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emily martin
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Emily Martin is an author and illustrator who brings peculiar daydreams to life. Her work is inspired by fairytales, vintage children's clothing, and literature. In 2010, she released The Black Apple's Paper Doll Primer, a book filled with activities and amusement for the paper doll connoisseur. 


sophie :

oh! so amazing paintings!
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Rae Veda :

SO pretty. I love the work. xo, rv

dear winsome :

love emily so much, she has an amazing vintage style on her fashion blog too!

gee :

i have been in love with her artwork for a long time.
so beautiful. i want everything in her etsy shop.

Amber Blue Bird :

she is one of my favorites.

vintageveggie :

i'm so in love with this artist. they are darkly whimsical.

Kat :

love these illustrations! theyre so cute! :)

Aliya :

oh wow! These are adorable! She's so talented!!

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x Aliya

Monique :

Her blog was one of the first ones I use to read back before I ever blogged myself. I love her work and her style

Lidiya :

Those illustrations are amazing!! <3