Highway 120

I've never had the luxury of having a sister with whom I could swap clothes. But it is quite nice to have Annalise and Isla as "honorary sisters." On Sunday afternoon, Miss Isla visited for a cocktail and girl talk. She was wearing this amazing mustard suede skirt, and I knew I had to wear it for at least a few hours. She quickly rummaged through my closet for a replacement outfit and settled on a 1960s stripped dress with a crisp white collared shirt. I styled this a-line beauty with my newest purchase- a Southwestern-inspired bag from a Native American trading post on Highway 120 in California. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the Haight/Ashbury district, trying on Fall boots, and drinking a glass or two of champagne. What a lovely day with a lovely girl.
Skirt: A Fine Day for Sailing
Shirt: 1960s Vintage
Necklace: Vintage
Shoes: Annalise
Bag: Native American Trading Post
Listening to: Grass/Animal Collective
lace and necklace


The Daily Fashionista :

Great look!! I love that you guys just swapped the outfit right before cocktail hour:)

La Fille D'or :

I am in love with this outfit. I love that bag. You are luck to have such stylish honorary sisters. I wish I had the same.

Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense :

It must be so much fun to be able to share clothes with your friends! Most of my close girl friends could care less about clothing so I stand alone when it comes to fashion.

That skirt is so neat! I love how you styled it. Lace + Suede = Love

Rae Veda :

Cut top! I always find myself looking forward to your outfits. XO, Rae


Lydia :

That. Bag. Is. Awesome.

JennaStevie :

Yesss this mustard skirt is so wonderful, especially with the top. I wiiish I had a friend to swap clothes with, thatd be wonderful

SoFashionistica :

How awesome to be able to swap clothes!I can't swap clothes with my sister nor my friends, we all have such different shapes that it makes it hard to do something like this. Oh well, I guess i will have to stick with buying clothes instead! :)

Amber Blue Bird :

I sometimes wish I had a sister to swap clothes with but then I remember that she would also want to borrow my clothes and then the dream isnt so cool :) Cute skirt.

islabell :

Damn girl. Daaaammmmnnn. I love how these photos turned out :) You make me so happy. holding my breath for the vintage expo and our hiking Champaign sisters sunday club
Now I feel I should post that lovely striped dress which I want forever...but then matt would probably loose his shirt too....and i'd have to take the bunnies for good measure.


elanor, :

aw. as always, jealous! you look beautiful, and it sounds like a great day for sure. :)

gee :

ahh i am so jealous of your swapping with each other.:P
you three are the most stylish girls..!!!
that color (skirt) is one of my favorite colors for the upcoming fall season. i really do believe i could wear it everyday and feel okay about it. :)
i took a week off of commenting on blogs so i need to catch up on this lovely blog.

Monique :

i like the mustard and white combo and sweet purse lady!

dear winsome :

love this skirt so much, the color is perfect for fall! looks amazing paired with the lace top and bag, so pretty!


Annika :

I love the soft lace shirt with the stiff fleece skirt! It's such a subtle but really really pretty contrast!

A Sweet Release

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I'm definitely envious that you are the same shoe and dress size as several of your friends! Especially when said friends are vintage lovin' bloggers too. :)

Your little skirt & blouse outfits have been adorable lately, I've been seeking out the perfect suede skirt at the thrifts but no luck yet.

Louise, Raspberries In Winter :

I love this mustard colour that's going around lately, it is so gorgeous.

Nikki :

So fun to have friends who have the same size clothing as you. I should do friend swaps more often too... . I lovelovelove this skirt. Mustard has to be my absolute favorite color for this fall :) x

Hannah :

The amazingness of that bag is causing me actual physical pain. Perfect! It complements your pretty mustard skirt so nicely.

wardrobeexperience :

oh, i have the same shoe from h&m (flea market)- in brown.

this bag makes me feel a little jealous... adorable piece!


Matthew :

Looking good baby! I love that shirt on you.

Meanz (Koi Story) :

Love your top and that bag is so cool! :)

Jamie Rose :

Really pretty pairing of the white lace top with the mustard skirt. I never think to pair white with mustard so I'm definitely going to have to try this!

Caitlin :

that shirt & that skirt are perfectt.
love this outfit.

indie by heart :

Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving a lovely comment behind!

You have such a gorgeous blog that I couldn't decide on which post I would comment back! <3 Amazing looks on you two, absolutely love them. :) This bag is to die for, since I'm into indian inspired items:>

Hope you make a new visit sometime,
it would be lovely for you to take part in my giveaway too ! ^^

indie by heart

triskelos :

Her outfit looks so great and it gives out such a warm vibe! Meybe it's the colors, I don't know, but it looks lovely <3
Also - major love fot this tote - si cute))))