Sunday Sounds: Beach House

beachhouse 3
Beach House is a band from Baltimore, Maryland with a super dreamy sound. Their vibe is haunting and mellow- the perfect thing to listen to while spending a morning in the park reading or meandering around town on an overcast Autumn afternoon. When Victoria Legrand starts to sing, it's as if the whole world slows down to stop and listen to her. Imagine Nico's voice over dream pop infused with the organ. Next time you need to relax, turn on Beach House band and feel yourself floating away.    
beach house 2


Michal :

I loooove that first photo. So cool. Beach House is great- perfect for sleepy Sunday mornings. :)

Chaucee :

They are one of my favorite bands. Their music is great!

Sharmaine Ruth :

That first photo is soo pretty! I don't know why i haven't seen it...i'm such a fan! haha :)

LUU H. :

Their song, "Norway" should really be our national song. that song is amazing!

Lydia :

Thanks for sharing! And I love that first pic of them.

caycelayne :

can i just move into your blog and stay forever?! it's so pretty here! :) i am a big beach house fan as well and have my fingers crossed to get to see them perform live one day!
have a lovely weekend! xoxo

Rae Veda :

I love that band! One of my favorite Sunday Morning listens. XO, Rae

gee :

beach house is always on repeat in my household.
defiantly a fan for life.


these images are all kinds of beautiful

Anna :

amazing. very interested.

Amelia :

i love beach house :) i saw them play in baltimore, it was beautiful- in an old church with high rafters and atmospheric music.

Sarah :

I've never actually heard of them before, so thanks for showing me something new. (: I'm off to go listen a lot, now.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love beach house theyre one of my favs!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Annebeth :

absolutely my type of music: relaxed, 60s-70s and beautiful. Kind of like Congratulations by MGMT, such a good cd.

nesha :

the blue dress is amaaaaazing!

sparklesness :

I'm so annoyed with myself for not seeing Beach House when they were in town this year.

That first photo is very dreamy.

beks xx

Jamie Rose :

A great band to feature!