Sunday Sounds: Architecture in Helsinki

 Architecture in Helsinki is a band that is close to my heart. During college, I worked at a terrible dinner (i.e. a cochroach infestation, not-so-friendly clientele, and cheap burgers) until the wee hours of the morning. The only thing that would get me through the night would my carefully crafted music selection that I played from the jukebox. Archietecure in Helnsinki was one band that frequently appeared on this playlist. I would suggest listening to In Case We Die, their second album. It is by far my favorite due to their synth-infused upbeat melodies featured on tracks such as "Do the Whirlwind."1292535345[1]


islabell :

<3 <3 <3

Elegantly Academic :

I love these guys! And their music clips (as well as their music) are such fun, especially the heart that races one.
Kelly xo

Sharmaine Ruth :

I love this! :D Now I need to clear room on my iPod haha

Rae Veda :

I love the photographs. Their music is so amazing! xo, rv

out of order :

ooh what diner was it? haha

they're photos are really cool, I love that mountain/cliff shot :)

Annebeth :

I didn't know these guys yet, thanks for introducing me to them! I always love your music tips :)


THIS BAND! I totally forgot about them but Do The Whirlwind was my jam circa 2006 ;-)

percentblog :

LOVE In Case We Die, esp Do the Whirlwind and What's In Store. Freshman year roommate and I would listen on repeat. What a stunning picture of them too.

Mackenzie :

I love them. Their music bring back so many good memories!

carol-ine :

I love Architecture in Helsinki too. I wish jukeboxes here had better music selection, that'd be awesome to have some good music choices for once.