Ms. Rubin

Shirt-1970s Vintage:: Jumper-Thrift:: Shoes- Vintage::Fox Brooch-Vintage:: Clutch-Thrift::Belt-Vintage
A few snapshots from my Monday-Friday dress staples. Since returning from my summer fellowship, I've been working at an all-girls high school. While I usually don't share my "professional attire" on the blog, I wanted to feature some of my favorite work-appropriate pieces for the fall. I imagine myself as a vintage-inspired Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus children's book series. Ascot shirts, animal brooches, and black jumpers are frequent everyday choices. A vintage red clutch is converted into my iPad case- quite fitting for the times. And yes, the girls do call me Ms. Rubin.


Monique :

Ms. Rubin you look fabulous. I'm sure you are the source of inspiration to everyone in your dress and positive energy. Lovely outfit. Way to modernize the clutch.

Natalie Leung :

you're looking so great :) I love that floral shirt, so a great pop of print and colour!


Em :

What a great professional look, Ms. Rubin! As always, I love the bag (and its repurposing). The blouse and fox pin are great.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

You look awwwwwesome! I love Ms. Frizzle and would love to dress like her (complete with the solar system and body parts patterned dresses, yes). These photos are gorgeous too.

MarieStella :

i love the colors!! beautiful layering and shoes!! perfect for fall!!

JennaStevie :

You look fabulous, this is a perfect work appropriate and stylish outfit. I love the blouse under the dress, such great layering

Kitsune-kun :

ah! love you fox pin! my blog is fox themed and i'm always on the lookout for fox items! super cute:)

sarah :

I absolutely love the jumper/shirt combo. The bright shirt is so cheerful. You look so cute!

LoveCharlesVintage :

Lovely work outfit! You really managed to add a lot of fun elements to it. You should be ms Frizzle for halloween!

Heather, 29 Skirts :

This is so cute and very "teacher"! The shoes are really cool and unique looking too...I love how the straps are designed.

Amber Blue Bird :

sensing a 70s vibe and i dig it. Ms. Frizzle should be what all teachers aspire to be. gosh i loved her.

Rebecca :

I's have loved a teacher as cool as you. Great outfit.

gee :

i LOVED miss frizzle..hahaha.
that show was always amazing.
you look very stylish. my teachers defiantly NEVER looked as beautiful and professional as you do.

dusanabotswana :

Oh my, please do share more of your work-appropriate outfits, this is just great! Totally see the Ms. Frizzle in it & love the color pop w/ that clutch & fun patterned top.

dusanabotswana :

Love the leaves picture too, so pretty!

Kellie W. :

Ms. Frizzle has basically been my hero since I was five years old. I'm pretty sure I have a Ms. Frizzle doll in my old boxes somewhere!
Love the pin, that is so cute!

Lydia :

Oh, Ms. Frizzle. I miss those books.

That fox pin is too cute.

Gracey :

Oh, I loved The Magic School Bus books (and the cartoons). And this outfit is wonderful - especially that gorgeous envelope clutch!

Courtney :

These are beautiful photos, and I am IN LOVE with the fix brooch.

out of order :

wow teaching must be such an insane job... you look great!

Closet Hound :

You must be the best dressed teacher in the world! Love your clutch

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

Ulrika :

Mmmmmmmmm, loving the oversized clutch.

Come say hi if you have the time.

Kisses !

Dana :

You look lovely, Ms. Rubin! :)

Mongs :

wow, looking great, I like the red accents on this outfit. THe clutch is amazing. You girls are so good at finding treasures like these!


dear winsome :

You look amazing, love the clutch idea!


Jenni :

You look awesome! Way more stylish than anyone who ever worked at my schools. :D Love the blouse.

Miki's scrapbook :

Awe, that brooch is magical! ;)

Have a fun weekend!


Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

Love the blouse and how it matches those pretty leaves! :)

Jamie Rose :

This outfit is awesome! I just love your jumper with that brightly colored blouse.