Witching Hour

To signal a change from the warmer months to a time of quiet and hibernation, we recently celebrated the Autumnal Equinox. Last Saturday evening consisted of a Fall feast featuring butternut squash, roasted salmon, apple tarts, and red wine. The night ended with a campfire to mark the beginning of the season as well as a time of change.

With the colder weather, warmer clothes are slowly making their way into my everyday dressing. To me, San Francisco Fall means black dresses, wool capes, hats, and umbrellas. I found this cape (for only $4.00) in a tiny town in Northern Michigan during a summer weekend trip. Its heavy wool fabric and hood make it an Autumn staple. My mind wanders to forest jaunts and apple picking whenever I wear it.
Dress: 1990's, Thrifted
Cape: Vintage, Thrifted
Shoes: 1960s Vintage
Bag: Thrifted
Tights: Gap
Listening to: I Luv the Valley OH/ Xiu Xiu
black dress


Elegantly Academic :

Love those shade of tights! And they match your bag perfectly ...
Kelly xo

Steffys Pros and Cons :

the lace detailing on the sleeves is SO pretty!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Sharmaine Ruth :

that looks like one comfy cape!

Jenni :

This outfit is so perfect. Love the lace on the dress and I LOVE your shoes.

Michal :

I can't even choose what to comment on, this outfit has so many killer pieces! The bag! The dress! THAT CAPE! Also, that fall feast you described sounds absolutely magical. Fall foods are my favorite. xx

vanda :

I have also a BLACK lace dress in my post!!! Yours is lovely so is the CAPE!!!! kisses

Marisa Noelle :

Ah, coolest bag ever, love the design on it!! I can't stop staring at your dress either. I have yet to find a lace dress as gorgeous as that.

JennaStevie :

This look is sooo amazing!! I love the lace on the dress and the amazing wool cape and the shade of tights sets everything off nicely. Gorgeous! I am getting so excited for thanksgiving (which is only a week away in Canada)

baileyblush :

What a stunning, cute and quirky outfit! I love the dress and cape very much!


Heather, 29 Skirts :

Gorgeous black dress! The lace sleeves are so pretty. It's really cool that you had an equinox party. I've always loved that my birthday falls on the Autumnal Equinox (usually). Your cape looks so cozy too...what a great vintage find.

Jul :

Wow, I LOVE this outfit! The cape is perfect and the dress is adorable. Plus, those tights and bag are perfect together! :) to sum up, you look beautiful!


LoveCharlesVintage :

That cape!! and the bag!! Such perfect garments and such a great outfit.

Maria Ramona :

love, love love your cape-- it's perfect! and your menu description is making me hungry...

Hannah :

Your clothes are so amazing! I love that cape, and then you took it off and the sleeves on that dress were like "bam!" Awesome. I'll say it again- I lust heavily after all the things you wear.

Dial V for Vintage :

That cape is amazing, I want one for myself like that! :D

Sara Levy :

Love!! Makes me want the bad weather already!

Amber Blue Bird :

you look so elegant in this lace dress and that cape sure does look comfy

TrophyBoutique :

I try not to get jealous of the outfits I see on the blogs I read, but this capey coat is making me want to book it to your city and find you. I love it with the plum tights. I might also be jealous of the dress. And the weather you're having :)

Dresses for Dinner :

I need that jacket. Yes, I do.

witch hare :

The black lace dress is gorgeous, and the plum tights make me crave autumn!


Helen :

I love that dress, the empire line cut of it is so beautiful.

Victoria :

Love the cape and dress! This is so gorgeous! wonderful styling. xx

whitemaskgirl :

Oh such an amazing bag. And that cape is gorgeous!

Annebeth :

lovely gothic dress :) I always get in the mood for goth when halloween nears!

caycelayne :

oh, this is so stevie nicks! i absolutely love it! i can just hear rhiannon playing in the background :) that lace dress is amazing...
i have started to incorporate tights into my wardrobe and i couldn't be happier! it's one of the best things about fall! xoxo

blouse :

Yeah, I need a cape. Right. Now.

You look amazing!


The Daily Fashionista :

I love this outfit!!! Really love it!! How cool that you found that cape for only $4 too.

SomeoneLikeYou :

What, what, what!? You found this stunning cape for only four dollars? Golly, that must be the deal of the century! And your little lace dress...oh how I'm swooning over it! xx

James Renate :

That cape is the best piece of clothing I think I have ever seen! It is beautiful & I can imagine just how perfect it must be for the fall weather! You look just stunning in the whole outfit & the black lace is gorgeous.
janelle xox

elanor, :

what a perfect outfit! it reminds me so much of october. i wish it would get colder in marin!

and about the RVCA vintage flea market - i'm going to try my very best to go! i mean, i just learned about it tonight from isla's post.. but i think it would be a lot of fun! crossing my fingers that i can get on down there! <3

Mongs :

so vintage chic! I love the black lacy number, it's simply gorgeous. The bag is a beauty too, and the cape is an interesting choice, totally unexpected. Perfect outfit.


Georgia Rose :

Oh my god, I can't get over how much I love this outfit! You look utterly gorgeous, and that cape is an amazing find. Your thrift finds put mine to shame. That dress is seriously a dream... if you ever decide it needs a new home, just let me know ;)

Maria Elyse :

Your looks are always so romantic! I love every single thing about this outfit...the cape is perfect, as is the beautiful lace dress. ♥

Isn't autumn just wonderful? I love it so much.

Maria Elyse
First Impressions
Flying Ships Vintage


everything about this is so, so perfect. i'm on the lookout for a good cape right now myself. maybe i'll find one on sunday (fingers crossed)!

Meanz (Koi Story) :

I absolutely adore that cape!

mahaila :

Wow! I can't believe that you found these second hand items and so cheap! They fit so well:) Here in Germany second hand shopping is very expensive. America perhaps has similar prices to Australia. I miss that:( Great finds, you look great!

Shea :

This outfit is absolutely gorgeous! I love the cape, the beautiful lace dress, and the rich color of the tights!

dusanabotswana :

Love the lace on the sleeves and top of the dress and that is an amazing cape, great find! nice contrast w/ the tight colors & bag too.