apothecary jars
apothecary collage
I've developed a knack for kitschy housewares that are both versatile and bold. Apothecary jars are one such piece, many of which are scattered around my apartment. A set of 18 clear apothecary jars hold my spice collection in my pantry. I painstakingly labeled each jar with the designated spice and neatly arranged the bottles on an antique wooden tray. A carmel jar is nestled in my bathroom, filled to the brim with cotton balls. And I hope to start my very own terranium collection on my work desk using large apothecary jars and thrifted vases. You can find your very own set of apothecary jars on Etsy or through the British-based vendor The Orchard.


Rae Veda :

I love the dark amber color of those glasses. So pretty! XO, Rae


The Annachrist :

I love these! And I love Etsy! A combo that never fails

Jennifer King :

I love them too! So cute. I collected a ton of bottles for my wedding. Some were old apothecary ones. I can't wait to reuse them after the wedding.

SoFashionistica :

Cool glasses! I would probably take of the labels and make flower vases out of them.

Tribal Fox Vintage :

The colors of these jars are beautiful...
Definitely something you don't see today.
Great finds!
xx Tribal Fox Vintage

Lydia :

My dad has a ton of these things sitting around his house. So many cool uses.

Jo :

I love apothecary bottles <3 My boyfriend's granddad was a chemist, and last year we were in a vintage shop and found apothecary bottles with his name on them! Was pretty much the coolest moment ever!

Lost in the Haze

Courtney :

I think they are really pretty. And I especially love the idea of putting spices in them. When we bought our house, we asked them to leave a lot of the stuff that was in the garage because most of it was vintage. We ended up with lots of little jars. Also some vintage suitcases and other neat stuff.

ana b. :

Great post. I love old apothecary jars and am always on the lookout for them. There's some companies who are making "new" ones as well but there's nothing like the thrill of a proper original :)

Libby, Vintage Aplomb :

These are so cool...what a great idea! I also like So Fashionistica's flower vase idea!