To me, rainstorms in San Francisco are synonymous with bright umbrellas. While I have a small collection of 1940s parasols that are often too fragile to use, this umbrella can withstand the harshest windstorm or downpour. I am glad it has survived nearly 60 years of use so I can tote it around with me during blustery Fall weather.

As much as I love the rain, I am hoping for blue skies over the weekend. Annalise and I will embark on a thrifting adventure in Northern California early Saturday morning. We are on the hunt for warm coats and dresses for the new season at some of our favorite thrifting havens. And perhaps I will find a pair of rain boots for my closet. It looks like it is going to be a dreary Autumn here in the Bay Area.
Ascot Shirt: 1970s Ascot Shirt, via the Vintage Expo
Skirt: 1970s wrap skirt
Shoes: Vintage, Thrifted
Umbrella: 1940s vintage, Thrifted
Purse: Vintage Coach Satchel
Listening to: Horse and I/ Bat for Lashes
fall fashion
All photographs by the lovely Islabell.


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Absolutely gorgeous as usual! I have a similarly coloured umbrella (with a less impressive pedigree). I'm of the mind that it's so dreary in Vancouver when it rains that bright umbrellas are necessary to turn a little circle of your world yellow at least. : )

Kitsune-kun :

wow! what a gorgeous umbrella! I love that it has the look of a paper parasol, but is still practical for rain. I am exceedingly jealous.


Love this! That umbrella is perfect it really stands out and gives these photos a wow factor ;)

JennaStevie :

Your bright umbrella is so wonderful!! I love that skirt, such gorgeous colours. It's been really rainy here as well, I should probably invest in sn umbrella. Happy Thrifting!!

Mongs :

beautiful, looks very asian inspired, maybe it's the colors. I love the floral skirt and the weathered bag, very vintage chic.


witch hare :

What a beautiful umbrella, it's injecting a bit of summer sun into autumn! I love your skirt too, by the way, the length looks prefect for swishing around in.

Spinner's End :

i really like this outfit! it's simple, tasteful, and reminds me of fall. i love the print on your skirt. paired with the briefcase, it has a classic scholarly feel.

Kristen :

Looove your skirt and umbrella!

Frannie Pantz :

This umbrella is 60 years old??? Dang, she's put on her game face alright! I love the bright umbrella and your skirt is soooooo pretty!

Sophie :

You look gorgeous, the skirt is so pretty. I love the fact the whole of your outfit is vintage, I wish I had a vintage eye!

Roxanne Rosensteel :

I adore everything about this. Your outfit is divine on its own but, that umbrella! It's the most perfect umbrella think I've ever seen, actually.

Heather, 29 Skirts :

Awesome fall outfit! I saw a similar skirt on Etsy recently that I want...I love the orangey floral print. It rained here yesterday too, but now the sky looks gorgeous. Good luck with your Saturday thrifting mission!

This Charming Style :

Amazing look - the skirt and bag are fabulous, not to mention the umbrella! xx

Chaucee :

Vintage umbrellas often have the BEST style. But like you said they aren't up for the task of rough rain storms these days. I wish there were some adorable and affordable umbrellas that still had just as much style as they used to!

Rebecca :

I understand the need for a good umbrella. It rains in London pretty often! Amazing to think that your umbrella has seen 60 years of rain showers. I have a similar shaped 60's one that I always worry I will leave on a bus. Gorgeous skirt too.

Nikki :

I'm loving how you incorporated this pretty umbrella into an outfit. I always try matching my umbrella with my outfit, but that never really works out well, haha ^^ x

Sharmaine Ruth :

I am in love with umbrellas! Especially brightly colored ones like yours! Lovely photos :)

Elyse (Give Me Bows) :

Just gorgeous, one of my top 3 favourite outfits of yours! I adore the pretty blouse you've teamed with the autumn-coloured skirt <3

Lydia :

How that umbrella lasted 60 or 70 years, I do not know. Mine barely last 60 or 70 days. What a great find.

sarah :

I just LOVE that skirt! Such a pretty autumnal print. You look lovely!

Rae Veda :

That skirt is so cute! I love the colors. xo, rv

Bird On A Wire :

goreous parasol! The whole outfit is super cute. Love the final shot of you from behind! HOT! x

elanor, :

simply so lovely, jenny! what a beautiful skirt, and i love how it looks with the umbrella. i need to get an umbrella...i should take cue from you and get a yellow one!

i hope your thrifting trip is successful! i need to do that soon as well. :)

p.s. i'll send my personal statement your way soon!

Tonya :

Beautiful photos, I love the color of the very fall :) Lovely look all together..I want to wear it!

Two Happy Hearts :

so dang pretty. i love those shoes!

Closet Fashionista :

Such a lovely outfit! That skirt is sooo pretty, I want it! And yes, I'm hoping for blue skies too! We've had okay weather but a lot of little showers...

The Daily Fashionista :

This umbrella is such a fabulous one!! The color is great!

Enjoy the thrifting adventure this weekend!! My friend found an awesome vintage coat for my winter wardrobe and I'm so stoked about it! Plus now I don't have to dig around in musty old coats to find the perfect one for that's a win! haha!!

Random, but don't you love finding the perfect vintage coat only to discover there's a nasty tissue inside the pocket? That's always the best;)

Matthew :

i know you try hard, but i regret to inform you that no matter what you do you will always be the most beautiful girl either side of the pan handle.
hate to say i told you so, but isn't the longer cut nice?

Nnenna :

Really gorgeous pictures- I love your outfit! Also, your yellow umbrella pairs so perfectly with your outfit and is a very stylish way to protect yourself from the rain :)

Mara :

I am in love with everything about this outfit-- the skirt, the umbrella, the shoes-- it's gorgeous! That floral print is to die for. If it disappears suddenly from your wardrobe... it wasn't me.

out of order :

that fall skirt is so wonderful, and the umbrella is such a cheerful touch! I'd prance around with that thing all day :)


Meanz (Koi Story) :

Loving your umbrella and skirt! You are just so adorable!

Lisa-Marie :

Beautiful umbrella, the perfect colour to combat drizzly, grey days. It picks up the colour in that fab skirt beautifully too :)

Galine :

I was just looking at your etsy shop the other day, really lovely pieces :)

I love the rain too, it makes me happy! However, there's nothing better than sunny skies in fall with a slight breeze, that's my absolute favourite! You don't freeze, feel comfortable & don't have to sacrifice your outfit :)

triskelos :

Amazing outfit, just amazing! Love the florals on your skirt, and it looks so great with black. And that yellow umbrella! I thing I need a new brighter umbrella now)

Jamie Rose :

Such a pretty fall floral print on your skirt! I really really love it. Everything looks so classy and nice!

gee :

i think this is hands down one of my favorites from you.
the dark colors are perfect.
beautiful beautiful beautiful..!!!!

Nicole, Coco Maria :

Goodness, you look so beautiful (as always!) That skirt is so fantastic. I wish I had a bright, pretty parasol for these dreary fall days :)

Two fit and fun gals :

love the dress darls!