Sunday Sounds: Joy Division

Joy Division were an English band formed in Salford, Great Manchester in 1976. Despite their short careers and cult status, Joy Division has exerted a far-reaching influence due to their artistic mood and expression. Music critics often hail Joy Division as the forerunners in the post-punk movement, and this influence is seen in both mainstream and subculture music scences. It is precisely this iconic sound that makes Joy Divison one of my most-listened-to bands since my teens. I appreciate their unique lyrics as well as the emotion that is put forth in every song. Any other Joy Divison fans?

Portrait of Joy Division photographed in 1979...© Paul Slattery / Retna Ltd..Credit all Uses
joy pleasure


LUU H. :

i always play "Love will tears apart" every valentine day, and control is such a good movie!

This Charming Style :

I adore Joy Division. RIP Ian Curtis xx

eva :

Here's another Joy Division fan - I love the atmosphere of their music and their lyrics.

Lucy Nation :

Love this track. Also, 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' so haunting, gets me every time!

Rae Veda :

This is one of my favorite bands! Xo, rv

Rebekka Seale :

Man. I know so many musicians who list them as an influence...I should listen to them more!

Sharmaine Ruth :

They sound awesome! Possibly a new favorite band!

Em :

Definitely in my top 10 all time favorites--I can't leave one of their albums (or vintage New Order) in a junk shop.

vintage process :

Great pictures!! I love it!!

Teresa :

LOVE Joy Division! Ahhh... such a wonderful band with painfully emotional music.


Helga! :

Love 'em.And I had the pleasure of seeing New Order live in 1987 or 1988 in Sydney.Brillant,both bands.

HoneyBunny :

They're one of my favourite bands<3

Misha :

I adore joy division. We have the biggest love will tear us apart poster on the wall at work ( an underground hipster cocktail club) next to Dorothy from wizard of Oz and ziggy stardust.

dear winsome :

this band is so me some "shadowplay" and "ceremony"