Dead House

dead house 1
One of the wonderful things about living in San Francisco is being surrounded by historical buildings and monuments. I especially love the beautiful Victorian houses with all of the intricate details and vibrant colors.  During The Summer of Love, thousands of young people came to the Haight Ashbury district which resulted in a cultural and political revolution. Artists, hippies, students, druggies and musicians all descended upon the neighborhood. Just one block up from the intersection of Haight and Ashbury is a "Queen Anne" style house that was built in the 1890s. It was the communal home and headquarters of the "Grateful Dead" between October 1966 and 1968. While taking these photos, many tourists came and also took pictures in front of the iconic home. It's great to be reminded that I live in a city that inspires people come and visit from all over the world and they enjoy spending a little time in the place I get to call my home. 
Skirt: Lily White
Necklace: Dear Mina
T-Shirt: BP
Belt: Nordstrom
Shoes: Trouve
Listening to: San Francisco/ Scott McKensie
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Sara Levy :

Oh so awesome... You look lovely and the set is just perfect*

Alice, Pretty Confused :

This house is so beautiful, really stunning location for your photos. I really hope I can visit one day to check out the architecture. You look beautiful as always, that skirt is such a lovely length xo

Sasha :

I love love love your skirt! Amazing colors!

witch hare :

A very beautiful setting for photographs indeed. The necklace is amazing.

JennaStevie :

This skirt is soo beautiful, I love the colours and button up front skirts are my favourite. Also that is a great necklace, I thought it was a tooth at first glance haha

Frannie Pantz :

What an uber cool story! I love your skirt as well!

IamXcessP :

I love the architecture, the painting on the floor, and your skirt!

This Charming Style :

That skirt is just too beautiful - and great photos! xx

Nikki :

I love this pretty building :) One day I'd love to see SF myself, but the boyfriend has laready been there and doesn't want to go back any time soon... I'm loving your pretty necklace! x

Lucy Nation :

Great post

Amber Blue Bird :

I have a poster of Jerry above my computer. Its nice to see people still appreciate his music.

islabell :

Annie, this post is beautiful. the colors are so balanced i love how you kind of match and also how cool is that old pic you found. xx

Sharmaine Ruth :

Your necklace is beautiful! and that old photo is so cool! :D

Maria Ramona :

i walk by that house everyday on my way home. there is almost always some fans with their cameras out. a lot of times they're actually in front of the wrong house!

whitemaskgirl :

Oh so beautiful house, seeing your photos here really makes me want to see San Fransisco one day. Must be even more beautiful in real life.

Monique :

I love that vintage photo you included. Perfect outfit for the post. Hooray for San Fran certainly my very American city.

gee :

this is such a great post Annalise.
i use to be obsessed with the grateful dead in college.
perfect outfit for the location. i need to move to san fran many places to explore.
have i ever mentioned how lovely you are!?!?! i think i have. :)
have a wonderful week love.


the architecture in sf is one of my very favorite things. i've heard that there are laws that actually protect the victorians, which is so awesome in my book. i'm going to have to put the dead house on my list of places to visit. i kind of can't believe it's not there already! of course, you look just as darling as ever. xo.

Jamie Rose :

What a cool house! I always love looking at old houses. Cute outfit too! The skirt is really nice!

SoapyMermaid :

this printed skirt is a pure beauty :)