my god, your outfit, the bunnies, I can't handle all the cuteness! You seriously look AMAZING, one of the better fall outfits I've seen recently! That skirt is a stunning find, I'm not-so-secretly hoping it'll show up in your shop in the near future ;)

Monique :

sweet your autumn getup and that sweet brooch

gee :

oh my lawd, my heart just melted into a huge puddle.

Jamie Rose :

Aww! The bunnies are so adorable! Every picture is better with a cute animal in it, right?

dear winsome :

omgeez these are the cutest little buns i've ever seen! i have a bunny named baxter that i raised from a little tiny baby, he's huge now haha love your outfit!


Matthew :

Our little family <3