It's in the Details

autumn 2
A few of my favorite pieces for Autumn. A simple sage linen dress, vintage Salvatore Ferragamo T-Straps, and a vintage quilt handbag.


This Charming Style :

Beautiful photos, and a simple but lovely outfit! I love the socks and shoes :) xx

Stef / Diversions :

Your shoes are to die for - looking lovely :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) :

So deeply in love with that bag! x hivenn

Elegantly Academic :

Oh gosh! Love your shoes! And they look especially sweet paired with the ankle socks. Where do you lovely ladies keep finding these gorgeous vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes?
Kelly xo

Heather, 29 Skirts :

The hazy look of these photos is gorgeous. This outfit may be simple, but it still shows your style and personality, and I love that!

KristiMcMurry :

Gorgeous dress! The photos are great too.

Amber Blue Bird :

your vintage T-strap shoes are lovely.

Chaucee :

Gorgeous sun in these photographs!

Rebecca :

T-straps and sage and tapestry are all among my favourites so this is really a perfect autumn outfit to me. The lighting is so beautiful too.

witch hare :

Hi, I'm new to the blogging world and just found your lovely blog.
Love the pheasant bag, I quite fancy a jumper with that print!

Annebeth :

gorgeous pictures, gorgeous lighting, awesome outfit! the shoes are adorable :)

Rebeccak :

So sunny! I love the light you've captured - and those shoes... yes!

Rae Veda :

Beautiful photographs. I love your bag and shoes. Super cute. xo, rv

chrysa :

beautiful photos and amazing bag!

Stories and Sequins

elanor, :

such beautiful photos! i love the accessories in this outfit...especially that bag!

i hope you had a good monday!

Anna :

yum these make me feel all toasty and autumnal xx

Lydia :

Love the shoes and bag.

Monique :

loving this autumnal outfit and all the sunshine! Happy Autumn lady!

Kellie W. :

That is such a cool bag!

Jenni :

That dress is so simple and perfect! Love.

Diana :

such beautiful pictures -- they perfectly capture the end of summer (at least for me!!) thank you for your sweet comment -- i am LOVING your blog!! following for sure

visit again soon xo

Cee :

I'm such a sucker for detail, and these photos are just loaded with gems! I adore your Ferragamo t-straps, what an amazing pair of shoes :)

Aya Smith :

Absolutely GORGEOUS post! I love these sunflares, so romantic!

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

♥ sugarpuff ♥ :

Simple, vintage, and always chic <3
You're so lovely and I love your shoes~

Warm Love,
Pinkie Anggia

Sarah :

Thanks so much for your lovely comment :) What a great blog you have, those shoes are super cute!! x

Michal :

These photos are so September-ish , I just adore them!

Meanz (Koi Story) :

Love these sun soaked photos, your dress and those t-strap flats!