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This little fringe shall is the easiest thing to throw on over a t-shirt and skinny denim for a simple but cute outfit. For some reason my clock alarm didn't go off in the morning and I woke up with the light of dawn shining in through my window. I usually get up a little after my alarm goes off at 5am (terrible, I know) and I am at work at 7am.  Now, just imagine waking up 10 minutes after you're supposed to leave the house. Obviously I scrambled around the apartment looking for something to throw on and still get to work on time. I always think that jewelry and accessories can add so much to an otherwise boring outfit, so I added some of my newest pieces from Dear Mina.

I also wanted to let you know that Hummingbird Vintage will be teaming up with A Fine Day for Sailing and selling some awesome clothes from our closets and shops at the RVCA flea market on Saturday on upper Haight Street from 11am until 4pm. We hope to see you there!
Fringe poncho: Thrifted
Jeans: Forever 21
Top: Forever 21
Boots: Vintage
Bag: Thrifted
Necklaces: Dear Mina
Listening to: Tempted/ Squeeze
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witch hare :

Great shoes, they look so worn in and comfy.


vanda :

Black is also my thing for the moment! Great one!

Annika :

I love the little touch of brown in the shoes!

Jazzy E (hivenn) :

I love that you put such a wonderful outfit together in such a little amount of time. Love your bag! x hivenn

Chelsea Lane :

that shawl is the BEST THING in life! I adore your look--such a pretty hair color too.


Danielle V. :

Ah! What beautiful little details! Really nice outfit :)

JennaStevie :

Ohhh this is soo wonderful, I love the shawl, it's so beautiful. Such a great casual look, and I'm amazed at how well put together you look when getting dressed in 10 minutes

This Charming Style :

Wow, such a beautiful fringed cape! And I adore the boots too :) xx

Nikki :

I am loving that shawl :) it looks so fragile and pretty!:) x

Amber Blue Bird :

you look like you could take flight at any moment :)

Jo :

What a beautiful shawl! <3 And I truly can't say it enough; I love your hair colour!

Lost in the Haze

Sharmaine Ruth :

Wow! You look lovely! Your whole outfit is just great :)

Annebeth :

I had a cape like that too, years ago! lovely for adding texture to a simple outfit!

Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense :

THere are so many things I love about this look. The poncho and shoes are superb.

elanor, :

the fringe poncho really does add to an outfit! it's so beautiful. this is definitely something i'd wear! xx

whitemaskgirl :

This gives me a little witch wibe, 100% right for the autumn. I hope your time at the flee market will be enjoyable.

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

I love this look on you! Very Hollywood glamour!

Lydia :

That first picture: gorgeous!!!!!

Aya Smith :

I love those boots!!! So cute, and you look beautiful btw :D

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Nadinoo :

Such cuteness! So happy to have found you Annalise, seeing your blog just makes me smile more :)

Still waiting to hear you sing on stage, I will be back!!

Nadinoo x

wardrobeexperience :

this fringe poncho is very cute ...


dusanabotswana :

great frindge on that top! Love the boots with it too.